Free Number Find Worksheet Printables for Early Learners

May 16, 2019

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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When learning basic skills like the alphabet and numbers, kids can never have too much practice. A number find worksheet is a great addition to your early math lessons. Number find worksheets can be useful for number recognition, finding missing numbers, and some even use number words. Find some great free printable number find worksheets for your student below. 

Image of free printable number find worksheets

Teaching Numbers

You can start teaching numbers to your child when they are very young and able to talk, even before they are ready for numbers worksheets. Many toddlers are able to count to ten from memory by counting over and over. They can learn number sense by counting everything. Number worksheets can help develop fine motor skills when kids color in shapes that match specific numbers. 

If your child needs a break from coloring, you can also use dot stickers to cover over the numbers, or mark near them so you can still see the number. 

Ideas to Teach Counting

You can teach numbers and basic math skills in so many ways. Just spending time with your kids each day provides plenty of opportunities. From playdough counting mats to counting dry beans to pom poms, the ideas are endless. 

  • Play “I Spy” and say, “I see 3 blue things,” and have your child find them.
  • Count everything. We used to count dry beans, googly eyes, pom-poms, anything and everything!
  • Print some counting bear worksheets for extra fine motor practice,
  • Number puzzles are a fun way to recognize numbers by building the puzzle.
  • Use words that rhyme with numbers and say the number – for example “Fun” = “One”
  • Count blocks, cars, or anything else your child is into.
  • Use a clothes pin and counting clip cards to work on number recognition.
Be sure to grab our Free Number Find Worksheets at the bottom of this post (Instant Download)

free find the number worksheets

Number Find Worksheets

Using free printables and number recognition worksheets to teach numbers is a great way for kids to learn how to count and write their numbers. Number find worksheets are useful for all types of learners and can be helpful for extra practice when students are struggling with number recognition. 

Number Find Worksheets – Your learners will love these no prep activity pages. You will just need some crayons or markers. The printables are for preschool and kindergarten math and will promote number recognition in no time. The kids have to look for the featured number and color it. The printable 1 – 20 number worksheets are all part of a bundle free for subscribers.

Number Writing Practice Worksheets – This printable pdf will teach your preschool children how to practice writing their numbers using a worksheet pack that doubles as coloring pages. These preschool math worksheets will help them learn new skills such as proper number formation.

Number of the Day Printable Worksheets – Introduce a new number each day with these sweet worksheets for early learners. They are a great tool to help kids learn to identify each number name, practice writing skills, draw the correct number of objects, use tally marks, practice number tracing, see different ways to indicate numbers, and more. 

Number Review Worksheets – Review the numbers you have already learned with these printable review sheets. 

Recommended Resource: Huge Early Learning Bundle

If you are teaching your young children about letters, numbers, shapes, colors, or sight words, this bundle is a must-have! It contains over 600 pages of printable preschool and kindergarten worksheets, plus a lesson plan and skills checklist. 

Early Learning Worksheet Pages

Number Find Puzzles, Activities & Curriculum

Counting and Cardinality Number Puzzle Printables – Cute number puzzles to color and put together to practice number recognition and counting. These preschool math worksheets will help your kids make sure that they have the correct number as they are putting them together. 

Christmas Cookies Cut and Paste Activity Pack – Practice counting and fractions and math facts with this adorable cookie cut and paste activity. 

Number of the Week Curriculum This curriculum for young learners introduces a new number each week. There are many other math packets available as well. 

Free Number Find Worksheet Printables for Early Learners with picture of number worksheet

More Number Printables and Resources

To get as many printable number recognition practice as you can, why not grab some other number worksheets to add to your collection. There are free preschool worksheets and additional free printable worksheets. 

Free Tracing Numbers Worksheet Printables for Preschool – Learn how to teach numbers to early learners and practice writing the numbers properly with this worksheet pack. 
Free Tracing Numbers Worksheet Printables (for Preschool)
Fun Ways to Teach Number RecognitionNumber recognition is an important skill that children need to learn at an early age. These beautiful nature-themed number printables will be a huge help.
Fun Ways to Teach Number Recognition text with example of workbook and cards
Counting and Numbers Books for Preschoolers – Check out this awesome list of books for preschoolers to practice counting and memorizing their numbers with. 
Learn Letters and Numbers with Hands-On Fun – We love using hands-on learning in our homeschool. Your early learners will have a lot of fun practicing their letters and their numbers with these great activities.
learn letters and numbers
Preschool Counting & Matching Cards – Count the objects on the cards and match them to the correct number with these free printable cards. 
Free Counting Bears Worksheets & Printable Activities – We love using counting bears in our homeschool. There are so many great uses for them. Check out this great list of ideas and free printables.
A close up of a colorful counting bears and text Free Counting Bears Worksheets & Printable Activities

Instant Download: Free Number Find Worksheets

Help your child improve his/her number recognition skills using our number find worksheets printable pack. Includes number find worksheets for numbers 1-20. Scroll down and click the download link for instant access to this pdf file.

free find the number worksheets

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