Free Alphabet Preschool Worksheets & Letter Activities

March 6, 2023

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Young children may need some extra practice when they are learning the letters of the alphabet. A great way to help them learn their letter and letter sounds is with alphabet preschool worksheets.

alphabet preschool worksheets

 Alphabet Preschool Worksheets

Give your preschool and kindergarten children a head start on writing letters with printable abc worksheets.

These free printable alphabet worksheets will also give some extra practice for fine motor skills as your children concentrate with the proper pencil grip as they are writing.

Letter Matching Worksheets

Upper and Lowercase Letters – Get some extra practice with letter recognition by matching lower case letters to the upper case letters.

Alphabet Ice Cream – Work on letter sounds and lower case and upper case letters with this adorable cut and paste ice cream activity.

Alphabet Letter Formation Printables

Handwriting A to Z Review – Easy handwriting worksheets for each letter of the alphabet. Younger children will get lots of practice with learning their letters and how to form them.

Alphabet Letter Roads – Practice forming each letter by taking a little car and follow the road on the letter to trace it up and down. Kids are going to have so much fun with this hands-on learning activity.

Tracing Alphabet Letters Worksheets

If your children need help with learning how to form letters you may want to provide them with a tracing letters printable for some extra help. Cursive can also be a little tricky so cursive alphabet tracing pages are a great addition to letter tracing worksheets.

Letter Tracing Sheets – If you are looking for some alphabet letter tracing pages, you can download these for free.

Free Alphabet Tracing Pages Lowercase & Uppercase text with image examples of printable worksheets over a blue background

Alphabet Preschool Worksheets

Keep scrolling for even more alphabet preschool worksheets that you can use to help your children learn the alphabet. 

Missing Alphabet Letters Worksheets

Cut and Paste Missing Letters – Fun themed pages that have the full alphabet on them. However, some of the letters are missing. Help your children to find the letters and fill them in, then color the pages.

Finish the Alphabet – These worksheets will have your children filling in the missing letters of the alphabet. 

Alphabet Do-A-Dot Pages

Kids love  dot marker printables to keep their hands and mind busy. These will literally keep your kids busy for hours of fun.

Bingo Dauber Activity – These free alphabet worksheets use a bingo dauber to fill in the dots on the large letters for letter recognition practice.

Alphabet Spot and Dot  – Find the matching letters and dot them with a dot marker as you find them.

Alphabet Preschool Worksheets Mega Pack

Check out this huge bundle of early learning worksheets for preschool and kindergarten. They’ll practice numbers, letters, shapes, colors, and more!

Early Learning Bundle with printable letter, number, shapes, and colors worksheets

Find the Letters Printables

These printable alphabet preschool worksheets are helpful for kids to use to practice identifying letters

ABC Letter Find – This is another way to teach letters to your kids without any extra prep on your part.

Space Themed Letters Activity – If you are doing a space theme in your homeschool, these adorable space letter find worksheets will fit in nicely.

Alphabet Letter Mazes

Mazes such as these free printable mazes for kids are a great way to introduce problem solving and fine motor skills. 

A to Z Letter Mazes  – These free printable worksheets will take your kids through alphabet letter mazes that will teach them to recognize the names of the letters in different fonts.

Follow the Path – Follow each specific letter to create a path through all the letters of the alphabet to get to the end of the page.

Alphabet Bingo

A fun way to learn the alphabet is by playing games. This alphabet bingo printable will create some fun memories with your children as you teach them the alphabet with this classic game.

Free Alphabet Bingo Printable Sheets & Games

Connect the Dots Alphabet

A fun educational activity for your children to do quietly are free printable dot to dot puzzles that connect the dots to create an image.

Alphabet Dot to Dot Animal Activities – This fun worksheet will have your kids follow the letters in the alphabet to create some adorable animals to color in when they are finished.

Color By Letter Printable

Zoo Animal Letters – This worksheet will help your children with letter recognition as they color the letters a certain color to create an adorable animal picture.

Alphabet Coloring Pages

By giving your children colorful printable alphabet letters they can learn their letters in a fun and easy way. You can introduce a new letter for them to color each day and practice saying the letter and writing it.

Printable Alphabet Letters to Color
Printable Cut Out Letters

Alphabet Stencils – These printable stencils are great for a variety of alphabet activities. Print them out and give them to your kids to help them with cutting practice, or use them to create fun letter games.

Alphabet Placemats

Keep your kids busy learning with a placemat printable that can be laminated and used over and over again in a variety of ways.

Early Learning Printables – These alphabet placemats are a great way to incorporate some hands on learning. Kids can trace the letters with their hands, or with rice, or markers.

Learning Letters Assessments

Naming Letters – Find out if your children really know their letters with these free alphabet assessment printables.

Letter Recognition Tool Kit – Make sure your children understand letter identification and are able to say the names of each letter with this assessment.

Alphabet Recognition Worksheets

Free Printable Letter Recognition Worksheets – Teach your children letter recognition by giving them lots of extra practice with these free worksheets. There are so many different ones to choose from that will keep your kids engaged and eager to learn. Get access to printables for every letter of the alphabet!

Free Printable Letter A Worksheets

Uppercase and Lowercase Letters

Writing in Uppercase – This writing exercise will help you see how well your children know how to write capital letters.

Practice Lowercase Letters – These free worksheets will help your kids with learning lower case letters. They will learn how to recognize the letters and get lots of practice tracing and writing them out. 

Alphabet Flashcards

Dinosaur Alphabet Flashcards – Kids will have so much fun learning their letters with dinosaurs. These dinosuar flashcards have a letter for each dinosaur. Learn about the dinosaur and the letter while coloring the flashcard.

Free Alphabet Chart Printable

ABC Poster – Charts and posters are great to hang up in a school room or a bulletin board. Your kids will see them each day and be able to easily recognize the letters as they see them on a regular basis.

Alphabet Playdough Letter Mats

Form Letters with Playdough – Practice forming letters with playdough and name the letter and the sound it makes as you put the playdough letter on the matching card.

Animal Alphabet Letters

Illustrated Animal Alphabet – Your young learners will be excited to see these adorable animal alphabet letters in your homeschool room. There are 26 individual animal alphabet letters to print out and hang up.

Alphabet Games

The best way to introduce your little ones to the alphabet is by incorporating lots of fun alphabet games into your daily school routine. These games are not free, but they are a wonderful addition to a home preschool. You will have so much fun playing these with your kids. 

Alphabet Games

In Conclusion: 

As you can see, there are a variety of ways to teach your children the alphabet. Hands-on activities, worksheets, flash cards and games are a great way to get your kids excited about learning their ABCs. After kids master the alphabet, you can move on to using sight words flash cards with pictures to build pre reading skills. 

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