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FREE Graphing Calculator Activity- Integer Multiplication


To incorporate technology into your classroom, use this graphing calculator activity for exploring integer multiplication. This simple lesson and activity will help kids make sense of integers. My daughter had a real hard time with integers, so I am thinking if providing this as a review. This integer multiplication activity will help your students discover […]

Making Sense of Fractions with Area Models


Help your kids better understand fractions and fraction operations with area models. Learning about fractions doesn’t have to be scary and it is not all about memorization. Use this help to guide a deep understanding while using concrete, visual models. There is no question that these area models are great ways to fully visualize math […]

FREE Simple, Interactive Division Vocabulary Booklet


This free division vocabulary booklet helps children become familiar with six division related vocabulary words. Division vocabulary words such as dividend, divisor, and quotient are often used when your learner is tackling division. With this freebie, you can work through each vocabulary word to make sure he/she is developing an understanding of the words. Children will not just be […]