Free Printable Consumer Math Worksheets for Students

November 7, 2022

Sara Dennis

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Are you looking for consumer math worksheets that will teach your children the skills they need to handle real life situations? Then you’ll love these free consumer math worksheets for elementary, middle school, and high school students. 

consumer math worksheets

Consumer Math Worksheets

These worksheets break down basic math skills into easily digestible consumer math lessons. The lessons will teach your kids about personal finance, sales tax, and how to set up a monthly budget.

Plus, you’ll find real-life examples to help your kids develop their problem-solving skills.

What is consumer math?

Consumer math is a branch of maths that focuses on teaching kids how to use their basic math skills in real world situations. Kids learn financial literacy and what some people call kitchen math. They’ll learn how to budget, create a grocery list, balance their checking account, and how to read account statements.

Why Teaching Students Consumer Math is Important

Consumer mathematics is a critical branch of math to teach your kids. Kids will learn a variety of topics that they’ll use throughout their life, such as figuring out a sale price, a credit score, hourly rate, and installment loans. Teaching lifeskills like consumer math will set your student up for success. 

These skills will allow your kids to make wise financial decisions. We used Dave Ramsey’s personal finance course when my daughter was in high school. I plan to take my next child through it when she gets in high school too. 

Teach Your Children Economics

Understanding Economics is the perfect way to help your 3rd-8th graders grasp important economic topics.

Kids will learn all about money, capitalism, supply and demand, banking, stocks, the economy, and more in ways they can understand, using examples from their own lives.

Understanding Economics - A Notebook Companion™ to History Is Rich by Honest History

Consumer Math Worksheets

If you’re on board to teach your kids all about consumer math, then these worksheets can help. You’ll find banking worksheets: deposits, withdrawls, balancing a checkbook and writing checks practice pages. 

You can also print math worksheets for calculating discounts, taxes, price comparison, interest, and more!

Banking Worksheets

This group of money math worksheets focuses on banking worksheets that will teach your kids how to balance a checkbook, keep track of deposits and withdrawals, and how to write a check as well. 

You can use these worksheets to create a math course, supplement a homeschool math curriculum, or create a money lesson.

Deposits and Withdrawals Worksheets

Most people in the world open a bank account at some time. So your kids will need to know how to keep track of a checking account and a savings account. They’ll also need to know how to read account statements. 

Deposits and Withdrawals Sort – Kids will read through the different task cards to determine if they should deposit the money into their account or make a withdrawal.

Withdrawal and Deposit Warmup – This money worksheet focuses on making sure kids understand the vocabulary involved in withdrawals and deposits.

Balancing a Checkbook Worksheets

Teach your kids how to balance a checkbook using one of these fun consumer math worksheets. The best part is that your kids will use basic math skills to complete these lessons.

Balancing a Checkbook – This consumer math worksheet uses basic operations to have kids calculate a variety of deposits and withdrawals. It’s an excellent introduction to balancing a checkbook.

Balancing a Checkbook – Give your kids the opportunity to practice balancing a checkbook before they learn the hard way with this fun money worksheet.

Writing Checks Worksheets

Writing checks is becoming a lost skill as most adults use debit and credit cards to pay for groceries at the grocery store. However, there are still times your children will need to write a check. These worksheets will ensure your kids know how to write a check properly.

How to Write a Check – You’ll find various resources to help you teach your kids everything they need to know about checks and checking accounts, including answer keys to the worksheets.

How to Write a Check – This website shares a variety of charts and worksheets to help you teach your children how to write a check properly.

Sales Purchases Worksheets

Do you have kids struggling as they attempt to learn how to calculate discounts, taxes, or tips? Then you’ve come to the right place. These worksheets will help your kids figure out the final prices and the total cost of items. 

Calculate Discounts Worksheets

Help kids figure out how to calculate the final price of an object when they apply a coupon or discount. It’s a valuable skill your kids will use for years to come!

How Much Does It Cost With Coupons – Figure out how much items at the store will cost after you apply the coupons. These word problems use an interactive whiteboard that you can download to use in your lesson plan.

How to Calculate Discounts – Help your kids learn what 30% off or 50% off actually means using this fun worksheet that comes in a pdf format.

Find the Sale Price Worksheets

Teach your kids how to calculate the actual price of an item on sale with these money math worksheets. It’s one of the first stepping stones to financial literacy!

Finding Discount and Sales Price – Help your kids learn how to calculate both the discount and the sale price when they’re shopping.

Finding Sales Price – This math worksheet will help your kids learn how to find the actual price of an item on sale.

