Free Bingo Games for Teaching Numbers

July 12, 2019

Sara Dennis

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The teen numbers can be tricky for some kids – 12? 13? 14? 15 …. When kids hit 4 or 5 they tend to progress towards learning numbers larger than ten. That is always tricky because there are two numbers that just are outliers (11,12) making it tricky for young learners to remember. Teen number Bingo is one of the best ways to teach teen numbers while everyone is having fun playing a game.

teaching numbers bingo game

Teen Numbers

When we talk about the teen numbers, we include all the numbers between 10 and 20. As mentioned earlier, they’re tricky for young kids to remember because 10, 11, and 12 don’t have ‘teen’ as part of the name.

There are several ways to teach kids about teen numbers. We can use a ten frame, pennies and dimes, or even a number line. It helps to have your kids practice counting from 1 to 20 fairly often, especially if you have a number line or a hundred chart to use as you count.

Once the kids start to understand the teen numbers, it comes down to practice and repetition. I don’t know about you, but counting to 20 several times a day gets rather old. So instead of counting, try playing games and one of the best games to play is teen number Bingo!

Teen Number Bingo

Kids love playing Bingo, so it’s a great way to reinforce teen numbers with your young kids. The rules are the same as if you’re playing regular Bingo.

You’ll need to print up the same number of cards as you have children playing. This way each child will have their own board. If you’d like extra durability, print the Bingo boards on card stock.

Print up number cards as well. These are the numbers you’ll be calling out to your kids for them to match. You can shuffle these Bingo numbers or put them in a bowl to draw one out. You will also need to print calling cards for yourself to keep track of the numbers that have been called.

Once you’re ready, you’ll either pull the top card off the stack or pull it out of the bowl. Read the teen number out loud to your children. They will find the matching number on their board and place a bingo marker on it.

The bingo markers can be raisins, game chips, or pom-poms. Another option is to place the boards in clear page protectors. Then your child can use a dry erase marker to mark the numbers as they’re read aloud.

The first person to have a line of 5 in a row either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally on their Bingo sheet is the winner. You can then shuffle the boards and prepare for a new game.

Teen number Bingo is fun for everyone in the family to play, making it a great game for family game night.

Printable Bingo Cards to Play Teen Number Bingo

These BINGO games will give your child the practice they need for building number recognition with teen numbers. You really never know what your kids will understand or not without actually putting what they learn into practice. I read an article the other day where a lady stated her child would confuse the number 12 with 20.

Check out some more teen number Bingo practice for your homeschool.

Teen Numbers Bingo

Teen Number Bingo Freebie – Check to see how well your kids know their teen numbers with this fun game. It’s a great game to play with a kid in kindergarten or the first grade.

11-19 Ten Frame Bingo – This is a different variation of teen Bingo. Instead of using the regular numbers, these Bingo cards show a ten frame for the kids to use. The ten frames make it easier for kids to visualize the teen numbers.

Bingo Game: Tricky Teens – Play teen number Bingo with these printable Bingo cards and see who will be the first person to yell Bingo.

Tricky Teens Bingo Game – You’ll find 5 number cards and 1 calling board in this fun tricky teens Bingo game. The center space is a smiley space or free space on these boards. It’s a great way to practice the teen numbers with your kids.

Number Bingo

Number Bingo – This free number Bingo game includes numbers for 1 to 20. It’s a fun way to teach your kids number recognition as they’re learning their numbers.

Bingo Baker – You’ll love this Bingo number generator that allows you to whip up different game boards. The Bingo Baker even gives you the chances of winning.

Bingo Card Generator – Make your own teen number Bingo cards using this free Bingo card generator. You can also use it to make alphabet bingo cards, Bingo cards for older kids, and or make a letter-number combination Bingo card. It’s also a great way to teach your kids number words.

Bingo Teen Numbers

Bingo Teen Number Activities – You’ll find different variations of Bingo boards to play with your kids to teach them their teen numbers. These cards are great to play with 5 and 6 year olds. They’ll learn about these tricky teen numbers in different ways all while having fun playing numbers Bingo.

Printable Number Bingo Games

Free Printable Bingo Games for Students – Not only will you find teen number Bingo games to play with your children, but you’ll also find other wonderful Bingo games such as St. Patrick’s Day Bingo with numbers, addition virtual Bingo, and subtraction Bingo games.

Number Bingo – If you’re looking for a digital Bingo game, you’ll find it here. You can select the numbers you’d like to work with, the grid size, and then play the game on the computer.

Grab your free BINGO teen number activities from The Measured Mom. You’ll find a wonderful variety of Bingo teen number boards for you to download and print. The boards include ten frame matching, regular number matching, counting fingers matching, and tally mark matching. Your kids will get plenty of practice working with numbers while using these Bingo sheets.

More Bingo Printables

Grab some various themes of Printable Bingo Games for Students, such as single player Bingo games, addition Bingo games, subtraction Bingo games, multiplication Bingo games, division Bingo games, alphabet Bingo printables, holiday Bingo sheets, Bingo sheets for early learners, sight word Bingo games, and number Bingo games.


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