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Are you thinking about homeschooling or just getting started? We know you have questions so we’ve put together resources to help you learn more about getting started, organization, some curriculum options, and reviews.

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Homeschool curriculum

Are you looking for ideas, information or roundup lists on homeschool curriculum? We’ve put this list together to help you research. 

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If you are looking for one website where you can sort curriculum by age, subject, complete kits, etc then I highly recommend  They have a curriculum finder that I find very helpful.  While it doesn’t list every possible curriculum out there (no site does), it does have a huge selection. 

When I homeschooled our girls (and I’m old enough that a lot of websites didn’t exist yet) I would always look at Christianbook.  I purchased numerous products from them over the years. And if I was still homeschooling, it would still be a go-to site for me!

Curriculum reviews

Are you looking for real reviews from people who have actually used specific homeschool curriculum programs or workbooks? We’ve compiled a list of some of our reviews to help you research curriculum options.

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