50+ Free All About Me Printable Worksheets for Kids

November 21, 2023

Annette Breedlove

Annette Breedlove

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These free all about me printable worksheets and templates are a fun way for kids to express their creativity and make a special page that is all about them. You will find a huge selection of free resources to create your very own all about me binder keepsake, including our instant download set of 18 All About Me Templates at the bottom of this post.

All About Me Printable Template

If you are planning a new school year for your little ones, you will want to grab some of these All About Me Templates to give them during your first week of school. I always love asking my kids these simple questions and hearing their answers.

It’s always so much fun to look back on their all about me worksheet from the past and see how their answers differ from year to year.

Scroll to the bottom of the post to access your free all about me worksheet pack!

Fun Activity for a New School Year

An All About Me worksheet is a great activity to use at the beginning of a new school year. Using a worksheet template is a great way to capture the answers about each student that details information all about them.

Whether you have young children, a child in first grade, or  even older students in high school, it’s an easy way to learn all about them as individuals. You can use a printable template for each child that has spaces for fun facts like favorite food, music, movie, etc.

These pages make great keepsakes for parents. You could even use one of our blank faces templates and allow them the opportunity to draw a self-portrait. 

When you start the year off using an all about me template, at the end of the year you could give them a new one and compare how much they’ve grown and changed. 

Ways to Use an All About Me Template

It’s fun to break out an all about me template at the beginning of the year so that students can start the school year off with a special page all about them that reflects their hobbies, likes, and dislikes.

At the end of they year you could give them a brand new all about me template so they could fill it out and compare how much they have changed.

What to Include on Your All About Me Page

Some great ideas or your all about me page are to include:

  • height
  • favorite color
  • favorite food
  • hobbies
  • favorite song
  • family members
  • pets
  • favorite movie or tv show 

You can use a blank space for them to draw or sketch their family or house. You don’t even really need a worksheet page, you can blank paper if you’d like to encourage full creativity!

If you have an older student, a regular all about me template may be too childish. Have them use a blank notebooking page template that they could journal on. This will give them something to reflect upon for years to come.

Storing All About Me Templates

I like to keep my children’s all about me template pages in our homeschool portfolio. We are only required to keep a record of our student’s work for two years in Florida, however I can’t bring myself to throw any of it away. In our portfolio the completed all about me pages are safe for years to come. 

You could also keep one big binder that has tabs for the different years. Put your all about me template and other special drawings or papers in there if you’d rather not hoard all the pages from grades K-12 like I do. 

Free All About Me Printables

All About Me Face Template (1 page)- This free all about me worksheet offers a blank face template for kids to decorate as themselves or different faces on. 

All About Me Lego Inspired Printables (2 pages) – This Lego themed all about me printable page is fun for kids to look at and fill out. Parents can enjoy getting to keep and look back on years down the road. 

All About Me Worksheet

All About Me Printable Worksheets (4 pages) – This creative all about me worksheet has kids fill out prompts on cartoon signs. This fun activity sheet is great for starting the new year as a class or at home.

Getting to Know You Worksheet (2 pages) – This link offers multiple different getting to know you worksheets that would go along great with an all about me template that you can add to your homeschool portfolio

Free Printable All About Me Worksheets

All About Me: Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes (1 page)- Preschoolers will have fun learning and labeling this head, shoulders, knees, and toes printable activity.

All About Me First Day of School Printables (14 pages) – Download a free all about me printable page to fill out. These free printables have pages for grades Preschool – 12th grade so you can fill out a new page every year when you start school and keep them in a portfolio. 

All About Me Template

All About Me 30 Questions and Printable Prompts (6 pages) – These 30 all about me questions and prompts are great for kids to fill out and practice building language skills.

All About Me Pre-K/K Pack (2 packs with over 68 pages) – Check out this link for the perfect all about me templates, with more than 15 activities for your preschoolers and kindergartners on their first day of school.

All About Me Books

You can make your own All About Me Book using a simple all about me page and some other related all about me worksheets. You can keep the book in a binder, or have it spiral bound,

All About Me Printable Booklet – This all about me printable booklet will be fun for your kids to fill out and keep to look back on as they get older.

Printable All About Me Coloring Book (10 pages) – Click this link for 10 different free worksheets to fill out all about me. The first page they get to color a picture of themselves. Other pages have questions like what your favorite things are, what your home address is, etc. 

Printable About Me Book (10 pages) – Check out this link for a free, all about me book to print and fill out on the first day of school.

All About Me Book – This link has multiple free all about me printable pages to fill out and turn into a book.

Dr. Seuss All About Me Book – Your kids will love this Dr. Seuss themed all about me printable book that’s easy to make at home.

All About Me Crafts

What I Like to Wear Craft Template – Print, color, and cut out paper dolls and clothes that let kids express what they like to wear. This is a great way for them to begin to develop their own style.

All About Me Printable Flower Craft – This printable lets kids color flower and answer 6 questions all about me on the flower petals.

All About Me Handprint Book – This is the perfect idea for preschoolers to make an all about me book with their handprint. Ask your little ones what questions they would like to include in their book and what they would like to draw pictures of.

More All About Me Printable Worksheets

50 All About Me Printable Worksheets – There are over 50 different worksheets and templates with so many to choose from. Your kids are bound to find one they will love to make their own.

All About Me Coloring Page – Color this adorable worksheet and then have your children fill in the text bubbles with all of their favorite things. 

Preschool All About Me Worksheets (2 pages) – Black and white and color worksheets perfect for preschool age children to fill in.

Instant Download: Free All About Me Templates

These Free All About Me Templates are a fun way for kids to express their creativity and make a special page that is all about them. Print off an all about me page that most closely resembles your child and watch them have a blast drawing in their features. 

These All About Me templates are a perfect way for kids to record some information about themselves. They can fill in their: 

  • name
  • birthday
  • height
  • hair color
  • number of brothers or sisters
  • favorite color

Blank Face Templates

These blank face templates include 9 boys and 9 girls. In addition to the information they share, they can find a face that looks just like them. Then they can fill in the details, adding their eyes, nose, mouth, and hair color.

Download these Free All About Me templates today and let your children’s creativity run wild! 

blank faces to draw

All About Me Template Download. Use this Free Pack of 18 All About Me Pages to print off and add to your homeschool time capsule.

In Conclusion

Whether you are looking for a printable worksheet that you can use to capture a self portrait, or an editable free printable pdf template that you can use for an all about me page, I hope our free list of resources was helpful.

Having students create an all about me page is a great first day of school activity. Break out their template next year and compare how much they’ve changed. Have fun with it!

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