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April 5, 2021

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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One of the world’s most renowned artists is known as Raphael. Grab these free resources for studying Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio) to learn all about one of the masters of the Italian Renaissance.

Free Resources for Studying Raphael text and image of Catholic church looking stained glass windows


I say “one of” the masters of the Italian Renaissance, as Raphael is in the ranks of two other artists considered some of the most masterful of masters, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.

Yes, up there, with Leonardo and Michelangelo. He was extremely inspired by both of these artists, as he was younger than many of the famous artists of his day. He was also inspired by Fra Bartolommeo and Masaccio.

His paintings were made at the height of humanism, which is depicted by his most famous works like “School of Athens” in Saint Peters’ Basilica, “The Marriage of the Virgin,” and great series of Madonnas.

The Italian Renaissance (renaissance = rebirth) was all about culture, thought, art, economic activity, politics, and theology.

You won’t believe this but…

I have actually seen his work in real life. Sounds like a lie. However, it is so very true. 

When I was in the military, I was fortunate enough to be sent all through Europe for conferences. One was in Naples, Italy. 

My supervisor decided we would take a long weekend after the conference and explore Rome. It was AMAZING!

One of the sites we visited was the Sistine Chapel where Leo X commissioned Raphael to design 10 large tapestries to hang on the walls. 

The designs display Raphael’s sense of drama, meticulous detail, and facial gestures that portray the emotion and feeling of the story.

However, the best of his works that I remember is the “Transfiguration of Christ” at the Vatican Museum. It was his last piece of work painted before passing away. 

There is a contrast in the painting of earthly things that he depicts with darker colors while the heavenly section is painted with light colors and shows Jesus with prophets on his sides.

All the people in the drawing look uneasy while the depiction of Jesus looks serene and peaceful. I wasn’t following Christ when I visited Rome, yet I do remember this painting.

The contrast stuck out to me then the way it does now, except now I understand the significance of the dark and light. I feel very honored to have seen this famous painting and to have visited the breathtaking Sistine Chapel full of art from such talented artists and creators.

Explore these free resources for studying Raphael and enjoying his artwork with your students:

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six image examples of free printables for studying Raphael with a white background

Activities and visual learning resources to study Raphael:

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Exploring Raphael’s artwork:

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Grab some resources you can use to get the very most of your artist unit studies:

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Famous People Notebook Artists text and image example of the workbook with paints on the cover and a white background

During Raphaels’ time, Italy was the center of discovery and design. Raphael happened to become a master of many different disciplines including architecture and painting to name a few.

Learning about that time and about motivated artists like Raphael is a great way for kids to understand art, passion, and drive in life.

Free Resources for Studying Raphael text and image of Catholic church looking stained glass windows

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