Free Times Table Test Printables & PDF Worksheets

May 23, 2023

Carrie Fernandez


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Are your kids learning their times tables? Using times table worksheets are a great way for kids to work on their multiplication skills. Our multiplication worksheets can be used as a times table test printable or practice tests for beefing up math skills. 

Times Table Test Printables

Times Table Test Printables

Help your kids build their understanding of multiplication using free worksheets that you can print as often as you need to. Our times table test printables and multiplication worksheets are invaluable tools for solidifying multiplication facts. 

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Multiplication Table Worksheets

Teaching students the multiplication times table is often dauting to parents, but it really shouldn’t be! Putting to use a free multiplication table worksheet is one of the best ways for repeat practice.

Afterall, learning multiplication facts takes a lot of repetition to committ them to memory.

Multiplication Facts Worksheets

These printable multiplication facts worksheets with answer keys are perfect to use as teaching tools for multiplication problems. There are fun ways you can incorporate a practice sheet with a multiplication lesson, such as timed tests or speed drills. You can also play multiplication games and give prizes. 

Multiplication Charts

Math worksheets can be helpful for kids in 3rd grade, 4th grade, and even older students. Free printable multiplication charts can help kids who are learning their times tables. Math reference sheets are also useful for teaching a particular math concept, like skip counting

Times Table Tests

When you are drilling students on the times tables, be sure to get out a stopwatch or a timer. The idea of these types of drills is to build speed in memory of the multiplication facts. Set the timer for 60 seconds (one minute) and see how many they can get finished. 

Then, of course you will want to check the answer sheet for accuracy. Repeat these speed drills daily before your regular math lessons. In no time your kids will have their times tables nailed down. 

You can even set a goal and provide incentives for students to improve their scores over time. 

Times Table Test Printable PDF

This worksheet pack includes different multiplication facts on individual pages. For instance, if you are working on learning the multiplication facts for an even number like 2, just print the page for the 2 times tables. 

This set of free times table test printables covers number 1-12 displayed vertically, horizontally, and in grids. Answer keys are included. 

1 Times Tables

Teaching the 1’s multiplication facts are by far the easiest multiplication tables to learn. But, we’ve included a sheet for you anyhow because when kids can perform well on speed drills, it can boost their confidence!

1 times tables

2 Times Tables

Teaching doubles is easy if students already know how to skip count by even numbers. This 2 times tables practice test is good for making sure kids have counting by even numbers down-pat. 

2 times tables

3 Times Tables

This times table test printable includes multiplication facts with atleast one number being a 3. You can use this practice page for homework or as a speed drill.

3 times tables

4 Times Tables

Kids can practice the multiplication facts that include the number 4 using this printable times tables worksheet. Print it as many times as you need to for extra practice. 

4 times tables

5 Times Tables

I’ve always thought that counting by fives was the easiest when learning how to skip count. These 5’s times tables facts are grat to help kids master the facts.

5 times tables

6 Times Tables

Counting by 6 is a bit harder than some numbers. Help students learn the 6 times tables facts with this practice page. 

6 times tables

7 Times Table Test Printable

Kids can practice multiplication problems with the number 7 using this free printable speed drill test. 

7 times tables

8 Times Tables

Learn the multiplication facts that include the number 8 with this times tables test printable. 

8 times tables

9 Times Tables

This practice page for times tables includes math problems with atleast one number that is the number nine.

9 times tables

10 Times Table Test Printable

Counting by ten is another super easy skip counting pattern to learn and to teach. If students need practice with the 10 multiplicaion facts, use this times tables sheet. 

10 times tables

11 Times Tables

Teaching times tables with the elevens can be a bit confusing, so why not get some extra practice with this speed drill sheet?

11 times tables

12 Times Tables

Lastly, the 12 times tables is an important one to learn too! Kids can practice the multiplicaion facts in the 12 family using this multiplication page. 

12 times tables

1-12 Times Table Test Printables

There are several different pages that look like the ones below. These multiplication printables can be used for review at anytime. It’s goood to mix up the speed drills sometimes too, so print one of these times tables sheets as needed for extra practice.

Times Table Test Printable

Free Times Table Test Printable PDF

This printable set of times tables tests includes time tables for 1-12 fact families. There is one page per fact family and also a review sheet that can be filled in as you go for extra practice.

What’s Next?

Other concepts your kids might need extra practice with are integers, negative numbers, word problems, and place value. You can use worksheet generators or even Bingo sheets to practice these concepts. Get creative and make math fun! Just be sure to find worksheets that show the correct answer or have an answer sheet so you can grade them quickly.

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