Free Unifix Cubes Printables for Beginner Math

January 5, 2022

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Unifix cubes, or snap-cubes as they are sometimes called, are one of my favorite math manipulatives to use in our homeschool. If you are looking for ways to use them, these unifix cubes worksheets will be a great addition to a hands-on math center. 

Shapes and text unifix cubes worksheets

Do you have little ones that are just about to start learning math in your homeschool?

Kids are naturally drawn to unifix cubes because of the different colors and how they snap and click together. Just hand them to a toddler and they will be busy for hours. Little ones love pulling the linking cubes apart, putting them back together and making long towers with them.

I can remember when my youngest found our box of unifix cubes. She would literally play with them for hours. She loved building with the colorful cubes, sorting them, stacking them, and eventually counting and color coding them.

I know she thought that she was just playing, but she was learning so much through using them in that way.

Unifix cubes come in a variety of colors, usually 10, with 10 individual cubes in each color. A basic set usually comes with yellow cubes, blue cubes, white cubes, green cubes, orange cubes, black cubes, red cubes, brown cubes, pink cubes and purple cubes.

These math manipulatives are wonderful for hands-on learners, small children, and visual learners. 

How are unifix cubes used?

Every homeschool should have at least one set of unifix cubes because they make math fun! There are many different ways that you can use unifix cubes in your homeschool and they are perfect for preschool and lower elementary grades. 

Ways to Use Unifix Cubes:

  • Help with Fine Motor Skills – Just stacking unifix cubes together and pulling them apart – one single cube at a time, makes these great tools to practice fine motor skills with. They will develop their hand-eye coordination and hand strength by using them over and over again.
  • Pattern Practice – You can create patterns or use pattern worksheets and cards to copy the patterns with the cubes. It will help your kids to recognize colors and patterns.
  • Counting Manipulatives – Unifix cubes are great tools to help your children learn how to count. When kids are doing basic addition problems they can use the individual cubes as counters. You can even group them into same number groups to start learning multiplication and skip counting.
  • Place Value – When you use unifix cubes to mark place value, your children will get a better grasp on number sense and understand what numbers go where. This can be confusing sometimes, so having visuals to work with is a huge help for young learners.
  • Number Line – These cubes can be lined up and used as a visual number line. Your kids can even pull them apart to work on the math problems.

Free Unifix Cubes Worksheets

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post so you can gain access to our Free Unifix Cubes Activity pack, which is full of colorful worksheets that you can print and use with your children.

Unifix Cubes Worksheets

Unifix Cubes Math Worksheets

There are a variety of ways that you can use unifix cubes for free play and even for a math exploration lesson. There are also some great math worksheets to use with the cubes for some independent learning and practice of basic math concepts.

Addition with Unifix Cubes – This is a great printable activity that has your children count the number of cubes to add single digit numbers up to ten.

Cube Counting with Robots – Follow the directions on the robot worksheets to stack your cubes to match the number on the robots.

Measure with Unifix Cubes – Kids love measuring things and will have fun measuring common items found around the house with their cubes.

Snap Cube Number Sheets – This snap cubes worksheet is a great way to help your children with number recognition and building and writing the number with cubes.

Race to 20 Math Game – Free math game for ages 4-6 to practice counting to 20 using unifix cubes.

Preschool Snap Cube Worksheets – Practice building, tracing and writing with these number worksheets 0-10 for preschoolers using snap cubes.

3 Part Cube Trains – This free printable unifix worksheet will help your kids to visualize addition number sentences as they build a cube train with the cubes.

Unifix Cubes Cards

Printable activity cards are a great introduction to unifix cubes. Kids love following the patterns and directions on the cards. They are actually great for busy boxes and quiet time for little ones as well.

You can laminate the cards so that they can be used over and over again with other children. You will be surprised at how long they last when you laminate them.

Color Pattern Cards  -Kids can get some extra practice color patterning by lining up the cubes to match the pattern on the cards. These are great for a busy box or busy bag as well.

Unifix Cubes Patterns – These cube pattern cards are wonderful printable math activities to have your children construct patterns with their cubes to match the ones on the card.

Addition Task Cards – Practice addition problems by following the direction on the task cards geared for grades K-2nd. 

Ten Frame Cards – These free printable cards will teach your children to count and write the numbers with the unifix cubes.

Unifix Cube Mats – You are going to love using these cube mats in a math busy box or math learning center for some hands-on fun with your little ones. 

Free Unifix Cubes Activity Pack

Using unifix cubes (or snap-cubes) in your homeschool can make learning so much fun (and easier)! Use our Unifix Cubes Activity Pack to help your child get alphabet, math, and creative expression practice. 
Unifix Cubes Worksheets
There are five activities total but each one has many activities built in one. For example, with the alphabet card, your child will be challenged to build different letters. Then, they’ll be able to practice writing the letter, as well as writing words that start with the letter they built.
Similar to the alphabet card, the number card will challenge your child to build different numbers. There are two spaces for them to write the number in numerical and word forms. In addition, there are blocks for them to count out the number.
And that’s not all! There are several activities that challenge your child to build different objects, practice addition, subtraction, and free build! This activity pack is a must-have in your homeschool.

How to Download Unifix Cubes Worksheets Pack

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