Free Numbers Printables For Early Learners

February 19, 2020

Annette Breedlove

Annette Breedlove

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Could you use some free resources to teach numbers? For my kids, learning to count was definitely easier than recognizing the numbers. Most of them could easily count to 10 by 2.5 or so, but they didn’t really recognize numbers until closer to 3.5 or so. These numbers printables can introduce your children to numbers and teach them the important skill of number recognition. 

numbers printables

Numbers Printables

If you are looking for some free numbers printables to use with your early learner, you are in the right spot! Browse our list of numbers printables and see what you can use in your homeschool to help teach mumbers. 

Number Playdough Mats

What kid doesn’t love playdough? Add some hands-on activities using a printable number playdough mat to help teach your children their numbers.

playdough number mats

Number Recognition Printables

Number Recognition 1-20 – These are not just free worksheets to write numbers but to basically recognize them easily. This is a free dot marker printable worksheet to get kids familiar with numbers.

Number Find Worksheets

Using a number find worksheet can be helpful when you are teaching number recognition. 

Image of free printable number find worksheets

Numbers Worksheets

African Animal Number Worksheets – Use dot markers or a bingo dauber so kids can get the feels for how numbers look. You can also count, write, and color the animals on the pictures.

Number Review Worksheets – Kids need a lot of practice when learning new concepts. Even at an early age, young learners can use these numbers worksheets for review to get them accustomed to numbers easily.

Number Sequencing Printables

Using number sequencing worksheets is a great way to help teach number sense. 


Number Chart

Looking for a free printable number chart 1-100? This number printable is great to have as a reference. You can print and laminate it and make it into a math mat for your binder.

number chart 1-100 printable pages

Number Printables

Free Printable Numbers Resource – Various print & drive number rhymes and other printables for kids to learn all about numbers. Use these printable charts, games, mini-books, activities, and printable craft projects to learn numbers in a fun way.

Number Bingo Printables

Print off a fun number bingo printable to mix things up a bit with game play!

teaching numbers bingo game

Free Numbers 1-20 Flashcards

Teach your little learners number 1-20 in a fun, interactive way with these Number Flashcards 1-20. This resource comes with two sets of flashcards. One set is in color while the other is a color-your-own set!

Simply print on card stock paper, color, and laminate to make them durable and reusable. Each flashcard features objects that kids see on a daily basis, making them relatable and memorable. Get access to this free flashcards pack at the bottom of this post.

Numbers 1-20 Worksheets

Number Coloring Pages

Free Summer Number Recognition Coloring Pages – Grab this preschool summertime number recognition coloring worksheets. Use all the different colors you need to explore number formation.

Numbers Coloring Pages 1-20 – These coloring sheets hold multiple numbers in one sheet. Coloring is also a wonderful activity to improve fine motor skills.

Free Large Printable Number Coloring Pages – Coloring is always a great way for children to remember things. That is why coloring pages like these are perfect for teaching numbers.

Number Tracing

Help your kids learn how to write their numbers with a learn to write numbers worksheet.

numbers 1-20 worksheets instant downlaod

Recommended Resource: Huge Early Learning Bundle

If you are teaching your young children about letters, numbers, shapes, colors, or sight words, this bundle is a must-have! It contains over 600 pages of printable preschool and kindergarten worksheets, plus a lesson plan and skills checklist. 

Early Learning Worksheet Pages

Activities for Teaching Numbers

Ice Cream Number Mats – These number mats are a fun way to reinforce number recognition with your preschool students and kindergarten students. Each individual number has its own playdough mats.

Indoor Cardboard Hopscotch – Your kids can get up and move with a simple indoor cardboard hopscotch game activity.

Odd and Even Numbers Printables

Teaching odd and even numbers? Check out these free odd and even numbers worksheets


Printable Numbers Games

A Cars Parking Numbers Game – Your kids will absolutely enjoy these games to learn numbers with cars. Cars are a great way kids learn numbers with basic math activities.

Number Weave Activity – This fine motor skills activity will keep your students engaged in thinking about numbers and manually show their recognition of them for extra practice. 

Number Line Whack – This game is super learning fun. The game has a perfect name as well, kids use a number line with question cards to whack the numbers that answer the free

Games to Teach Numbers – Check out the best 16 math games to teach number recognition. Also, learn some tips to help you along the way.

Printable Number Lines

Free Printable Number Lines – Number lines can be helpful when you are teaching your kids to count. 

Free Printable Number Line Worksheets for Math Practice text with image of number line

Printable Number Activities

Snap Cubes Activity for Numbers – If you have snap cubes around the house then this activity to learn numbers is perfect for your kids. This is a great hands-on printable activity.

Numbers Craft Stick Task Cards – Using craft sticks to complete this activity will help kids visually make numbers – and they are so much fun. Kids learn how to build numbers with a simple pdf file printable.

Counting Bears Printables

There’s so much fun you can have using counting bears printables when working on teaching numbers. 

A close up of a colorful counting bears and text Free Counting Bears Worksheets & Printable Activities

Numbers Printables for Counting

Your students can progress to counting numbers in order with these free printable counting worksheetschild thinking and using a pencil in front of an abacus

Download Numbers 1-20 Flashcards

Download our numbers flash cards in our subscriber library. Not a subscriber? No problem – sign up below!

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Numbers 1-20 Worksheets

DOWNLOAD: Numbers 1-20 Flashcards

What does it mean when kids can recognize numbers?

Some kids recognize numbers sooner than others, but many just learn to repeat their numbers out loud before knowing what each number looks like.

So, what is true number recognition? Number recognition is when kids can visually discern and name numbers.

When is the right age that kids can recognize numbers?

With four homeschoolers, 2nd – 9th grade, I realized that kids will learn their numbers but each at their own pace. It is important not to rush our kids.

As long as children are making progress, it’s more than we can ask for. If we keep introducing the numbers organically they will indeed pick them up.

To actually learn numbers, kids must see them and often. Whether it be through activities, printables or games overload kids with everything numbers in a fun way.

Give children loads of number recognition practice and these free numbers printables for little learners can help. Use these free printables, resources & activities to teach numbers to your little learners and reinforce them with fun color activities!

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