Free Printable Charts and Posters for Preschool Learning

November 12, 2023

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Here is a huge list of posters and charts that are perfect for preschool and kindergarten age. You can hang these Printable Charts and Posters for Preschool and Kindergarten students up in your school area, or you can put them in a binder in page protectors so they can have their very own book of charts! 

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Printable Charts and Posters for Preschool and Kindergarten

If you are homeschooling preschool and kindergarten this year then you know how helpful charts and posters can be. If you visit a real preschool you will see charts and posters everywhere in a classroom.

There are so many things for preschool and kindergarteners to learn. It can be overwhelming at times even just to teach it all. I have found that having lots of colorful, visuals hanging around seem to really help.

How can you use charts and posters for learning?

There are many different ways that you can use charts and posters in your homeschool.

  • Create a Learning Wall – A chalk board, bulletin board or white board work great as a learning wall. Place your charts, posters and calendars on the “wall” and change them out with the seasons and themes.
  • Learning Folder – Store your charts and posters in a folder by theme. Hand your kids the folder full of activities and charts and posters to explore and learn with. 
  • Play Games – You can laminate your charts and posters and play games with them. Laminating will help them last longer and be able to be used over and over again with multiple children.
  • Quick identification – Hang a poster on the wall and point to the different letters, numbers, phonics, weather themes and more. Have your children quickly call out and identify what you are pointing to. 

Phonics and Letter Charts

Alphabet and Phonics Desk Charts – Enjoy 6 free pages of printable alphabet and phonics desk charts for your students from preschool to 4th grade. 

Alphabet Anchor Charts – Multiple free alphabet charts to choose from, perfect for your preschoolers and kindergarteners. 

Letter Reversal Posters – Click this link for a free letter reversal poster to help kids learn the differences in letters that look similar to each other.

Free Phonetic Blend Charts – Help teach your students how to read with these free phonetic blend charts available.

Number Charts

Printable 1-20 Charts – Fun decorated, free printable number charts with numbers from 1-20.

Skip Counting Charts – Teach skip counting with these free skip counting chart printables. You’ll find posters for numbers 2 through 10.

Numbers 1-10 Anchor Chart – Enjoy ten different printable number charts to choose from for your kindergartners through 2nd grade.

Teddy Bear Number Charts 1-10 – Download 22 different pages of number chart activities for pre-k and kindergarten. 

Numbers Chart 1-20 Simple Chart and Patterned Chart – Teach numbers to your kids easy with these simple, patterned number charts.

Other Early Learning Charts:

Parts of a Book Charts – Download these free book diagram charts perfect to hang in a school room that go over parts of a book and ways to read books. 

5 Senses Poster Charts – These pretty colored poster charts are great for kids to learn what their five different senses are.

Printable Color Charts – There are many different free printable color charts to choose from.

Free Basic Shapes Chart – This free basic shapes chart is designed perfect for kids who are learning their shapes.

Weather Chart Freebies – Click here for free weather chart printables that you can use to create a weather theme board with.

Free Phonics Charts & Printables

Phonics Sounds Cards & Charts – Download and print 84 different free phonics sound cards and charts perfect for your preschoolers.

Cut and Paste Activity – Enjoy this free hands-on cut and paste phonics activity for kids. 

Phonics Charts to Print & Color – Have fun with 20 free sets of phonics charts to print and color.

We also have a free set of more than 150 phonics flash cards that you can use to help teach your kids about 84 different letter combinations. These will be a great addition to any preschool or kindergarten beginning reading curriculum. Phonics Flash Cards

Phonics Cut and Paste Activities

Reading CVC Cut and Paste Pack – Kids will have fun while practicing their early reading skills with this free reading CVC cut and paste printable.

Bible Story Sequencing Cut and Paste – You and your kids will love these free printable Bible story cut and paste activities. 

Build a Room Activity for Kids – Your little ones can practice their fine motor skills while using their big imaginations decorating this free build a room cut and paste activity. 

More Free Preschool and Early Learning Resources:

Consonant Blend Story with Simple Copywork  – Help your kids learn new consonant blend sounds with this free story and copywork printable.

Ideas and Activities that Teach Sight Words to Beginning Readers – Practice sight words with your beginning readers with these free ideas and activities.

Printable Positional Words Board Game – Have hours of fun with this free printable positional words board game.

Learning Apps for Preschoolers – Perfect learning app suggestions for preschoolers to have fun while learning.

Preschool Binder Activities – Check out this link for multiple preschool binder activity ideas.

GIANT List of Preschool Resources {letters, cut & paste, counting, shapes & colors} – Here is a giant list of free printable worksheets and activities to choose from perfect for your preschooler.

You might also want to grab some free resources for teaching about the letters of the alphabet in our Letter of the Week Series.

Final Thoughts

Using posters and charts in your homeschool will help give it a little more of a school feel and engage visual learners. Charts and posters can brighten up the room or school area. They can also help get your kids excited about what they are learning, especially if you are working on a special theme. 


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