Free Printable Number Line Worksheets for Math Practice

December 12, 2022

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Using number line worksheets is a fun way for your children to visually see numbers. They are also an easy way to teach counting, addition and subtraction.

Free Printable Number Line Worksheets for Math Practice text with image of number line

Number Line Worksheets

Math can be a frustrating subject for many homeschool families to tackle. A great way to make sure your children get plenty of practice is by giving them printable worksheets to help with different math concepts such as:  skip counting worksheets,  times table practice sheets and a times table chart 1-100.

What is a number line and why is it useful?

A number line is a straight line of numbers in ascending order used to help with counting and math skills. Printable number lines are a great resource to help your children that struggle with basic addition and subtraction problems.

Number lines are useful as a visual tool to teach counting forwards and backwards. Additionally, number lines also help students solve math operations. They are a great way to help your children with mental math. Kids can use the line for counting and adding instead of their fingers.

Negative and Positive Numbers

Number lines are realy great as visual aids when teaching kids the negative and positive rules. You can also use an integers worksheet for practicing negative and positive numbers. 

number line

How do I teach my child the number line?

Explain to students that a number line is a long, straight line with markings that show the numbers. Let them know this is a special tool to help them with counting and math.

Show your child the first number on the line and have them count as they numbers go one. Have them practice skipping a number and seeing you are adding and taking away. You can create a simple number line lesson by giving kids basic math facts to practice using the number line to get the answers.

Number Line Templates

Blank Number Lines – These blank printable number line templates are great to use with specific numbers or math problems you may be needing extra practice on.

Cute Number Line Templates – Your kids will enjoy practicing math problems with these cute themed printable number lines.

Counting Number Lines

1-20 Number Line – Count and add or subtract up to 20 with this cute hopping frog number line activity.

Number Line up to 100 – Practice counting up to 100 with this 0-100 printable number line worksheet.

Identify the Whole Numbers

Identifying Whole Numbers – 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade students will practice and learn how to identify whole numbers with these different number line activities.

Find the Missing Number – Practice identify whole numbers by finding and writing in the missing number on the number line.

Number Line Worksheets for Addition

First Grade Addition Problem Number Line Worksheet – This worksheet will help first graders learn to add two to each problem with the number line as a guide.

Adding with Number Lines Worksheet Generator – Are you learning adding in your homeschool? You can use this worksheet generator to customize the addition problems you want to include on your number line.

Number Line Worksheets for Subtraction

Subtracting Number Lines Worksheet Generator – Create your own subtraction worksheets with the numbers that your children need the most help with.

Subtraction Number Line – Use this number line to take a leap forward and then backwards to learn subtraction and addition.

Skip Counting With Number Lines

Jumping the Number Line – Practice skip counting by helping the little frog jump and skip numbers on the number line. 

Skip Count to Multiply – Skip counting is a great stepping stone to learning how to multiply. Get some extra skip counting practice to prepare your students for multiplication.


Hop Along the Number Line -Hop the frog along the number line to find the product and write your answer where it belongs.

Multiplication Number Line Worksheets – Practice using multiplication sentences to answer the problems on these number line worksheets.


Modeling Division – Learn how to model division with multiplication and practice both sets of operation with these number line division worksheets. 

Division Number Line Worksheets – Draw hops on the number line and practice finding the missing numbers on these division number lines. 

Number Line Patterns

Math Patterns on Number Lines – These great visual tools will help your children see the math patterns on the number line.

Patterns on a Number Line – If your children struggle to find patterns with integers these number lines will help them recognize and learn the difference between integer patterns on the number lines.

Integers on a Number Line

Integer Number Line – These worksheets will help your children learn about positive integers and how to understand place value and numbers.

Reading Integers on a Number Line – Learn how to read and mark integers on a number line with a variety of problems and integer number line activities.

Decimals Using Number Lines

Number Lines Worksheet Generator with Decimals – Use this worksheet generator to create custom decimal problems for use on a number line.

Number Lines with Decimals – Understand the place value of decimals for 4th graders with these worksheets.

Fractions on a Number Line

Fraction Number Lines -These number line fraction worksheets will give your kids a lot of beginning fraction practice using the number line as a tool.

Drawing Fractions – Practice drawing and modeling different fractions on a number line with this third grade worksheet.

Equivalent Fractions

Equivalent Fractions – Identify equivalent fractions on a number line. This activity is perfect for fifth graders.

Equivalent Fractions on a Number Line – Do your children understand what equivalent fractions are? Help them to recognize them with these equivalent fractions worksheets.

Negative and Positive Integers with Number Lines

Number Line Integers Practice – Practice using the number line to add integers. There are sample problems and practice problems included.

Negative and Positive Number Line – These cute number lines will help your kids to understand negative and positive integers on a number line.

In Conclusion:

If your children struggle with number recognition and understanding math try some of these math worksheets and practice sheets. They are great way to give your kids a break from a math textbook and help with their math problems. 

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