Resources for Teaching Classical Music

August 16, 2020

Annette Breedlove

Annette Breedlove

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We are a musical family – my husband a vocal major and I piano and cello major. Recently we purchased a digital piano so we could not only play ourselves but teach our children too. Our second son just got an electrical drum set, while our oldest daughter is learning to play the violin. And our youngest daughter loves singing and dancing. So yes…music is all around our family.

Honestly, I can’t remember a time that music wasn’t part of my life. I grew up singing at church with my parents and grandparents and as soon as I was old enough, I joined the choir. Ballet was party of my life for nearly 17 years and I was in choir and orchestra throughout high school. This is probably one of the biggest reasons I believe in teaching music to your children – homeschooled or not.

violin and bow propped up on books with overlay - Resources for Teaching Classical Music

There are so many benefits to learning and appreciating classical music. Without classical music, we wouldn’t have any of the genres we do today. While music has changed and evolved through the years, the chords and foundation are still the same. Middle C is always middle C. And a major and minor scale will always be the same.

September is Classical Music Month, which seems appropriate as we start a new school year. Our oldest will be taking this course to learn about music in the Middle Ages and Classical era, while our younger kids will be learning about American Music with this course. But there are plenty of free options you can use to get started too!

Adding music studies to your homeschool doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Check out these resources for teaching Classical Music in your homeschool.

Free Classical Music Printables

Resources for Teaching Music Vocabulary

The Carnival of the Animals Homeschool Music Lesson K-2

Free Resources About Musical Instruments

Learn About 8 Famous Composers with FREE Unit Studies and Printables

FREE Musical Instruments Around the World Guided Drawing

Famous Composers Cheat Sheets FREE

FREEBIE Musical Notation Flash Cards and Cheat Sheets

FREE Famous Composers Notebooking Research Journal

Famous Composers Free Notebooking Research Journal

“Birds in Classical Music” 15-Minute Music Lesson Freebie: “The Aviary” by Saint-Saens | Music in Our Homeschool

Beginner Music Theory Activities | Proverbial Homemaker

Free Classical Music Appreciation and Composer Study for Preschool, Kindergarten & Elementary | Freely Homeschool

Storytelling through Classical Music {FREE Printable Included} | This Reading Mama

15-Minute Music Lesson Freebies | Music in Our Homeschool

Music and Composer Notebooking Pages | In All You Do

Learn About Mozart – Free Listening Calendar | Squilt Music

FREE Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy Music Study

sample pages from the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy Music Unit


More Resources for Teaching Classical Music

5 Pieces Children Should Know from the Classical Era | Squilt Music

Classical Music For Toddlers : Percussion Instruments | Let’s Play Music

The Top 100 Delightful Classical Music Pieces All Children Should Hear | Music in Our Homeschool

Music Appreciation: Classical Music Concert Activities for Kids | All Done Monkey

5 Best Classical Music Tracks For Kids: Fairy Dancing | Let’s Play Music

How to Make Classical Music Fun for Kids | The Many Little Joys

Classical Music for Kids | Pre Kinders

Resources to Make Do-It-Yourself Musical Instruments | Homeschool Giveaways

Montessori Music History and Music Theory Resources | Living Montessori Now

sample pictures of Montessori Music Resources


FREE Music Appreciation Unit

The music appreciation unit Traditional Songs All Kids Should Know is over 350 pages of history, listening, drawing, and handwriting fun for your family!

This collection of 14 classic songs is a fun way for you to work some music appreciation, handwriting, and creativity into your day.

Spiral Notebook of TRaditional Songs Unit for Kids


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violin and bow propped up on books with overlay - Resources for Teaching Classical Music

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