Free Multiplication Worksheets for Times Tables Practice

April 29, 2022

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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There is a standing stigma attached to the idea of teaching multiplication. Yet, multiplication remains fundamental to many other math topics requiring loads of practice. So, grab these free multiplication worksheets for times tables practice to perfect these math skills.

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Why do students struggle with multiplication?

Too many parents can relate to children struggling while attempting to learn multiplication. It can be puzzling that so many children struggle with multiplication concepts.

Most likely, it is not multiplication itself that is the culprit of such disdain for multiplication times tables. The odds are that issues with learning multiplication can stem from problems way before starting multiplication

Lacking Basic Math Skills

Multiplication problems may be an issue with children not perfecting their addition and subtraction skills. Multiplication in its simplest form is just repeated addition.

Multiplication problems may be challenging until a child can fully understand how to add and subtract without difficulty. It is not a failure to take some time to go back to basic facts of addition, and subtracting, then move on to basic multiplication facts. Learning new ways to teach math to your kids will be helpful. 

A young mathematician will quickly learn that math skills should be learned in consequential order. If one step is skipped before the next, children may face challenges and regress until they are up to speed. Note: This is NOT the ONLY roadblock in learning multiplication.

Fun Ways to Teach Times Tables

Repetition and lots of multiplication practice are key to fluency for time tables facts. However, getting students actively engaged and having fun while learning multiplication times tables will create another level of understanding. Fun = better, every time.

Check out these fun ways to teach times tables for a more engaging approach to learning.

Activities to Teach Times Tables

Array capture activities – Introduce children to multiplication array capture as a fun interactive math game. Use dice and grid paper or whole punchers for these math games, which help an active learner practice basic multiplication facts.

Pool Noodle Multiplication StationMany homes have pool noodles just waiting to be used. They can be a cheap purchase and used so many different ways for learning. Use this multiplication pool noodle tutorial to help kids practice their math skills in a fun and colorful way.

Multiplication Facts Memory GameMemory games make a fun way for students to practice and do multiplication drills independently. They can make their cards by writing a multiplication equation for all the facts and their answers on the cards. Face them down and play away for a game, but put them in a Ziploc baggie and take them anywhere.

Egg Carton Multiplication Fact Practice If you are like many other families, you have saved egg cartons – for whatever reason. Grab an empty egg carton and write the numbers 1 through 12 in each egg crevice. Place two jelly beans in the egg carton, close the lid and shake it up. Whatever two numbers the beans land on is what they will be challenged to multiply.

Multiplication Facts Paper Plate Wheel Grab a marker, paper plates, and glue for this fun hands-on multiplication practice. Kids can decorate the multiplication facts paper plate wheels for a math craft activity.

Use technology for interactive times table practice.

Search for some free interactive online games that help students practice multiplication facts and quick recall. Students will enjoy getting on a computer to do the math, whether you use the online interactive resources for multiplication practice, review, or checking knowledge.

Watch videos and sing songs all about times tables.

Visual learners and all students alike work well with singing songs and watching fun videos to learn multiplication. Even tutorial videos showing kids how multiplying works are beneficial for them to explore multiple forms of receiving information.

Colorful Multiplication Chart

In what grade do you teach multiplication?

A child most likely will get in full swing of multiplication from the 2nd grade to the 4th grade. has broken this normal progression on their site. If you are teaching math to multiple ages, it can be good to understand where your child should be at. Here is a gist of what much research shows.

Early Multiplication

Even in second grade, students can begin learning to multiply and it all starts with grouping equal parts together. If they are fluid with adding and subtracting, they will make the connections like 4+4+4+4=16 is the same as 4X4=16.

So, a second grade student can visualize this repeated addition to make the connection of repeated addition. Repeated addition is an effective, great way to solve an answer with multiplication strategies.

Understanding Multiplication Concepts

3rd graders may now gain the ability to connect the basic multiplication facts and multiplication concepts to division. They can recognize the relationship between multiplication and division problems (i.e., 4×4=16 and 16÷4+4)

Single Digit and Two Digit Multiplication

Fourth grade students gradually move on to a more advanced multiplication that would include moving from single digit multiplication to two digit multiplication.

