Homeschool Music Resources & Printable Music Practice Log

November 2, 2023

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Did you know that you can teach music in your home for free? There are many free resources you can use  to help teach music in your homeschool. We have even included a free printable music practice log digital download.


Homeschool Music Resources & Printable Music Practice Log

Incorporating music time or music lessons in your homeschool can be tricky if you aren’t musically inclined or no one in your family plays a musical instrument. These online music lessons for homeschoolers and free printable resources are a great addition to incorporating music at home.

Online Music Lessons

Hoffman Academy – This is an amazing site for online piano lessons. They have over 300 free online video lessons that are sequenced to build ability and understanding. Each lesson includes practice goals and specific goals to reach before proceeding on to the next lesson.

There are also music theory worksheets to learn note names that you can purchase, but the lessons alone are a good start to free piano lessons.

Zebra Keys – Another free piano lesson website with over 50 free lessons. These online piano lessons are targeted for older kids ages 13 and up. If you are a beginner adult or parent who wants to teach his or her child to play piano, you will find their online piano lessons very helpful. 

If you are an absolute beginner, the lessons in the preparation section will help get you started. You will learn basic piano skills such as understanding the piano layout and basic music notation. After that, you will move on to learn piano chordsmusic theory, piano improvisation, and piano technique. – This is the ultimate source for free online guitar lessons with a massive library of beginning guitar videos. There is an entire beginner series, blues guitar series, learning chords and much more.

May Studio Music – May Studio Music believes that everyone should have the opportunity to learn to play an instrument without spending a fortune. Learn to play guitar, drums or piano. There are also sections for learning to play bass guitar, studying music theory and free songwriting lessons.

Music – Free apps and free online content. Explore the fundamentals of music in free animated lessons, create custom exercises to improve your musical recognition and more.

Music Printables

Music Theory Lapbook – This is a great music theory printable lapbook that teaches musical symbols, notes, solfege. periods of music and more. 

Music Math Cards – Incorporate some math practice sessions into your music time with these printable addition music math cards. 

A Music Measure of Math Printables – Work on learning the names of the music notes while counting the measures and beats with this fun printable activity.

Piano Flash Cards – This is a great resource that piano teachers love to use. There are many different piano flash cards that you can download and incorporate into your music lessons and practice time.

Scroll down to the bottom of this post for our free printable music practice log digital download!

More Online Music Resources

Making Music Fun is such a fabulous resource! There are over 900 free music lesson plans and resources for a music teacher and homeschool teachers. There is free sheet music, composer worksheets, music practice charts in pdf format and more. 

There is even an online song library sorted in alphabetic order and by theme. This is a great way to search for a particular song or genre you are working on with your kids.

Let’s Play Music  is all about music activities you can do at home, or in the classroom with kids of all ages. There is free sheet music, free printable practice sheets and practice logs, and tons of activities and lesson plans.

Dave Conservatoire is a YouTube channel full of really neat videos that teach music theory lessons.

Kids Soup has free printables, activities, crafts, worksheets and more to incorporate music time for preschool aged children.

The Importance of Daily Practice

Music lessons can be overwhelming at first. There is so much to learn and memorize, including becoming familiar with a new instrument. It is best to do it in small chunks of time. This is where developing a practice routine comes in handy.

Practice doesn’t always make perfect, but it does help younger students build the brain and muscle memory needed to become familiar with the instrument they are playing.

Keeping Track of Practice Sessions

Logging practice hours is an important part of a student’s music lessons. When your children look back and review the time they have put into practicing each day it builds confidence and helps them reach their long term goals.  

The amount of time that your child practices will increase each week and month. The time may increase if they are wanting to work on a specific song by a certain time frame or to spend a little longer each day on new pieces they are eager to learn.

You can keep track of practice sessions with a printable music practice log or by using a music practice journal. 

Music Practice Journal

A music practice journal is a valuable tool for older students who are working towards a long term goal. A spiral bound notebook or composition journal is a great start. In this journal, you will record the date and time that you spent practicing.

Make sure to record any homework that was assigned by your music teacher. For kids that enjoy journaling, they can record what they felt they did their best on, and write down goals that they want to work on and learn their next practice session.

A practice journal is a great way to gauge how focused you are on your practicing. Make sure to record how long you spent on each practice and what you want to improve on during your next practice.

Recording the time you practiced gives a good gauge to see when you perform your best. You may want to mix it up and try practicing in the morning, afternoon and night and see which way works the best for you. 

​Free Printable Music Practice Log

Music students have daily practice goals that are assigned to them by their music teacher. Many younger students start practicing 5 minutes a day and work their way up to 30 minutes or more a day. More experienced piano students may practice over an hour each day.

A printable music log is a valuable tool for your goal setting and for your children to see their hard work pay off. A weekly practice log is a great way to get them into the habit of consistent practice.

My Music Practice Log

Our My Music Practice log is a free digital download that will help your younger students to get into a practice habit in a fun way. For every 5 minutes of practice they will color in one music note on their practice log. 

Once all the music notes are colored they will record how many notes they colored in on their sheet. This also helps with counting by fives, as well as keeping track of how much time they practice each day. 

You can then reward your student with a job well done. This will work great for students that are reluctant to practice, if they have a reward to look forward to at the end of the week when the chart is all filled up. 

Instant Download: My Music Practice Log 




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