Math Addition Coloring Worksheets for Elementary

December 4, 2021

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Addition is a math concept that truly builds the foundation for everything else in math. You quickly realize that if addition isn’t understood then you just can’t move on effectively in math. Provide your children with plenty of practice with these math addition coloring worksheets for elementary-aged students.

Long addition task cards with text overlay.

How to teach addition effectively:

Once your kids know their numbers you know the inevitable progression is … adding them together. If you are like me, you might feel a slight sense of dread in your stomach.

I started homeschooling my children later on in elementary age, so I thought I wouldn’t have to teach them math fundamentals.

Yet, there I was with my son. I couldn’t understand why multiplication and equations were so hard for him. When I took a step back and attempted some review with him, I saw he may have been just pushed through the system without me knowing.

He couldn’t count in his head at all. He was still using his fingers and really trying to make it all make sense. We had to rewind. It was worth us taking the time to go back and start over.

Never feel bad to rewind. Your students are worth it, and it can be done.

Tips for teaching addition in elementary:

  • Help your students memorize their math facts. Fluency in procedures is crucial when trying to progress in math.
  • Use countable manipulatives.
  • Help students make a number line for counting to reach a solution.
  • Encourage students to firstly, add numbers up to ten. Adding to numbers to ten first, then the remainder makes adding simpler.
  • Finally, take your time. Go slow and give as much practice as you can before moving on.

Teaching addition effectively begins with the willingness to make sure kids get it. And “getting it” takes lots of practice. These addition worksheets to color will help.

The benefits of adding coloring pages with addition are pretty simple.

  • Some students are very, all over the place. Using two tasks, coloring and addition will help your students focus more.
  • Addition and coloring will help your students concentrate on the task at hand.
  • Practice adding while improving fine motor skills
  • Build number fluency, addition practice, and include art in your lessons.

Now, check out these resources to do just that.

Math Addition Coloring Worksheets for Elementary

Younger students need a different approach than older students, so these math coloring worksheets would work best with younger kids in elementary. 

Math Addition Coloring Worksheets for Younger Students

Addition Math Worksheets – Grab these free printable addition number worksheets for adding up to the number 10. There are three freebie addition math skills worksheets for your young learners or first graders.

Apple Free Addition Coloring Worksheets – Whether you are looking for apple-themed math facts addition worksheets or you just need addition practice, this is for you. Math coloring sheets bring lessons and fine motor skills together like a glove.

Coloring Squared Math Coloring Pages –  Are your students tired of the same old number addition worksheets. You students just need to add the problems and use the correct color to solve the mystery picture worksheets.

Number Addition Hidden Image Worksheets – Check out the best free addition worksheets and fun activities for your math centers or addition lessons at home. Mystery pictures make learning addition in math fun.

Addition Color by Code Pages – Use the color key provided to complete these code activities while practicing addition in a fun way. Math fluency is fueled by plenty of practice and this fun activity can help.

Math Addition Coloring Worksheets for Older Kids

Addition Coloring Worksheets for Elementary Kids – These free printables were made for 3rd grade. I think some can also be used with an advanced 2nd grade student, even 4th grade, and even 5th grade for review or independent work.

Two Digit C o l o r By Number  Worksheets – Does your 2nd grade to 4th grade student need some addition practice? Make learning fun with these double digit addition number page printables.

Double Digit Addition Printables – Number sheets for addition are great places for kids to explore math equations. Although this isn’t for kids of all ages, maybe the older kids can help your young student practice.

4th Grade Addition Coloring Worksheets – Your elementary students will certainly appreciate the addition best collection variety of worksheets. The fun math worksheets include hidden image activities, basic addition problems, fall color pages, and more.

Of course teaching addition should involve manipulatives and hands-on activities. For practice and review, addition coloring worksheets are a perfect way to check their learning.

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