Multi-Digit Multiplication

By fifth grade, students should already be tackling multi-digit multiplication. Remember that it is OK that some students need slightly more help than another, even within a family unit. That is perfectly OK. Make sure they understand their basics before moving forward.

As you can see, a considerable portion of a child’s multiplication or even mathematical understanding is based on how well they understand the math concepts or previous lessons.

What is Skip Counting?

There are some tricks to teaching students multiplication that helps develop multiplication fluidity. One of those “tricks” is called skip counting.

Skip counting is counting by a number starting at zero. It is a method of counting numbers by adding a number each time to the previous number. Skip counting gets a number multiple each time.

For example, when skip counting by 5, we would get 5, 10,15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and so. Skip counting by 3, we would get 3, 6, 9, 12, 15,18, 21, 24, 27, etc.

Learning skip counting is a huge benefit to honing down multiplication facts. This trick and a few others like fact families, using a number line, multiplication drills with flashcards, and loads of practice will help struggling students in future success.

Free Multiplication Worksheets for Times Tables Practice

It’s easy to print off multiplication worksheets that you can give your student for extra practice. Learning times tables takes a repetitious approach and math worksheets and multiplication speed drills can prove to be a great resource. Even math copywork for times tables can help!

Timed Multiplication Drills Printables

Timed worksheets are used to evaluate a student’s fluidity, speed, and understanding of multiplication problems. Check out how a child is doing in their multiplication skills.

Times Tables Test Printable – These printable pages are great to use for speed drills. 

Times Table Test Printables

Multiplication Facts Worksheets

Multiplication Wheel Worksheets – Use these fun multiplication wheel worksheets as a great way to build up times table memorization skills. The number in each center is multiplied by the number in the wedges to get the answers to write in the blanks.

Free Multiplication Worksheets Bundle – This bundle can help make learning the multiplication times table easy and fun. The multiplication resources are made for children in third graders, fourth grade students, and fifth graders.

20 Free Basic Facts Worksheets – Grab these 20 free multiplication worksheets with basic facts and skip counting practice. This multiplication has combined two packets in a single download.

Fill-In Multiplication Tables Worksheets

Multiplication Mini Book Printable – Kids can make their own multiplication foldable mini-book to practice their skills. Fluency with multiplication facts will be fun as students fill in their answers on the blank lines to complete the mini-book.

Multiplication Mini Book

Single Digit Multiplication Worksheets

Multiplication Solve by Number Worksheet – These free single digit multiplication math coloring pages are a color by number activity students will love to do. This coloring activity will break up the monotony of math lessons. (This is a subscription freebie.)

Mastering Multiplication Printable Pack – Master single digit multiplication with this fun and hands-on activity pack. This is an 11-page multiplication facts pack to help students better understand single digit problems.

Horizontal 0-9 Multiplication Facts Questions – These 36 horizontal math multiplication facts questions are perfect for single digit multiplication drills. You can print, download, or save to a computer for homeschool math practice.

Multiple Digit Multiplication Worksheets

3 Digit by 2 Digit Multiplication Worksheets – Practice advanced multiplication with these 3 digit by 3 digit math worksheets on graph paper. There are 22 downloadable worksheets in all.

Multiple Digit Multiplication Worksheets – Introduce students to two digit and three digit multiplication problems with these worksheets. Also, check out the free multiplication calculator for interactive practice.

Differentiated 2 Digit Multiplication Worksheets – Check out a visual method for teaching 2-digit multiplication by using differentiated cues. This free printable multiplication worksheets page assists students with the scaffolding method providing flexibility for kids of all ages.

Multiplication with Decimals Worksheets

Spring Time No Prep Multiplying Decimals Game – Students will love to combine math and fun with these free no-prep Spring time games for multiplying decimals and whole numbers. Just print, then grab some dice, game pieces, and go.

Multiply Decimals with Grids – Are you looking for more hands-on activities to practice multiplying decimals? Grab these cut and paste worksheets to multiply decimals with grids activity. Older kids can enjoy cut & paste activities just as young learners.

