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August 1, 2020

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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If you are exploring music in your homeschool, then these free resources about musical instruments can help. Music is a huge part of our family’s life, therefore our kids have both embraced studying instruments at home.

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I absolutely love musical instruments. I was blessed to grow up in a Puerto Rican family. Since we were little we had music around us often, especially on Saturday mornings – our house cleaning day.

Whenever we had family get-togethers, the whole event was centered around music. You could find instruments like la pandereta (the tambourine), the guiro (the púa, comb-like instrument with metal picks, is rubbed against a hollow gourd with ridges one side), maracas, palitos (wooden cylindrical sticks), the bongos and congas.

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Image by obBilder from Pixabay

Our Puerto Rican music instruments made me love the art of sound. Unfortunately, I never learned how to play anything. My favorite instrument to hear is the saxophone.

Give your kids the opportunity to play.

I did want to make sure that my kids had the opportunity to play an interest since I never did.

My daughter has taught herself how to play the ukulele with online tutorials and my son is learning how to play the drums in a local music school.

Musical instruments affected each of my kids differently. 

My daughter (14), took up playing the ukulele which really occupied her downtime. It helped her when feeling sad, lonely, and when she needed to express herself.

I literally can hear her play for hours. It melts my heart and brings me so much joy.

For my son (10), the drums have been a great outlet. He is a very high energy boy. I think the idea of creating and hitting things has been wonderful for him thus far.

He has issues with taking tests and doing paperwork. Yet, his manual learning style and playing an instrument has been a positive experience for him all around.

I say this because learning a musical instrument has a lot of benefits for growing kids and the benefits can be different for each child.

Here are some benefits that you might discover from your child learning to play a musical instrument.

1. Encourages responsibility.

Musical instruments require your kids to take good care of them. Some instruments, like the flute, even require continuous maintenance routines that can help your kids practice responsibility.

Additionally, following an instrument practice routine can train your student to be responsible and be held accountable for their schedule.

2. Boosts- self-esteem.

Many times children go through their days not really finding their place. Learning to play an instrument allows students to learn something well. As they are critiqued and given feedback, kids learn to adjust and improve. In turn, that increases self-confidence and intrinsically motivates them to be better to boost their self-esteem.

3. Teaches patience.

Learning an instrument isn’t perfected overnight. Students learn to take their time; they learn that practice makes perfect. They need to be patient to gradually improve. As a child practices and improves, they self-regulate being patient throughout the process.

4. Encourages self-expression.

In times when kids find it hard to express themselves, music can provide an outlet for them. The drums, for my son, has definitely been a great tool for expression.

He struggles with academics but flourishes in sports and music. Also, because my son has probably inherited my emotions, he often got angry fairly quickly. However, giving him an outlet to express himself has really calmed him down and given him something to focus on in a healthy and productive way.

These free resources about musical instruments will help your kids learn about the tools that create beautiful music all around us.

FREE Musical Notation Flash Cards and Cheat Sheets – Music is a language all its own. Help your kids learn some of the symbols they’ll encounter as they study music as well as what they mean with these FREE Musical Notation Flash Cards and Cheat Sheets

Musical Notation Flash Cards text with image background of sheet music

FREE Old Testament Musical Instruments Study

Old Testament Musical Instruments text with image background of a mountain

Guided Drawing FREE Musical Instruments Around the World

Musical Instruments Around the World Guided Drawing text with image of a unique looking similar to a guitar instrument

15-Minute Music Lesson About Instruments Around the World FREE | Music in Our Homeschool

15 Minute Music Lesson About Instruments Around the World text with image collage examples of different musical instruments

FREE Music Vocabulary Cards | Preschool Printables by Gwyn

Learning to Play Instruments When You Can’t Afford Music Lessons | Amy’s Wandering

FREE Music Practice Charts for Kids |

Montessori-Inspired Music Unit Studies | Living Montessori Now

FREE Instrument Families Coloring | Music with Mrs Tanenblatt

Learning Music for Kids (with FREE Printable)|The Pinay Homeschooler

Montessori Music Activities for Preschoolers (FREE Printables) | Natural Beach Living

Montessori-Inspired Music for Preschoolers text with image collage of preschoolers playing with musical instruments

FREE Worksheets Musical Instruments and Music Genres | Busy Teacher

Musical Instruments FREE Printable Resources | ThoughtCo.

FREE Printable Musical Instrument Cards | Simple Living Creative Learning

Musical Instruments Vocabulary FREE Worksheet | Worksheets-to-Print

FREE Printable Intro to Music Mini-Book | 123Homeschool4Me

Musical Instruments FREE Booklet | Simple Living Creative Learning

Musical Instruments Booklet text with image examples of pages

FREE Musical Instruments Worksheets | Kindergarten Worksheets and Games

Montessori Music: Sorting & Labeling Musical Instruments (FREE Printables) | The Natural Homeschool

FREE Music Worksheets for Kids | All Kids Network

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What in The World?? Unusual Musical Instruments (FREE Music Lesson Plan) | MidnightMusic

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Musical Instruments Dot to dot Worksheets FREEBIE | AnastasiyaStudio

FREE 3-Part Cards: Orchestra Cards! | Mama’s Learning Corner

Musical Instruments Coloring Pages FREEBIE | AnastasiyaStudio

Orff Music instrument labels (FREE) | Stucki Education Station

Musical Instruments FREE Tot Pack | Memorizing the Moments

FREE Musical Instrument Bingo | Imaginative Teacher

Orchestral Instrument Families Lesson and FREE Printable Resources | The Piano Student

Instrument Families FREE Worksheet | Homeschool Helper Online

FREE Orchestra Lapbook | Homeschool Helper Online

These free resources about musical instruments will help with specific instruments for your children like the piano or ukulele.

Homemade Pan Flutes for Kids with FREE Printable Recording Sheet | Buggy and Buddy

Rainbow Ukulele – Starter Kit (FREEBIE) – Set up a ukulele program! | Pitch Publications

Music Class Decor – FREE Ukulele Chord Charts | Jooya Teaching Resources

FREE Printable Sheet Music for Easy Trumpet | My Favorite Freebies

15 FREE Beginner Online Piano Lessons for Kids | The Piano Student

Xylophone Craft with FREE Printable | Craftulate

FREE Piano/Theory Worksheets, Sheet Music, Lesson Plans | Color in My Piano

Note Reading FREE Piano Coloring Sheets | Teach Piano Today

Check out these videos to help kids hear and enjoy musical sounds and information.

Music Instruments Song for Children (27 Instruments) | Happy Sunshine Friends

Orchestral Musical Instruments Sounds | Mark Hansen Music

Musical Instruments Sounds for Kids to Learn | Kiddopedia

These activities are great hands-on learning tools to go alongside your musical instrument lessons.

Resources to Make Do-It-Yourself Musical Instruments

Resources to Make Do-It-Yourself Musical Instruments text with image of a group of kids smiling and playing instruments

Easy-to-Make Homemade Musical Instruments | Music in Our Homeschool

10 Homemade Musical Instruments | Extremely Good Parenting

Japanese Instrument Listening Unit | Organized Chaos Music

A Virtual Field Trip to the Symphony and Coloring Pages | Frau Musik USA

14 FREE Musical Instrument iPad Apps | Midnight Music

Musical Instruments Themed I Spy Game (FREE Printable For Kids) | And Next Comes L

Musical instruments help children to express creativity and emotions. Studies have shown that a child trained in playing an instrument is more inclined to have better memory, organization skills, and attention span.

Music instruments can greatly benefit your child, even if only to teach them to appreciate the art of the music and sound all around us.

Free Resources About Musical Instruments

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