Free Counting Numbers Worksheets & Activities

August 17, 2020

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Memorizing numbers and understanding the meaning of counting are two totally different things. Grab these Free Counting Numbers Worksheets & Activities to assist you in helping your students to understand what counting really means. Be sure to grab the Free Number Practice Worksheets (Instant Download) at the bottom of this post. 

child thinking and using a pencil in front of an abacus

Teaching Counting & Number Recognition

Many times we teach kids our little ones to recognize numbers, however soon after that, we should be explaining what those numbers actually mean.

Helping your little ones understand the concepts of numbers and counting is a developmental learning process, so don’t feel rushed if your little one is not ready.

When I was an early learning teacher I taught the youngest and biggest classes. Parents and other teachers were amazed at how I got the kids to say their alphabet and numbers up to 20. These kids were 2 and 3 years old.

That was impressive to them but honestly, I was just building a foundation for when they were ready to understand and learn the concepts behind the numbers and letters.

Understanding concepts is a whole new ball game. The nitty-gritty of learning to count is how the rest of math is perceived, so it’s pretty important.

Give your kids a good experience in counting then build upon that to make math a subject they don’t mind tackling.

I think many fears behind mathematics in the process of teaching and learning are that steps are skipped. Math is a sequential progression and if one of those sequences is lost then the future math sequences will not fall into place the way they should.

Free Number Practice Worksheets

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to get access to our free printable pack full of Number Practice Worksheets for your early learner.

Number Practice Preschool Pack Numbers 1-20 text with image examples of pages

What are the fundamental counting concepts? 

Here are a few ways to start teaching the concept of counting with your students to improve and encourage understanding.

Use visuals and hands-on learning for counting.

My all-time favorite device to use is the colorful abacus. With an abacus, students can maneuver and visually see the concept of counting. Items are added or taken away, yet are all connected.

You can count the beads with them and gradually assign some tasks to do as well. Your student is learning the concept of numbers and counting while working on their fine motor skills and color recognition. An abacus is a must-have when you are being intentional about teaching number concepts to kids.

Add counting pennies to your lessons.

You might as well get kids used to money. Yes, there are a lot of germs on coins; I understand all my germaphobe moms. I get it. However, exposing kids to learning about money early on will get them in the mindset of how we will be using it in the future.

Use loads of practice with play to teach counting.

Playing games is always a hit with kids. When we incorporate learning with fun, information just sticks. How about the age-old game of Hopscotch.

Literally, all you need is the ground outside and chalk. In addition to counting, these types of games get kids outside and active. Outdoor time and learning is a huge benefit to our students.

Make everything about counting.

Counting is a part of our daily lives, so don’t make it just a part of your homeschool hours. Make everything about counting during this time.

If it’s snack time, have your little one separate berries or grapes into baggies. They can also divide up the snacks for all the siblings in your home.

Taking a car ride? Have your little ones count how many red cars they see, or how many stop signs you pass by. In the grocery store, have your kids count how many of an item you need.

The best thing we can do to help our little ones with understanding the concept of numbers and counting is to make learning interactive, make it relevant, make it fun, help them use the world around them to make connections between numbers and quantity, then one more thing. Provide as much practice as possible.

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Free Counting Numbers Worksheets & Activities

Use these free counting numbers worksheets & activities to give your kids ample practice for understanding numbers, how to count, and how we use them.

Numbers 1-10 Worksheets

Counting Numbers 1-10 for Kids – If your young learners have mastered number recognition, it may be time for moving on to counting the numbers 1 -10, and these one to one correspondence worksheets can help. This specific activity tasks students to count objects and then mark the proper numbers.

Number Worksheets 1 to 10 – There are several sections for your kids to explore counting numbers here. However, towards the mid to bottom of the post you will see an awesome list of Numbers worksheets 1-10. Check out these pumpkin counting worksheets to monster worksheets for preschool.

Counting 0-10 Numerals – Your students will learn to compare two numbers between 1 – 10 written numbers and so much more with these free counting worksheets and activities. There are other counting preschoolers pdf file resources in addition to the numbers 1 -10.

Numbers 11-20 Worksheets

Counting from 10 – 20 Free Printables – Teach your kids to count from 10 to 20 using ten frames kindergarten worksheets. These Roll and Write free printable worksheets will be a great addition to your number sense and counting right numbers lessons.

Counting Numbers 11-20 Caterpillar Printable – This simple activity will be a hit when moving your students beyond the number 10. This activity is especially cool to go alongside your child’s reading of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Worksheet for Counting Practice Numbers 11 to 20 – If you need some extra practice for your students for 11 – 20 number sense, then this is perfect for them. Your kids will be tasked to fill in the numbers on ten frames.

11-20 Number Worksheets for Kindergarten Age Kids – These kindergarten worksheet printables are perfect for kids in counting and other skills. Your kindergarten students will practice counting to 20, tracing numbers, completing a number chart, and more.

Number Coloring Pages

If you’re looking for free number coloring pages, you’ll want to download this set. These number worksheets are a great way for kids of all ages to work on their math skills.

printable number coloring pages

Numbers 1-20 Flashcards

Flashcards for Numbers 1 to 20 –  Check out these free number wall cards and free flashcards printables for numbers 1 -20. These adorable number cards 1-10 printables with a Mary Had a Little Lamb theme is made to print in a simple pdf format.

1-20 Picture Cards Printables – This free printable number cards 1-20 activity is perfect for counting around the house any day. Each photo contains an image tasking your young learners to search for the number of objects stated tasked in the image.

Numbers 1-20 Free Printable Flashcards – Flashcards help your kids to focus and learn about any subject and for numbers, it’s especially beneficial. These adorable free printable number flashcards 1-20 have many features to help kids learn to count with numerals and number words.

Games with Numbers to Count

Printables & Games that Use Counting Bears – If your young mathematicians will enjoy counting and have loads of fun with these counting bears worksheets and printable activities. This list is full of printables and games to make counting one of their favorite things to learn.

Activities and Games for Counting Numbers – Explore all types of number activities and games for extra practice with counting any given number from 1 – 20 and more. Games are a good idea and fun way to practice, review, and learn number foundation skills.

K Grade Level to 2nd Grade Counting Games – Have fun with these low prep counting game activities for kindergarten students to 2nd grade students. The games work well for fun math centers or independent math skills practice.

Simple Games for Counting from 1 to 20 –  Playing these kindergarten counting games for the numbers 1 -20 will help improve your child’s number sense in counting for fluency and understanding. So, check out these 15 awesome counting activities and counting card games for your young learners this year.

More Counting Printables    

Space-Themed Counting Mats – My son loves space-themed everything and it began early on. Your young children will enjoy using these space-themed mats of rockets, moon, and astronaut images to count numbers.

Counting Crows 1 -20 Number Practice – Take advantage of fall theme fun with these counting crows numbers 1 -20 practice activity. Using the seasons to get kids involved with learning is a great way to help kids stay learning while having fun.

Free Puzzles for Counting to 20 – Grab this set of free puzzle printables with a winter theme to help your student count to 20. This hands-on activity is perfect to help young mathematicians to count numbers in number order well.

Numbers Count French Fry Activity – I surely did say French fry. This activity shows how to make French fry case printables to teach your kids with counting practice for numbers 1 to 10.

PDF Download: Number Practice Worksheets

Our Free Number Practice Worksheets set is the perfect number practice preschool pack for numbers 1-20 to help children understand numbers. 

Number Practice Preschool Pack Numbers 1-20 text with image examples of pages

How to Download Number Practice Worksheets

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