Fun Number Sequencing Worksheets to Print for Free

November 14, 2022

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Are you teaching early math skills in your homeschool? Number sequencing worksheets are a great way to help your children learn the important math skill of putting numbers in the correct order.

Fun Number Sequencing Worksheets to Print for Free text with image of numbers

Number Sequence Worksheets

Developing number sense at a young age is important to develop those early math skills and an understanding of numbers. Number order is important and begins with simple counting. Using number sequence worksheets will hep your children with knowing what number comes next.

Benefits of Number Sequence Worksheets

There are many benefits of using number sequence worksheets. When your child puts numbers in the correct number order this is process that helps to develop number sense in children. 

Number sequence worksheets also help with

  • Learning the relationships that exist between numbers
  • Developing abstract reasoning
  • Early development of multiplication and skip counting skills
  • Identify and understand number patterns and what number comes next.

What is Number Sequencing?

Number sequencing is numbers that are arranged in a certain order or pattern. Number sequences are a list of numbers that are organized to follow a specific rule. There are many different ways to play with numbers in a sequential order. 

You can skip count with number sequencing such as: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 … or 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 … When there are dots at the end of the sequence that means this can go on infinitely and is called an infinite sequence.

Number sequencing is great practice for kids as they skip count and add the next number and just keep going. Using a printable number chart 1 100 can be helpful when teaching kids about number sequences. 

number chart

Number Sequencing Worksheets

Number sequencing worksheets are a great way for your children to familiarize themselves with number order. It is great practice for counting, skip counting and concentrating to figure out the sequence.

Ordering Numbers Worksheets

Place Value Ordering Numbers – These numbers printables will help your students to order 4 different numbers from smallest to largest. There are multiple worksheets to practice with numbers up to 100, and numbers up to 1,000.

Number Patterns and Sequences Worksheet

Number Patterns and Sequences – Help your kids learn to identify patterns in a sequence of numbers with this worksheet.

Missing Numbers 1-20 Sequence Worksheet

Missing Numbers Worksheet – Fill in the missing numbers with this simple 1-20 sequence worksheet. Color in the cute character when you are finished with the problems.

Ordering Numbers Cut and Paste Worksheet

Kids love cut and paste worksheets, so why not help them learn how to order numbers too!

Ordering Numbers 0-20 – Practice putting numbers 1-20 in order while working on fine motor skills with this fun cut and paste activity. 

Number Sequence Printables

These printable worksheets can be used as a fun activity to teach sequential order. You can use these with any math curriculum or you can use them to create your own lesson plans.

Number Sequences Worksheets and Task Cards

Number Sequence Task Cards and Recording Worksheet – These task cards will make math feel like you are playing a fun game. Solve the sequences and record what you have learned on the recording worksheet.

Number Sequencing Math Worksheets

Addition Number Pattern Worksheets – There are simple addition, and multiple step addition pattern worksheets available. These printable activities will help your children with their addition skills.

Number Sequencing Maze Puzzle Worksheet

Customized Number Sequence Maze – Create your own puzzle maze worksheets for your kids with this customized worksheet creator. You can change the direction to ascending or descending numbers as well as the different options of the printable mazes for kids.

Number Sequence 0-100 Worksheets

0-100 Order Number Sequence Worksheets – Children will order the numbers from 0 – 100 and practice greater than and less than with these worksheets.

Printable PDFs for Number Sequence Worksheets

These printable pdfs of number sequence worksheets will save you a lot of money as you give your children extra practice with sequencing.

Sequencing Ordering Numbers to 10

Order Numbers to 10  – Order picture objects and the numbers 0 -10 with these fun worksheets that you cut and paste and match with.

Numbers 1-10 Sequence Worksheets

Number Order Worksheets 1-10 – Fill in the numbers with these number order worksheets with fun pictures to practice number order.

Number Sequences 1 to 20 Worksheets

Ordering Numbers 1 to 20 – These worksheets will help your children to follow the pattern by filling in the blanks to get to 20. There are lots of fun worksheets to choose form.

Sequence Numbers 10 to 100

Number Sequence Puzzles 10-100 – Practice number recognition and sequencing with the numbers 10 – 100 with these fun cut and paste back together puzzles.

Skip Counting Sequencing Worksheets

Skip counting is a great way to teach number sequence and work on multiplication skills at the same time. These free skip counting worksheets are a great thing to add to your day. 

Number Sequences by Twos

Skip Counting by Twos Worksheets – These worksheets will help children learn how to skip count by twos as they fill in the blanks on the charts. There are also worksheets that use the number line to help with skip counting.

Number Sequences by Fives

Patterns with Multiples of Five Worksheets – Practice skip counting by fives with numerous worksheets to fill in the blanks to find the pattern. With much practice your children will be pros at counting by fives.

Number Sequences by Tens

Patterns with Multiples of Ten – Counting by tens is a great way to get your kids confident about their tens tables. There are lots of worksheets to put this skill into practice.

Fill in Number Chart Sequencing Math

1-120 Hundreds Chart Fill in the Blanks – This chart will help your kids develop great number sense as they work through filling in the hundreds charts. There are 6 different scaffold versions that increase in difficulty for extra practice.

In Conclusion:

Number patterns and number sequencing is a great foundation for mathematic skills. Your children will have lots of fun with these free worksheets and get a better understanding of math and how it works.

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