Free Greater Than Less Than Math Worsheets and Games

April 14, 2016

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Are you working on teaching greater than less than in your homeschool? Some kids can get quite confused by this concept, but it is one of my favorites to teach! Here are some great free greater than less than math printables and games.

colored pencils, blocks, and books with text overlay Free Greater Than Less Than Math Printables and Games


Math Concept Series

This is the second post in a series that will cover math concepts that some children may struggle to understand or need extra help with. I found some really fun and adorable activities and printables that can help your children to better understand the concept of greater than less than. Teaching children about place values can be a little bit intimidating, but a great way to teach number comparison is using a mouth of an alligator. The alligator method is how I remember learning how to demonstrate a smaller value and a larger value. 

How to Teach the Alligator Method

You may be wondering Does the alligator eat the bigger number or the smaller number? An easy way to remember is the alligator will always want to eat the larger number of fish. 

For example, fifty is less than one hundred. The alligator’s open mouth will want to eat one hundred fish instead of fifty, so the alligator mouth opens to eat 1oo:  50 < 100 (it’s a hungry alligator!). 

Teaching kids math activities like this help solidify tough concepts in their minds. 

What do the greater than and less than signs look like?

The greater than symbol is >. The less than symbol is <. Of course, there is an equal sign that also is used in these types of equations.

Greater Than Less Than Comparison Symbols

Using comparison symbols in math sentences show place value. There is greater than, less than, and equal to: (>, < and =). An easy way to remember greater than and less than symbols is that the wide open mouth of the symbol always faces the greater number.

How do you learn greater than less than signs?

Well, if any of your kids struggled with memorization they probably had issues with comparing numbers for a bit.

Greater than less than is a concept that requires memorization. Kids need to learn what the signs mean, and it can get confusing at times for them.
The best memorization tool that seems to be out there has to be with alligators. Yes, alligators.

Kids need to imagine that little alligators (or crocodiles even) wanting to eat the larger number of a group of fish. Whatever number is higher of the fish group is where the alligator’s mouth goes towards.

I use Pacman to remind me of which item is the biggest number to figure out greater than less than.

Free Greater Than Less Than Math Printables and Games

Greater Than Less Than Printable Worksheets

Greater than Less than Kindergarten Worksheets – Easily teach your kids the concept of greater than and less than with these kindergarten worksheets. Kids will even be able to use their fine motor skills by cutting and pasting alligator images.

Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To Worksheet – If your kids need more practice with comparing two-digit numbers check out this place value worksheet. Of course, this worksheet uses alligators to help remind kids the alligator (<) always eats the bigger number!

Less Than Greater Than Worksheets –  Each of these worksheets comes with instructions to help kids follow directions and review their knowledge of comparing numbers. The worksheets have adorable images of owls, Pacman, cupcakes, and more.

Greater Than Less Than Alligator Printables

Greater Than Less Than Math Printables – These are greater than less than alligator printables to help kids with counting, comparing, estimating, number sense, place value, and more. Use manipulatives or plastic fruits and veggies to make this activity even more fun.

Alligator! Alligator! Printable Chant and Work Station – This printable chant will help your kids memorize how to know when to use greater than or less than in math. Grab this chant and student recording sheet to go alongside your lessons.

Comparing Numbers Greater than Less Than Poster – This comparing numbers poster is perfect to help you teach greater than, less than, and equal to. This 4-page resource with an alligator theme is for PreK to 3rd graders.

Greater Than And Less Than Worksheets For Kindergarten

Kindergarten Greater Than Less Than Worksheets – Check out these 8 printable worksheets with different styles and different strategies. Since these are for kindergarteners these worksheets help kids compare numbers only up to 5.

Greater Than/Less Than Free Kindergarten Penguin Printables – This is a great hands-on activity for your kids to enjoy while still learning the concept of comparing numbers. These penguins are adorable, your kids will love them.

Greater or Less Than Candy Corn Freebie – Check out these 6 different greater or less than pages with a fall theme. There are 2 pages for single-digit numbers, 2 pages for double digits numbers, and 2 pages of triple-digit numbers in black and white options or a color version.

Greater Than Less Than Activities

Grab a Handful! Greater Than Less Than Activity – Exploring greater than, less than, and equal numbers can be fun with this hands-on math activity for kindergarteners. Your kids can grab a handful, dump it into an empty container and then count all the beads to help them understand the concept.

Free More than Less Than Montessori Cards – The Montessori Print Shop has a Canada Store and US Store. You can access them both in this Montessori Print Shop link. Grab these totally free more than – less than cards with 99 different equations.

LEGO Greater Than Less Than Mats – Do your children love LEGOs? Do you have a ton of LEGOs that aren’t being used? Perfect! Grab those LEGOs for some greater than less than learning fun.

Greater Than Less Than Games

Greater than Less than Bug Game – If your kids love bugs then they will enjoy learning with them too. Check out this greater than less than games printable is perfect for your bug fans to learn about this math concept with the creepy crawlies.

Teaching Game for Greater Than and Less Than – This game is a super simple printable with a LOT of benefits to learning the concept of comparing numbers. Of course, there is an alligator to help kids play this game.

Less Than Greater Than Scoot Game – Check out these fun games of Scoot to practice comparing various numbers with less than, greater, than and equal to signs. This freebie comes with 31 Scoot cards, 6 Take-a-Break cards, Scoot directions, and more.

Greater Than Less Than Online Games

Comparing Numbers Fun Online Quiz – This fun and interactive quiz will help your young learners work on comparison vocabulary for less than and greater than. The interactive game helps kids to work with whole numbers from 1 to 20.

Numbers 50 to 99 Less Than or Greater Than Interactive Game – In this math game, kids work with numbers greater than 50 and less than 100. The educational activity helps kids to compare with two-digits using super cute alligators.

Less Than Greater Than Online game for Numbers 1 to 20 – The mnemonic device of an alligator using its mouth to represent the meaning of less than, greater than makes a fun learning game for kids. Check out this number sense concept with two-digit numbers.

Alligator Less Than Greater Than Online Game – Hungry alligators will eat the largest number with this interactive game. Select the bigger number of fish to feed the alligator.

Interactive and Find Greater Than Less Than Game – I have let my kids go on since they were tiny little ones. This link takes you straight to an adorable greater than, less than game of fun and learning.

These free greater than less than math printables and games will be super for your kids to stay engaged while learning this math concept.

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