Free Printable Memory Matching Games

January 2, 2022

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Many of us have played memory games as a child. Matching games are fun for kids, and they never get old. Check out these free printable memory matching games to help your students learn in a fun way.

Two young girls playing a matching memory game, with pink and white tones and text overlay Free printable memory matching games

Memory games rock!

I mostly played memory games with my cousins using playing cards. However, there are many resources online to print memory game cards with all types of themes and subjects to encourage learning and lesson review. You can also print two copies of fact cards and use them in a memory game, which is a great way to incorporate science activities into your learning. 

Your children spread the cards on a flat surface. They pick two cards in their turn until they get a match. The next player does the same. The key is to remember where the flipped cards are to find their match. This skill is called working memory.

What is working memory?

Memory matching games work by improving working memory in children and adults. Working memory is information that we can recall in our brain and access right away.

Having good working memory means that you can retain information and then apply it to a situation quickly.

Benefits of Memory Match Games

Children can start playing memory games at the age of about three, as they are able to concentrate more and know how to take turns. Yes, 3, and they are not just for younger children, as they are effective to play even for us as adults.

Here are some benefits of playing memory match games.

  • Improve short term memory
  • Builds concentration skills
  • Helps to focus and pay attention to detail
  • Build vocabulary
  • Trains visual recognition and visual memory

Did you know memory games are good for adults as well?

Memory match games are a brain exercise much like crossword puzzles that help prevent memory-related illnesses such as Alzheimer’s. These brain exercises are a great way to help improve memory and keep the brain active.

So, now that you know why memory match games are beneficial, let’s get some practice resources for kids of all ages.

Free Printable Memory Matching Games

Bible Matching Games

Free Bible Matching Games for All Ages – We all can use ways for our kids to be hands-on with our Bible lessons. At the end of this blog post, you will find an awesome list of free Bible matching games to use for all ages in your family. These are a great review for your Bible reading skills time.

Books of the Bible Matching Game – This is not the traditional way to memorize the books of the Bible but it really is helpful. This Books of the Bible Memory Game has 66 cards in each set to familiarize children with various sections and books of the Bible.

Bible Story Matching Game – These free Bible match game packets depict story picture cards and scripture passages for 12 Old Testament and 12 New Testament stories. These game pieces can be used in several ways. You can match pictures to story descriptions, match pictures to scripture passages, sort the pictures as Old or New Testament, and put pictures in chronological/sequential order.

Science Memory Matching Games

Memory Match Bird Pairs Game – This bird identification game will go great alongside your bird lessons at home. Match the bird names to the corresponding bird image including sparrows, woodpeckers, pelicans, and others.

Animal Tracks Memory Matching – This subscriber freebie explores animal tracks for your science lessons. I never knew animal tracks were “a thing” until we started learning about different animals and their habitats. This was a lot of fun for my kids.

Solar System Matching Game – This free printable solar system matching game will help your students explore outer space with their favorite types of games – matching memory fun. Students will match planets in our solar system to their distance away from the sun, like Earth is 3rd place, etc.

Math Memory Match Games

Roman Numerals Memory Card Game – This airplane-themed game of memory helps your students learn or review roman numerals in your homeschool. This resource from Schooltime Snippets is for personal use only and makes learning roman numerals fun.

Memory Game Geometry Symbols – If you need a way to teach your students geometry symbols then this free printable memory game can help. Some of the common geometry symbols include triangle, pi constant, distance, similarity, parallel, and more.

Fractions Math Memory Game – 1st grade and elementary grade students will enjoy this practice on fractions using a memory match cards game. The game pieces have a pie model to match to a fraction number of cards to help with this challenging math concept.

Language Arts Memory Matching Games

Sight Words Memory Game – Help make learning to read fun with this sight words memory game. This hands-on, interactive approach to reading at an early age will get kids excited about reading.

Homophones Memory Match Game – Homophones are words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings. Use some scrapbook paper and add this memory game to your homophones lesson for practice in a fun way.

Contractions Memory Matching Game – Contractions are shortened forms of words (or a group of words) that eliminates letters or sounds and add an apostrophe like was not/wasn’t or they are/they’re. This memory game is perfect as it also has an element of self-correction for your young children with a picture that needs to match as well.

History Memory Matching Games

Printable Bill of Rights Matching Cards – Check out this resource to explore the Bill of Rights with this memory match cards game. This is a fun game to add to your (potentially boring) Bill of Rights lesson.

Ancient Egypt Definition Matching Cards –  Learning about Ancient history just won’t be the same without learning about Ancient Egypt. Kids will learn vocabulary words like Pharoah, hieroglyphs, mummy, papyrus, and more to explore the fascinating history of Ancient Egypt.

Art History Painting Memory Game – This art history memory game can be played online and is so much fun to play interactively. Improve memory skills while reviewing famous paintings from your art history lessons.

Geography Memory Matching Games

United States Matching Printable Games – My kids grew up in the United States, but knowing all the states was a struggle for them. I thought it was important to recognize or learn each of the US states and their capitals. This resource comes with two different ways to play.

World Landforms Memory Game – Your older kids will enjoy playing these free landforms of the world memory game. Landforms in these sets of cards include waterfalls, sand dunes, fjords, ridges, and so much more.

DIY Matching Games

Would your kids like to make their very own memory game? Check out this resource for a DIY memory game using family pictures, another topic, or just of your child’s interests. Print them on card stock paper and start matching!

Looking for more easy brain exercises for your family? Check out these Printable Crossword Puzzles for All Ages and Free Brain Teasers and Logic Puzzles.

crossword puzzle

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