Free Preschool Number Chart Printable: Numbers 1-100

March 17, 2022

Abby Banks

Abby Banks

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Number charts are essential tools for teaching homeschool math. Especially in the early years, having a preschool number chart printable is a great way to help students understand number patterns.

child holding a number chart with text Free Number Chart 1-100 for Early Learners instant download

Preschool Number Chart Printable 1-100

There are many different ways to use a preschool number chart 1-100. You can help your students grasp math concepts, practice skip counting, and more. Number line worksheets are also helpful when teaching young children place value and how to count.

What is a number chart used for?

Number charts show 1-100 in order. They are a crucial visual aid and reference tool for children in the early years of their math work. The charts usually list ten numbers per line, so students can quickly see the sequential order of patterns on the number line.

These printable charts help early learners develop a number sense as they can start to understand skip counting, number patterns, odd numbers, even numbers, and counting by 5s or 10s. All of these early math skills are made more concrete when students can visually see the numbers on a printable chart.

Number charts help students see the concept of ten both horizontally and vertically. When students are able to see a 1-100 number chart during the first few years of math instruction, this helps them create a mental model or framework for understanding math concepts.

Ways to Use a Number Chart 1-100

Number charts are very versatile in your homeschool math instruction. Download a printable file or purchase one as essential homeschool number posters for your school room. A simple number chart can be used in dozens of ways for kids of all ages. 

A free printable number chart can be used with many different math lesson plans for preschool, kindergarten students. These easy reference sheets can even be used in 1st grade and 2nd grade. Discover all the ways you can use a number chart 1-100 below.

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to gain access to our free number chart 1-100 that includes different versions perfect for your daily routine of math practice.

Practice Number Writing

An early skill that we want our kids to know by the end of kindergarten is writing numbers from 1-100. In order to practice number writing, it’s helpful to have a visual number chart for your child to reference. This provides a self-checking ability as they learn correct number formation. 

Printable Hundreds Charts – You can print out complete hundreds charts, some with a few numbers missing, or a blank hundreds chart.

Free Printable Number Charts – Copy as many as you need so your kids get lots of practice with their number writing!

Teaching Counting

Counting is another early math skill that kids need to learn. Again, kids will do best when they have a visual anchor chart such as a 1-100 number chart to reference. Here are some ways to use the number chart to teach counting in your homeschool.

How to Use a Hundred Chart with Students – You will be surprised at all the ways you can use a hundred chart. Check out these ideas for teaching counting and other number sense concepts.

15 Brilliant Ways to Use a Hundred Chart –  Did you ever think to create a puzzle out of a 100 chart to help reinforce and assess your child’s counting abilities?


Skip counting doesn’t have to be hard when you have an anchor chart to visualize the concept. Here are some easy ideas to implement in your homeschool to help with skip-counting.

Engaging Hundreds Chart Activities – Your kids will love the hands-on approach to skip counting using a number chart. Find dozens of activities to use in your homeschool here including discovering patterns in numbers.

How to Teach Skip Counting – Number charts make the whole skip-counting lesson a lot more fun, engaging, hands-on, and concrete! Grab the math manipulatives for this one plus a great number chart and get ready for skip-counting.


Number patterns are sequences in a series of numbers. Kids need to see visuals and engage with number patterns to make sense of them and remember them. Using number charts is a great way to do it. Here are some ideas to try.

Free Hundred Chart and 10 Ways to Use It – Encourage your kids to learn about patterns by noticing that each column on the number chart ends in the same digit.

Hundred Chart Heart Shaped Activity – Here’s a fun visual activity that you can use any time of the year to reinforce patterns, number identification, and fine motor skills.

Odd and Even Numbers

Once you introduce the concept of odd and even numbers, it helps students to see this visually on a number chart. Usually the columns of odd numbers are one color, while the even numbered columns are a different color. This helps most students start to understand the relationship between odd and even numbers. 

Odd and Even Numbers Chart 1-100 – Go ahead and print these out, then follow the directions for using these number charts with your kids.

How to Teach Even and Odd Numbers – You’ll find specific ideas here for teaching your kids with various learning styles in a fun way.

Multiples of 5 and of 10

Teaching multiples of 5 and 10 are perfectly aligned with a number grid. These are some of the easiest concepts to teach when you have a visual anchor that kids can understand. Here are some resources to get you started.

Multiples of 5 – Show your kids how you can easily see the patterns of multiples of 5. You can follow this lesson plan to teach your kids.

Mental Math: Adding 10 & Multiples of 10 – Print off as many charts and task cards as you want to help teach your kids how to add ten. Before you know it, they’ll be understanding the concept of multiples of 10 and adding 10 to any number.

Solving Number Riddles with 1-100

Kids love to have fun! And if you can make math fun by using number riddles, your kids will be more engaged and excited to learn. These creative ideas are great for first graders and second grade students.

8 Activities for Teaching Numbers to 100 – You can even use number charts to create math riddles. Ask your children to be number detectives as they search for the answer to the riddle using a number chart.

24 Fun and Free Hundreds Chart Riddles to Build Number Sense – Don’t reinvent the wheel! You can download all these riddles and use them with your kids. Download includes a pretty number chart 1-100 plus two dozen riddle cards.

Find Missing Numbers

Want to help your kids learn to find missing numbers? Print off a bunch of these free charts and use them for a great review or assessment activity.

Hundreds Chart with Missing Numbers – Students will look at the number sequence to figure out the missing numbers up to 100.

Hundreds Chart Missing Numbers Cards – Here’s a great way to practice finding missing numbers without having the print the whole 1-100 chart! Grab these cards that include a section of the number chart. See if your kids can find the missing numbers horizontally and vertically.

Color by Number

Use a color by number concept to reinforce numbers 1-100. Here are some great choices!

Hundreds Chart Winter Coloring –  Your kids will color a few winter-themed pictures with this cute color by number download.

Hidden Pictures Puzzles: Hundreds Chart – Each number corresponds to a color, so your kids will get a lot of number practice while they color adorable pictures.

Race to Fill in a Blank 1-100 Number Chart

Make it a race! How fast can your students fill in this chart?

Race to 100: Hundreds Chart Game – Download some free charts and then use the game instructions in this post to engage your kids in fun number games/

100 Chart Race-to-Win Counting Game – Here’s a low-prep math activity to use in your homeschool. Just grab a printable number chart and follow the directions in this post.

Practice Counting Backwards

Help your kids learn to count backwards with a number chart. These posts include instructions for how to introduce this concept to your kids.

Counting on a Hundred Chart – If you want a word-for-word math lesson about teaching backwards using a number chart, then here’s the link for you. Gain confidence in your skill as a homeschool math teacher.

Counting Backwards – Download a few number charts to help your students learn to count backwards. These charts start with 100.

Free Number Chart 1-100

You can download our pdf number chart 1-100 for use in your homeschool to help teach your kids how to count to 100. Use this chart to teach counting, skip counting, and more.

number chart 1-100 printable pagesIf you laminate it you can use dry erase markers so your student can practice over and over. If you don’t have a laminator you can slip the sheets into a page protector to make them reusable. This pdf file includes different versions such as: 2 full 1-100 number charts, 2 blank charts, and one that has missing numbers to be filled in.

How to Download Number Chart 1-100

To get access to these free printable number charts, sign into the subscriber library using the password found in all our emails. Not yet a subscriber? No worries – sign up below to get access now!


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