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June 21, 2016

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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My preschooler just LOVES to cut and paste. If I give my little one some scissors, cut and paste worksheets, and a glue stick, it will keep her busy for hours! She enjoys cutting and making things. Check out these free Cut and Paste Worksheets we’ve found for you.

free cut and paste printables and ideas

Cut and Paste Worksheets

Not only do cut and paste activities help keep my youngest child busy while I am working with the older kids, but it also helps her fine motor skills at the same time.

She is always asking me for more things to cut up, so I spent some time searching for printable cut and paste worksheets. It was great, because I found many different types of cut and paste worksheets that would keep her busy for hours!

Why is cutting and pasting important?

  • Cut and paste is an engaging activity for kids.
  • Using the scissors is a great way for kids build hand strength.
  • Cutting and pasting increases visual perception, an important skill.
  • Cut and paste worksheets helps to build focus and keeps a child’s attention.
  • Kids learn bilateral coordination by using both hands.
  • Cut and paste activities develop fine motor skills.
  • and hands-on cutting and pasting is FUN!

Ways to Use Cut and Paste Worksheets

There are multiple ways to use cut and paste worksheets. Read on to learn how these are beneficial for your kids.

Keep Young Children Busy with Cut and Paste Worksheets

When my children were little, I would give them some child-proof scissors, a glue stick and construction paper and they went to town for hours. Of course, my floor was a mess and they were not cutting anything specific.

When I discovered I could find cut and paste worksheets online that I could print off and give them, it gave them much more focus. Using a cut and paste worksheet was a better solution for teaching them cutting skills because they had to practice cutting a line.

Different Types of Cut and Paste Worksheets

We started off with straight line cut and paste worksheets and then moved to zig-zag as they honed their cutting skills a bit. After my kids mastered cutting zig-zags, we moved to cutting shapes. Then they enjoyed cutting out parts of a story and pasting them in a sequence.

Cut and Paste Worksheets for Scene-Building

My daughter’s favorite cut and paste worksheets were always the build-a-scene cut and paste printables. Each time I printed the same scene off, she would color the pieces, cut them out, and then paste them in different places than she had before.

Free Cut and Paste Worksheets:

There are so many ways you can teach your child cutting skills, and using a simple worksheet for cutting practice is a great way to keep them busy. Check out these free printable worksheets that you can use over and over again to help your preschoolers learn how to cut and paste.

Here is a big list of free cut and paste worksheets and printables for you to print off and enjoy!

Scissor Practice Cutting Worksheets

Scissor Practice Sheets – These printable scissor skills practice worksheets give your toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten great fine motor skill practice. You can first show your kids how to hold the scissors, paper, and let them do a big kid skill.

Scissor Practice Packet – Grab these PreK to 1st Grade scissor practice packets. It is full of fun cutting practice activity pages for your young learners to enjoy and build fine motor skills.

Cutting Worksheets – Check out these cutting skills printable activities to help your children develop their fine motor skills in a fun and adorable ways. Teach your kids to follow the thick straight lines and start practicing.

Cut and Paste Worksheets PDFs:

Cut and Paste Activities – You will NOT want to miss this awesome list of downloads to help your kids develop their fine motor skills. You will find loads of cut and paste worksheet pictures of animal scenes and alphabet themes to practice cutting and paste skills.

Space Themed Cut and Paste Activity – If your children have been practicing with scissors to improve their skills, then grab this space-themed cut and paste worksheet. The activity consists of two parts, a space background and images to cut and paste onto that background.

Build a House Cut and Paste – Let your kids build their own house with this house scissor practice activity. The house is made up of a variety of shapes so your young learners can learn about shape names as well.

Printable Elmo Cut and Paste Activity – Who misses Elmo dolls? NOT Me, but if your kids love Elmo then this is a perfect activity for your little ones. Your preschooler will enjoy this perfect visual perception activity with Elmo.

Bee Cutting Practice Worksheets – Are your students learning about bees this year? Your little ones will enjoy learning too with these bee cutting practice worksheets.