Sales Tax Worksheets

Does your state have sales tax? Then teach your children how to calculate the total amount of money they’ll need when they shop. It’s a real-world problem your kids will use constantly.

How to Calculate Tax, Tips, and Sales Worksheet – This freebie pdf will teach your kids how to calculate tax, tiles, and the sale price. It’s a useful money lesson to complete with your children.

6th Grace Shopping Worksheet: Tax, Tips, Discounts – This shopping worksheet uses only the basic math that 6th and 7th graders have learned. It will quickly have the kids calculating taxes, tips, and discounts like a pro.

Price Comparison Worksheets

Another useful skill children need to learn is price comparison. These sheets will teach your kid how to calculate unit prices so your child can accurately compare the prices of items on a shopping list.

Unit Price Comparison – It can take a long time for kids to learn to compare unit prices and purchase the lowest-priced item if you don’t teach them how. And this worksheet does just that. It teaches kids how to figure out the lowest unit price.

Grocery Store Price Comparison Activity – Use online grocery stores to compare the prices of the kids’ favorite items. Kids can work in cooperative groups or independently.

Earning Interest

You don’t need online textbooks to teach your kids about earning interest. Instead, check out these fabulous resources on consumer mathematics that will teach your kids all about interest rates.

What’s the Interest Worksheets

Do your kids know how to calculate the interest rate on credit cards or savings accounts? These resources will teach your kids about interest rates on credit cards as well as simple interest rates.

What Interest Rate Do Consumers Pay on Credit Cards – The worksheet introduces kids to the concept of a credit score as it teaches them about credit cards.

Simple and Compound Interest Rate: Savings Account and Car Loan – Learn all about the difference between a simple interest rate and a compound interest rate as they apply to a savings account and a car loan.

Monthly Payments Worksheets

Monthly payments are a key part of an adult’s monthly budget. If monthly payments are too high, a person will keep sinking further into debt. These worksheets will guide your kids through the real-life situations they need to understand to keep their finances healthy.

Installment Loan Payments Worksheets

Installment payments are loans that allow a person to borrow a specific amount of money and make fixed payments over time to repay the loan. These worksheets will introduce your kids to the concept and walk them through the pros and cons.

Closed-End Credit Installment Loans – This self-teaching worksheet will walk your kids through the steps involved in an installment loan, such as the down payment, the amount financed, and the finance charge.

Revolving Credit Versus Installment Loans: You Decide – This paid resource teaches kids about the differences between revolving credit and installment loans.

Monthly Payments Worksheets

Do your kids understand the concept of monthly payments and calculate what the monthly payment would be on a loan? Then you need these consumer math worksheets!

This or That? Calculating Monthly Payments from Simple Interest Loans – Kids will need to determine what monthly payment goes into different lifestyle choices as they choose between different items, such as cars.

Let’s Go Car Shopping: Calculating Interest and Monthly Payments – Teach your kids all about purchasing a car with this fabulous guide to car shopping. 

Financing Worksheets

Financing worksheets will help your kids learn about finance charges and car loans. This way, your children will be able to make wise financial decisions as adults.

Finance Charges Worksheets

Do you know what the finance charges are for items you purchase with a loan? It helps to find out so that you know the actual price of the item you bought. These resources will teach the concept to your kids.

Finance Charges Puzzle – This paid puzzle will teach your kids how to calculate the finance charge on large purchases bought with a loan.

Finance Charges Practice & Challenge – Another favorite resource, this paid worksheet will give your kids two problems to help them learn how to calculate finance charges.

Car Loan Worksheets

These car loan worksheets are like having a secret math tutor for your kids. They’ll learn how to calculate the payments on their dream car, never realizing they’re mastering basic math and honing problem-solving skills.

Dream Car Loan Activity – This short math activity will have your kids figuring out interest rates and monthly payments.

Online Car Loan and Depreciation Tools – Help your kids learn how to make wise purchasing decisions when buying their first cars by walking them through this car loan worksheet.

Creating a Budget Worksheet

Do your kids know how to set and maintain a monthly budget? These worksheets will walk your kids through real-life situations in order to engage your kids and teach them this critical life skill.

Creating a Budget Using a Narrative – Kids will read a narrative and then use the narrative to create a budget for the fictional character.

Dream Summer Vacation Budget Worksheet – Combine math, economics, and geography as you assign your children to figure out the budget for their dream summer vacation.

In Conclusion

Learning about consumer math while still in school will help prepare your student for life as an adult. Building financial literacy now is a key to success later in life. 

If you are teaching money to younger students, how about playing some money games for kids? You can also use money coloring pages for fun ways to teach money. If you have younger children, doing a color by coin worksheet cab ne fun and helpful.

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