Free Printable Math Coloring Pages for Extra Practice

January 5, 2023

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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If your kids are tiring of math sometimes you just need to mix it up. Some of the best ways to get extra math practice is by using math coloring pages. Coloring is a fun activity that kids of all ages enjoy. 

Free Printable Math Coloring Pages text with notebook and unifix cubes

Math Coloring Pages

Coloring is a relaxing activity that can help take away stress. Math can be stressful for many children. Try adding free printable math coloring pages to your math lessons to mix things up and make math more enjoyable.

Math coloring sheets can be turned into a coloring book for some math fun for young children. They can use different colors to customize their creations and make math an enjoyable and creative experience.

Color by Number Math

Try using some color by number sheets to get your kids excited about math. A color by number printable is a great way for kids to learn to quickly solve the problems to get the correct answer to complete the picture.

color by number

Addition Color by Number

Nature Inspired Addition Color by Number – Practice addition facts with adorable color by number page with nature themes to color in.

Addition Coloring Worksheets – Give your kids extra practice on mastering addition problems with lots of fun coloring worksheets.

For more math practice of addition facts and extra subtraction help try these free adding and subtracting worksheets.

Subtraction Color by Number

Color by Number Subtraction Facts – These color by number sheets are great for kindergarteners to get a head start on learning their subtraction facts.

1st Grade Color by Subtraction – Subtract the numbers to create cute pictures designed for 1st graders to complete.

Multiplication Color by Number

Color by Number Multiplication Worksheets – For extra help with multiplication practice, there are 31 different color by number worksheets to help.

times tables on chalkboard

Division Color by Number

Color by Number Division – Divide and conquer to learn division and discover the hidden image on the page.

These division worksheets will help your children to better understand the concepts of division with lots of opportunities to practice. 

Fractions Color by Number

Worksheets are a wonderful way for kids to practice with tricky fractions. By giving your children a fraction color by number sheet they will have fun working through the problems to complete the picture. 

color by number math

Math Coloring Pages

If you are looking for math coloring pages for early learners or just some fun printable coloring sheets you can use for math, check out these printables. 

Printable Math Coloring for Early Math Learners

Count the Caterpillar Coloring Page – Help Gary the caterpillar by filling in the missing numbers to color him in.

Triceratops Coloring and Addition Activity – Younger children that love dinosaurs will have so much fun with this coloring and addition activity.

Mosaic Math Coloring Pages

Cactus Mosaic Math Coloring Page – Create a beautiful mosaic cactus picture by solving 

2nd Grade Math Mosaic – Solve the problems and color in the shapes to create a math mosaic. These math facts are suitable for 2nd grade.

Math Coloring Sheets

Solve for X Algebra Coloring Practice – Color in the picture by solving simple algebraic equations and multiplication and division problems.

Coloring Math Patterns – Patterns are found everywhere in math. Your children will have fun coloring the rows of pictures to create their own colorful patterns.

Holiday Math Coloring Pages

Sometime school can be put on hold during the holiday season. Major holidays usually require breaks from formal school lessons. This can lead to some children forgetting their math facts if they take too long of a break.

Holiday themed coloring pages are a different way to incorporate some educational learning during holiday breaks. They have a fun theme, look cute hanging up and it won’t seem like they are doing school.

Christmas Math Coloring Sheets

Colorful Christmas Math Coloring Page – Help your children practice their math facts by solving the problems to color the gifts under the tree.

Gingerbread Man Addition Color by Number – Solve the math problems to create a cute and colorful gingerbread man cookie just in time for Christmas.

New Year’s Math Coloring Sheets

New Year’s Color by Number Freebie – This is a fun activity to do to welcome in the New Year and get some math practice in at the same time.

Multiplication New Year’s Math – Practice multiplication facts by coloring in the code to reveal the mystery New Year’s Eve picture.

Easter Math Coloring Sheets

Basic Addition Easter Math – Practice basic addition facts by coloring in a sweet little bunny and an Easter egg.

Easter Math Coloring Worksheets – Teach your children to find ten more, ten less, one more and one less with these spring and Easter themed math coloring worksheets.

Thanksgiving Math Coloring Pages

Thanksgiving Color by Code – Solve the addition problems to color a goofy turkey mascot for Thanksgiving.

Corn Color by Number Multiplication – Complete the multiplication problems to create a calico colored corn stalk perfect for a Thanksgiving feast.

These free Thanksgiving math worksheets will give your kids some more Thanksgiving themed math practice during the holiday break.

Math Coloring Activities

A color by code worksheet is a great way to help your kids to follow directions and use their brains. They will work hard to get the answers so that they can crack the code and complete the activities.

Create Your Own Math Code – Have your children create their own math problems and codes that equal the answers on the page. Older kids will have fun coming up with the math problems. Younger children can create a color code for easy number recognition to complete the activity.

Tons of Free Color by Code Printables text with image of markers

Math Coloring Pages

Coloring and Addition Worksheet – Follow the directions to get the answers, then color in the pictures to brighten them up.

Grades 1 – 8 Math Coloring Worksheets – There are so many fun math coloring worksheets to choose from. With different themes and types of problems you are sure to find some fun ones.

In Conclusion:

Math coloring pages can help your younger students with learning number words, basic addition and subtraction. Older students can get some extra practice with multiplication and division problems in a fun and relaxing way.

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