Free Skip Counting Printables and Cheat Sheets

September 5, 2021

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Numbers have patterns, and learning that begins with skip counting. Check out these free skip counting printables and cheat sheets to help your students learn about number patterns. Skip counting is a skill we use more than we realize and counting sheets can help so much!

Cartoon image of a girl jumping rope with skip counting numbers on the rope. There is text overlay at the bottom with white letters and red background.

What is the skip counting rule?

Skip counting is the definition for the method we use for counting forward by any number other than 1. So, the skip counting rule is for us to keep adding the same number each time to the previous number.

What is the purpose of skip counting? 

Skip counting lays the foundation for critical math skills like solving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems. Students also need to be familiar with skip counting before telling time, counting money, and seeing patterns in numbers.

As adults, skip counting becomes natural to us. We skip count in our everyday lives and don’t think twice about it.

Is skip counting important?

The very main reason why skip counting is essential is that that knowledge doesn’t just stay in your homeschool. It is a skill students take with them outside school and throughout their lives like in shopping or in sports.

If you are teaching skip counting in your homeschool remember to explore it with games, activities, singing songs, using manipulatives and use lots of worksheet practice.

Skip Counting Manipulatives

Using math manipulatives to teach skip counting can be very helpful. Visual learners excel using counting sheets because they can see the patterns.

You don’t need anything fancy, even dried beans will work, because you can group them. Here are some great ideas for math manipulatives you can use to practice skip counting. 

  • 120 Number Board – you can use this to teach skip counting, patterns, sequencing, and more. 
  • Colorful Multiples Poster Set – These number posters can be helpful visuals when learning to count by 2’s, 3’s – all the way up to 12’s.
  • Hundreds Pocket Chart – This set includes 100 customizable flash cards and pre-printed double-sided 1-100 cards – perfect for teaching kids how to skip count.

Free Skip Counting Printables

Grab these free skip counting printables and counting sheets to help your children master their number sense. This will be so beneficial for students as they advance with tougher math problems, such as multiplication and division. 

Be sure to print a times tables test printable pack to aid in memorizing the multiplication facts. 

Skip Counting By 2 Worksheets

By 2’s or By 7’s Skip Counting Worksheets – These counting sheets for the numbers 2 and 7  aren’t the only thing in this freebie download for subscribers. This also comes with multiplication table flashcards.

Skip Counting Worksheets for Number 2 – The number 2 most likely will be the first number our kids learn for skip counting. This freebie will help students to skip count by 2 all the way to 100.

Counting by 2 Math Practice – Of course, when students start to skip counting they start with 2s. You will never run out of enough practice. Use these super cute star-themed worksheets so students practice skip counting.

Skip Counting By 3 Worksheets

Worksheets for Skip Counting by 3’s – This is an adorable skip counting worksheet for kids to count by 3’s. It is full of the cutest teddy bears ever.

Skip Counting by 3 Math Chart – Check out this skip count online activity or this printable skip count by 3’s math chart. Use it as a display chart in your math center or have kids review skip counting with it online.

Skip Counting By 5 Worksheets

Printable Skip Counting by 5s Worksheet – Skip counting by 5s can be practiced in a fun way with these printable worksheets. This worksheet helps your students identify number patterns with balloon images.

Spring Skip Counting by 5 Printable – These puzzle skip counting by 5 printables for spring are perfect for a math center or just for extra practice. Springtime is the perfect time to take math outdoors as well.

Skip Counting By 10 Worksheets

Math Worksheets for Counting by 10 – These skip counting by 10’s free math worksheets are for preschoolers, kindergarten, or first graders.

Monster Easy Reader Skip Counting by 10’s – Can your students can use some handy easy readers to take with them on the road, in car rides, or for extra practice? This monster-themed skip counting by 10 practice comes in an easy reader just for that purpose.

Skip Counting Games

Tide Pool Game for Multiples for 2 and 3 – Studying tide pools are a cool habitat for kids to learn about animals. If your kids love sea animals then why not add these Let’s Go Fishing counting worksheets game alongside your lessons.

Skip Counting Games to Practice 2’s to 15’s – You and your students will enjoy these no-prep skip counting games to help count by 2’s to 15’s. This is a free sample of a larger 15 game digital resource with Google Slides.

Game Show of Skip Counting – Who doesn’t love a fun game show? Skip counting is a necessary math skill and learning it can be super fun with this game show activity.

DIY Game Skip Counting by 5 – There is no perfect way to teach skip counting but adding games to reinforce your lessons surely is fun and useful. You and your children can make these skip counting games right from home in only a few minutes.

Skip Counting Group Game – If you have a homeschool group or multiple kids at home then this Sit-Down! Game is a great way to bring fun to your lessons. Get directions for this super fun game that incorporates numerous math concepts.

Skip Counting Activities

Lacing Plates Skip Counting Activity – Fine motor skills and math go hand and hand. Kids will have fun practicing their number sense with these skip counting lacing plate activities.

50+ Skip Counting Puzzles (Numbers 2 – 10) – This math practice helps kids review skip counting with loads of exercise puzzles. Your kids will enjoy these puzzle activities alongside their lessons.

Skip Counting Follow the Path Worksheet – Check out this fun activity to help your student to skip count while following the path. Use a dot marker to complete these pdf file worksheets for finding the missing numbers while skip counting.

Hands-on and Interactive Skip Counting Activities – Try skip counting with your students with this great way of keeping them engaged and having fun while learning. Each of these ideas involves maneuvering or interacting with manipulatives to learn to skip counting.

Huge List of Skip Counting Activities – Introducing skip counting to your young students will be fun with this awesome list of skip counting skills practice. This resource contains a  collection of skip counting activities like counting a number of objects, using bingo dabbers, blank charts, number patterns, number lines, handprint painting, and so much more.

Skip Counting Ice Cream Puzzles – Need more fun skip counting practice? Prep for these activity puzzles is simple and quick.

Number Line Clip Sticks – These number line clip sticks to find the missing number are a fun way to practice skip counting. This fun idea also works out fine motor skills and practice skip counting in a hands-on way.

There are tons of skip counting sheets out there. This list and the amazing freebie at the bottom of this post will be a fabulous start to skip counting for your homeschool.

Instant Download from WriteBonnieRose:

This fun skip counting printable introduces kids to the concept of skip counting. An introduction that explains the concept of skip counting and gives kids some examples to work through is followed by eleven worksheets. Scroll to the bottom of this post to download this free resource. 

pictures of skip counting worksheets

Free Skip Counting Printable

Kids can learn to skip count by 2s, 3s, 5s, and 10s with leaves, owls, spiders, flowers, baseballs, robots, pumpkins, ice cream, and charts to complete.

A fun game they can personalize and use for practice at home is also included. 19 pages total.

Download this fun Free Skip Counting Printable and Cheat Sheet.

Since skip counting helps students notice numerical patterns, the more they know the more they can use in real life. Discovering numerical patterns help students develop number sense and are important for kids when moving on to computation.

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