Printable Identifying Coins Worksheets for Elementary

November 30, 2022

Sara Dennis

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Teaching kids to recognize coins is tricky. Kids mix up nickels, dimes, and quarters all the time! So, what you need are some fun identifying coin worksheets that will give your kids the extra practice they need to master the different coins.

indentifying coins worksheets

Identifying Coins Worksheets

Use these identifying coins worksheets to help kids recognize and identify U.S. coins: pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. You’ll also find downloads that include half dollars and dollar coins too.

Teaching Kids to Count Money – You’ll find many wonderful ideas to teach young students the money skills they need, along with some fabulous money math worksheets.

Money Worksheets: Identify U.S. Coins

Teach your kids how to recognize American coins with these coin identification worksheets. This is an essential life skill your children will use every time they head to the store.

U.S. Coins Identification – Help your children learn to recognize US coins using these fantastic coin worksheets. Kids will have a great time as they color the various coins different colors.

Coin Identification – Teach your kids coin recognition with these pdf worksheets that use realistic images of the four most common coins in the United States. This is an easy way to give your kids lots of practice!

Freebie: Identify Coins – These free worksheets are aimed at kindergarten students, first graders, and kids in the second grade. You’ll find worksheets, printables, and games in the pdf file.

Pennies, Nickels, & Dimes (No Quarters)

When kids are first introduced to the value of each coin, it helps to use only pennies, nickels, and dimes. The coins are easy for young children to master the coin names and the value of the coins. 

Create Your Coin Identification Worksheet – These printable worksheets allow you to choose which coins you want your children to focus on. It’s a great way to tailor the worksheets to your child’s specific needs.

Penny, Nickel, Dime Coin Grab – This pdf file is a great addition to your math centers! Kids grab coin manipulatives from a bag or cup and calculate the coin values. It’s a fun way to have kids improve their math skills.

Money Monday – Pennies, Nickels, & Dimes – Print off these Money monday coins worksheets for your kids. Kids will work on coin recognition as well as calculating the amount of money.

Color by Coin Printables

You can use a color by coin worksheet to help your kids identify the individual coins. 

cartoon image of dollar sign coins with crayons and text overlay

All Coins (Including Half Dollars & Dollars)

American money includes more coins than just pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. There are also half dollar coins and dollar coins.

These coin worksheets are great for teaching life skills by showing the type of coins as well as the values of coins. You will give your kids a strong foundation for recognizing the common coin. 

U.S. Coin Counting Mat – These mats come in a pdf format and are a great way to teach kids to recognize various coins from an early age. Kids will sort and count a group of coins.

Money: US Coins – These fun money worksheets are a fun activity to help kids recognize actual coins, including U.S. dollars. 

American Money – These printable pages include pictures of all form of coins the U.S. mint produces. It also includes images of the dollar bill along with the five, ten, and twenty-dollar bills as well. It’s an interesting way to teach kids between 1st grade and 12th grade about money in the United States.

Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters Worksheets

These free printable counting money worksheets focus on the common coins. Kids will practice simple addition as they figure out the total amount of money in each problem. 

Counting Coins Worksheet – Teach kids to calculate total values with these easy money worksheets designed for first graders.

Worksheet: Counting Coins – The ordered counting printables will help kids practice skip counting as they add up a number of coins to determine the value of money in each problem.

Freebie: Counting Coins Worksheet – This worksheet is great addition practice because kids will be required to add as they figure out how much money is shown.

Cut and Paste Pennies, Nickels, Dimes

Kids adore cutting and pasting, so print off these cut and paste worksheets to help kids master the values of coins. 

Coin Identification Cut and Paste Worksheets – Teach kids the form of coins and help them to master the concept of money with these fun worksheets. They’re not only great for extra practice for the school year but are also perfect for summer learning!

Sorting Coins: Cut and Paste Pennies, Nickels, Dimes – This cut and paste worksheet focuses on helping kids learn coin recognition as they sort U.S. coins.

Coin Cut and Paste – Kids will cut and paste various coins onto printable charts that include the value of a nickel, the coin name, as well as what’s on it. 

boy counting coins

Identifying Coins Printable – Fill in the Blanks

Continue teaching math concepts to your kids with printables that include fill-in-the-blanks worksheets. Kids will need to calculate the value of money as well as name the various coins.

Coin Identification – Do your kids know the names of the coins and their value? Find out with this fun coin identification worksheet.

Freebie: Coin Assessment – This coin assessment can be used to test your children’s knowledge of coins or as a fun worksheet to supplement a lesson on coins.

Free 2nd Grade Money Worksheets – Teach your kids to write money values in words along with checking to see if they know the names of the various coins.

Sorting Coins Worksheets

If you’re introducing coins to young children for the first time, start by sorting coins. These worksheets can be done with real coins to help kids learn to use money in their daily life.

Sorting Coins: Printable Money Mats – These free money mats are perfect for teaching kids to recognize coins. They’ll sort real coins into different piles on the mats.

Coin Sorting Worksheets – These kindergarten money worksheets include four images of a piggy bank on the mats to help kids sort physical money into various groups.

Picture Graph: Sorting Coins – Help the piggy bank sort his coins to find out how many of each type of coin he has!

Counting the Coins Worksheets

Nothing will improve a child’s addition skills like calculating money amounts with some fabulous money worksheets.

Counting U.S. Coins – Find out how much money is shown in each problem. These worksheets focus on pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.

Free: Counting Coins – These coin worksheets include various combinations of coins, so kids get the extra practice they need to improve their money skills.

Intermediate Counting Coin Worksheets – Your kids will get plenty of practice counting American coins with this collection of worksheets and games.

Identifying Coins Matching PDFs

You’ll find a delightful selection of PDFs that focus on helping kids identify various coins.

Coin Identification – Identify and match various coins. This is a great way for kids to master this essential skill for daily life.

Money Identification Worksheet – This worksheet checks to see if kids know the name of the coins as well as their value.

Coin Identification and Value Match – These fun task cards focus on having kids identify coins and their value.

Counting Money Printables

Can kids ever get enough practice counting money? These printables will help to give kids the extra practice they need to master this essential life skill.

Money Worksheets for Kids – You’ll find a wonderful number of worksheets that will help kids master the money skills they need to count money, both coins and dollar bills. These skills include skip counting and recognizing coins. They also include the subtraction of money as kids calculate the change in real-life scenarios.

free worksheets that teach about money

Money Games

Money Game for Kids – If you’re looking for money games to teach your kids about money in an interesting way, then you’ve come to the right place! You’ll find a wonderful selection of games that will teach kids the money skills they need for daily life.

The Best Money Games for Kids with a kid counting coins

Money Coloring Pages

Money Coloring Pages – These money coloring pages are perfect for teaching coin recognition and how to recognize various bills.

Free Printable Money Coloring Pages for Children text with image of piggy bank.

In Conclusion

Money skills are an essential part of giving kids a strong foundation in math. So download and print these excellent worksheets that will have your children learning about the value of money as well as giving them great addition practice. Your kids will have a great time as they work the different money math worksheets.

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