Multiplication Worksheets with Decimals

Multiplication Grids

10 Grid Multiplying by Multiples Challenges – Students will enjoy these free multiply by multiples of 10 grid challenges. Get away from boing worksheets with these worksheets that focus on multiplication practice for tens.

Times Table Multiplication Grid Practice – Use these multiplication grids to study times tables and revise the times tables for numbers 1 through 10. Students will be tasked to find the missing numbers in the grid and there are fill-in-the-blank activities for even more practice.

Grid Problem Multiplication Worksheets – These free grid problem multiplication worksheets and answer keys will help introduce multiplication to kids and assist them with identifying patterns in math. This resource has tons of grids open to 10% to 90% to test various skill levels in finding missing factors on grids.

Money Multiplication Worksheets

Math Facts Multiplication Grids – Practice math facts with these fun and free multiplication grids. The 3-page packet contains factors of 1 through 10 and can even be timed to check a student’s speed and knowledge.

Multiplication with Money – Practice money sense with this multiplication with money worksheets. Multiplying dollar values times whole and decimal unit quantities is a skill students can use for a lifetime.

Multiplication Flash Cards

Printable Multiplication Flash Cards – Help students memorize their math facts with these free printable 0-12 multiplication flash cards. The flash cards come in a simple design to print on either side or just on one side to use for a memory game.

Minecraft Multiplication Flash Cards – These Minecraft multiplication flash cards help students practice up to multiples of 12. Provide students with a fun alternative to extra multiplication fact practice.

Printable Multiplication Flashcards – If you are looking for a simple review to take with you anywhere, these free printable multiplication flashcards. The flashcards make quick and effective review skills.

Multiplication Word Problems

Multiplication Worksheets on Word Problems 1 to 20 – Multiplication can be challenging for children, so when it comes to multiplication word problems there can be more confusion. Grab these multiplication word problems 1 to 20 worksheets. Need help with word problem keywords? We’ve got you covered!

Word Problems with Multiplication – Explore these single digit multiplication practice sheets to find the product of a multiplication problem. Word problems are a great way to apply multiplication to real-world situations.

Interactive Multiplication Word Problems – Grab these free interactive multiplication word problem worksheets for a hands-on approach to math. This is a no-prep activity; just print and grab some pencils and markers for some learning fun.

Mixed Multiplication Worksheets

8 Multiplication Facts Worksheets – Grab these 8 worksheets for practice on multiplication basic facts. The worksheets range from advanced times tables to times tables for the numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.

Multiplication Facts Questions – These multiplication facts printable, download, or online version has basic facts up to 81, including the number zero. Homeschooling families can use these for tests, practice assignments, reviews, or teaching tools.

Mixture of Multiplication Practice – This multiplication resource is full of various types of multiplication practice worksheets and times table games. The free printables include practice from missing factor worksheets to multiple digit problems.

Multiplication Worksheet Generator

Worksheet Generator for Multiplication – You can create your very own free printable multiplication worksheets page. Customize the worksheets to student needs in multiplier, number of digits, problem format, etc.

Multiplication Practice Worksheet Generator – Change the printable multiplication sheets each time with this multiplication practice worksheet generator. Change worksheet title, number of problems, factors, and include an answer sheet if needed.

Multiplication Games

When teaching multiplication, games make way for students to retain information and practice what they have learned in a fun way. Multiplication games can even get students up and active with games like multiplication hopscotch and multiplication soccer ball.

Fun Multiplication Games – Multiplication games can encourage active learning alongside lessons. Weave these fun games throughout multiplication lessons for engaging ways to help students review, practice, remember, and most of all, have fun learning.

In Conclusion

Tackling multiplication in homeschool can be dreadful or can be embraced with a good attitude. Either way, take steps to make it smooth and even fun. Once students tackle multiplication head-on, future math concepts like algebra and geometry become easier to understand.

When parents introduce students to math with excitement and positivity, students also can adapt to match that energy. These resources can equip families with what is needed for future success in mathematics.

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