Fine Arts Freebies Resources for Homeschoolers

Freebies for artists study and other great fine art themed printables, notebooking pages, and more!

5-Minute Contour Drawing Exercise


Your homeschool can start this contour drawing lesson, and blind contour line drawing exercise, in no time. I love The Kitchen Table Classroom’s five-minute art lessons. I am totally not artistic and I know some of you are with me. However, that shouldn’t be a reason for us to steer clear of art for our […]

Learn About 8 Famous Composers with FREE Unit Studies and Printables


One of my favorite things about homeschooling is being able to incorporate the fine arts into our homeschool days.  Studying about specific composers and listening to their music throughout our days has been such a fun and relaxing time in our homeschool. There is just something about classical music that sharpens the mind and calms the house! […]

Awesome Preschool – Elementary Art History Resources


Not all of us have mastered art history. I didn’t even take art history until college, and even then, it was only one class I needed for a Humanities requirement. It can be overwhelming when we know time is coming to teach art history, when we really don’t know much of it ourselves. Use these […]

Learn About 8 Artists with FREE Unit Studies and Printables

Artists Studies_pin

If you enjoy learning about different artists in your homeschool you will love learning about 8 of our favorite artists!There are so many wonderful artists that you can choose to study, but I have picked some of our personal favorites to highlight. If you use a Charlotte Mason method of homeschooling you will find that studying […]

Visit an Art Gallery- FREE Printables and Inspiring Book List


Explore how visiting a museum with kids can be fun, and use these printables and books to make it even more meaningful. Check out these free printable gallery response and gallery hunt printables for your art exploration. Some kids will naturally have a connection with the artwork they see and want to discuss it. A […]

23 Drawing Ideas for Kids


If you put some focus into letting your children draw, you will find that most of them really enjoy it. These drawing ideas for kids will teach techniques, concepts, and give your homeschooler a chance to get practice in drawing their very own pictures. Sometimes people have the knack for drawing, but some can really […]

FREE Printable Vincent Van Gogh Resources for Kids


You can introduce art history to your homeschool with these Vincent Van Gogh resources for kids. His work is some of the most recognized by both kids and adults. Art history was such a wonderful subject for me in college. I don’t even remember studying artists in public school. Don’t let this happen to your […]

Music Appreciation the Charlotte Mason Way


If you educate your homeschool the Charlotte Mason Way, then you probably know just how important music appreciation is. Read some insight on how to teach music appreciation at home in a way that provides a whole experience of listening, learning and appreciating this art. Whether it be watching outdoor concerts, or playing music themselves […]