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FREE Printable Simple Math Multiplication Wheels


There is never a shortage of need for more multiplication practice. If your child is tackling multiplication lessons, then try out these simple multiplication wheel math worksheets to help them alongside their lessons. It is always good to throw in some different resources to break up the monotony in school. Your kids will enjoy the […]

Teaching Math with Stick Notes


There are actually some brilliant ways to teach math with stick notes you have never heard of. I love sticky notes. I love the highlighted green and pink colors; I have no idea why. How cool is it that we can use sticky notes to teach math in homeschool? You can put all those fun […]

FREE Printable Number Sense Math Game


This one more or one less number sense fish game is great for introducing your young learner to addition and subtraction. Kids will have fun using this fish-themed manipulative to show a number, and then identify the numbers that are one more and one less. This free printable includes a full-color game board, a full-color […]

FREE Flash Cards Game to Practice Subtraction


Are you looking for some subtraction practice to go along with your lessons? Combine fun and learning with this free subtraction game using flash cards. This fun subtraction freebie will help your kids learn subtraction facts automatically. Games always make learning fun, so grab this free subtraction game to help sharpen your learner’s math skills.Click […]

FREE Multiplication Task Cards


This goldfish bowl math activity can help introduce your kids to multiplication. I don’t know why I am on a goldfish kick. I just posted another goldfish math game yesterday. I think it’s because my kids loved goldfish, and where we live we can’t get them anymore. I think my kids would have loved doing […]

FREE Symmetry Printables for Kids—Finish-the-Picture Activity


These free, fun drawing pages will help your kids learn about symmetry and practice creating a mirror image with the help of grid lines. There are 10 different finish-the-picture pages that you can print and use over and over. You can explore this topic with mixed ages as they learn to re-create beautiful images all […]

FREE Printables for Counting to Ten with a Counting Bin


Teaching your kiddos to count to ten and understand what they are doing is such a fun milestone. This fun collection of free printables can help you teach counting to ten in your homeschool. These counting bin activities are free, simple, and low-prep for busy moms to enjoy as well. Young learners will enjoy these […]

FREE Printable Estimation Activity with Gumballs


This free printable gumball activity is a fun way to introduce your homeschool to the concept of estimation. They will also be able to improve their spatial reasoning skills. Your kids will compare sizes and guess reasonable estimates all on their own. Estimation is helpful in real life situations like estimating sizes, costs, and amounts; […]

FREE Low-Prep Multiplication Cut and Paste Practice


Are you are looking for some hands-on, low-prep multiplication practice for your homeschool? This properties of multiplication cut & paste activity will provide good skills practice for properties of multiplication. This simple resource will make commutative property, associate property, and distributive property less threatening for your learner.Click here for free properties of multiplication cut & […]

20 Hands-On Ideas for Teaching Symmetry in Your Homeschool


Sometimes math can get a little overwhelming for kids. However, this huge list of ways to play and explore symmetry for kids can make math fun and engaging. These activities are fun, hands on or unique ideas full of symmetrical drawing pages, hands on symmetry challenges and fun math art projects for kids. Even very […]