Printable Number Playdough Mats 1-10 (Free Download)

October 24, 2023

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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A fun way for young kids to build up their fine motor muscles is by having them play with playdough. You can take this a step further by adding in number playdough mats to build up math skills while playing.

printable number playdough mats free

Number Playdough Mats

Young children who are learning their numbers will have so much fun with free printable number playdough mats and numbers printables. These will help them to work on number sense and number recognition in a hands-on way.

You can use playdough printable mats as a fun addition to your daily homeschool lessons. These are especially helpful if you have smaller children that need to work on their fine motor skills and to stay busy while you are working with older children.

Play Dough Number Mats Counting 1 to 10

Printable play dough mats are a great activity for younger children to work on independently. These counting play dough number mats will help your little ones to practice creating numbers with their own hands and counting 1 to 10.

As they are working through each mat, they will begin to recognize the numbers they are working with and learn how they are formed.

Scroll down to the bottom of this post for the free playdough number mats.

number playdough mats 1-10

Playdough Counting Mats

A fun math activity to teach number recognition is to use counting playdough mats. You can practice forming play dough numbers and laying out the individual numbers to work on number recognition. You can use the numbers your children have created to practice counting with. 

Skills Learned with Counting Mats

There are many skills that can be learned with counting mats. By using counting mats and preschool counting worksheets your children will learn what numbers look like, what they sound like when you say them out loud and what a number word is.

Why Should Kids Use Counting Mats?

Counting mats are a great way to work on number recognition. Your children will learn about patterns, sorting and even about shapes and space. Counting mats are a perfect way to keep kids occupied with hands-on activities.

They are a great addition to any early learning curriculum, or for some hands-on, sensory learning fun.

Alternatives To Using Playdough

You may be wondering about alternatives to using store bought playdough. Store bought playdough may have some toxic chemicals or ingredients that your children may be allergic to. If that is the case, then homemade is the way to go as you can choose which ingredients you use.

It is safe and inexpensive using many ingredients found in your kitchen or bathroom. You can easily make your own playdough with your children and create some fun memories in the kitchen. It is a fun, hands-on way to get your kids involved in learning how to follow a recipe and directions.

You will want to seek out a non toxic playdough recipe that can be safe for little hands that may want to taste it. When you create your own playdough you can customize the ingredients, texture, smells and color. The playdough can be used for a variety of play dough activities.

Fun Ways to Use Playdough Number Mats

There are lots of fun ways to use number playdough mats in your math lessons with little ones. You can teach basic math skills with playdough numbers and number mats and increase fine motor skills at the same time.

Teach Counting

Teach counting by giving your child a playdough mat with directions on how many items they need to make the count. A mat may have different numbers printed on it. Or you can write the numbers on a laminated mat.

Have the child then create that many playdough pieces to match the number. If the number on the mat is  5, they can roll out 5 play dough balls to match the number. These playdough balls can also be used as manipulatives and math counters.

Greater or Less Than

Lay out some number cards and have your children match those numbers by creating little playdough shapes. Lay out the shapes under each number and decide which section of playdough pieces are greater or less than the other section.

They can even create the greater or less than symbols out of playdough and place them between the sets they created. There are lots of fun greater than less than games printables to help solidify this concept.

Add and Take Away

You can practice addition and subtraction with young learners and playdough in an easy way. If you have a mat with a tree on it you can give them a number of apples to create to put on the tree. Then have them add more apples to the tree and count how many apples there are in all.

Let them drop some apples off of the tree by taking the apples away and then count how many apples are left. This is a perfect way to teach simple addition and subtraction problems to visual learners.

Free Play Dough Mats Numbers 1-10 PDF

Our play dough number mats will help your children learn how to recognize numbers, shape the numbers with their hands and count up to 10. This free download has 10 printable pages to work on each number.

  • Full Color Numbers – Each playdough mat has the number shown in full color. There are 10 play dough mats with the numbers 0 – 10. Each number shows what it would look like if it was formed in playdough.
  • Copy the Numbers – Have your children practice copying what the number looks like by rolling the dough into their hands to create long, skinny cylinders of playdough. They can lay their creation right on top of the number example.
  • Counting Boxes – Next to the number are little framed boxes for them to count in. Roll out small pieces of playdough balls and fill the spots to count up to the number that they just created on the mat. You can even use pom poms in the squares.

playdough number mats

How to Use Our Free Playdough Number Mats

There are many different ways to use our free playdough number mats for fun playdough activities. After downloading the free file to your computer we recommend printing them on cardstock so they are nice and sturdy.

Some of our favorite ways to use these mats is by laminating them with your favorite laminator.

You can also place into a page protector. Then they can be used over and over again. This makes them easy to wipe off and clean. You can even use an erasable marker or dry-erase markers to trace the numbers for some extra number writing practice.

Instant Download: Number Playdough Mats PDF


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