Cut and Paste Alphabet Worksheets:

Cut and Paste Alphabet Book with Letter Practice  – Add some cutting practice to your alphabet lessons in your homeschool. Combine writing practice with fine motor skill practice and scissor skills.

Great Cutting and Gluing Practice Ideas:

5 Scissor Activities for Kids – Check out these fun and easy materials for helping kids develop their scissor skills. Cutting through materials has a different feel than paper. Kids will enjoy this different cutting activity.

Montessori Style Paper Cutting Activities – Explore this alphabetical order list of themed cutting strips. From moon theme cutting strips to animals and seasons, there is a theme for just about any topic you can think of.

Glue Stick Activity Bin – This cut and paste activity is a fun way to introduce gluing to your little ones. This glue stick activity will be one of your toddler’s favorite to do.

Color Cut and Paste Worksheets for Kindergarten – Kids will have so much fun coloring the parts of a tree and then cutting and pasting it together.

Plants and Animals Cut and Paste Worksheets:

Cut and Paste Animals and Plants – Grab this free cut and paste animals and plants worksheet about vertebrates, invertebrates, animal habitats, food chains, and more. Use this activity alongside any hands-on elementary science unit to learn the parts of the animal and plant world.

Insects, Worms, Snails & Spiders Life Cycles Cut & Paste – Check out this simple, no-prep hands-on science activity for your elementary students. The insects, worms, snails & spiders’ life cycles cut and paste worksheet is a fun activity to spruce up your science units.

Animal Classification Cut & Paste – If your kids need help grouping animals in classification groups then this activity can help. Grab this Animal Classification Cut & Paste activity to learn about 7 groups of animals and what makes each of these groups unique.

Plants Life Cycles Cut & Paste – Your students will enjoy exploring the world of plants with this free plants life cycles cut and paste unit. It is exciting for kids to understand how watermelons and pumpkins all start as seeds.

Sea & Ocean Life Cycles Cut & Paste – This free sea & ocean life cycles cut and paste worksheet is simple and provides plenty of fun and learning. Your kids will learn about the life cycles of 13 animals.

Other Themed Cutting & Pasting Worksheets:

Check out all of these resources to help your kids master the skill of cutting and pasting while having loads of fun.

Sports Equipment Cut & Paste – Do you have sports lovers at home? Check out this sports equipment cut and paste activity that includes worksheets on 11 different sports to take a brief look at the history of each one.

Bible Story Sequencing Cut and Paste – With this simple, hands-on activity, your younger children learn about 16 stories from the Bible while practicing their cutting skills. Each story sequence has 3 to 5 images from the various Bible stories and paste them on worksheets.

Language Arts Cut & Paste – Help your kids learn about different types of language arts topics like synonyms and antonyms. Check out language arts cut & paste worksheets for some hands-on fun learning about six different types of words.

Reading CVC Cut and Paste Pack – Jump into this hands-on reading fun with this reading CVC cut and paste pack! Kids will practice 65 CVC words with this cut and paste pack.

Phonics Cut and Paste Activity – Kids will have loads of hands-on fun with this free phonics cut and paste activity. Your students will practice 88 words that include consonant blends, digraphs, and more.

More Cut and Paste Worksheets

Math Cut & Paste – Multiplication and DivisionMultiplication and Division aren’t the most fun subjects for kids. However, this free math cut and paste activity can provide an alternative and fun way to review and practice.

Spanish Vocabulary Cut and Paste Activity – Check out this practice tool for elementary learning Spanish. Learning another language can be challenging but using fun activities can help kids learn in a fun way.

Christmas Cookies Cut and Paste Activity Pack – Help your kids enjoy this special time of year and work some math and fine motor skills into your day with this Free Christmas Cookies Cut and Paste Activity Pack.

Food Sequencing Fun Cut & Paste – Combine your family’s love for food with this fine motor skills practice. Check out this fun with food sequencing cut and paste activity.

Giant List of Preschool Resources –  Want even more cut & paste printables? Find that as well as worksheets for counting, shapes & colors.

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