Free Art Resources for Kindergarten

May 18, 2021

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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I love the mind of an artist. It is amazing how they can create when people (like me) can barely make a stick figure. Your early learners can begin creating with these free art resources for kindergarten.

Free Art Resources for Kindergarten with background of painted hand prints


My best friend’s husband is an artist. I stare at his drawing and paintings in awe; I cannot fathom that kind of creativity just flowing through someone’s brain.

I am a “let me know what to do and I will do it” type of person. However, when it comes to creating, I am like a deer in headlights.

I think it could have been because I was never really exposed to the arts as a child. If I was, that side of my brain definitely was not encouraged.

The truth is that art is extremely beneficial to a young learner’s journey.

Here are just some ways that art lessons in kindergarten benefit our awesome learners:

1. Art helps kindergartens get experience with process.

With art, we know that we don’t always see the full effect of what we are doing until we are done. Kids are able to understand that it takes a process to come up with the end result.

This really benefits kids, as this world teaches them all about instant gratification but not the joys and worth of the process to get to the desired result and the satisfaction that brings.

2. Art enriches a child’s success in academics.

Don’t believe me? That’s OK, statistics are on my side in this one. There is a reason great minds like Aristotle and Einstein also dabbled in the arts.

Harvard released an article named The Arts and Academic Improvement: What the Evidence Shows by The National Arts Education Association regarding this very thing. It lists justifications for the arts in education and the proof of its benefits. (amongst other sources) sharts Arts for Academic Achievement: What Does Arts Integration Do for Students?

Research has found that student reading scores were reliably higher for students whose teachers integrated the arts into English/reading lessons.

However, as homeschoolers, we can see the benefits firsthand. Let’s continue:

3. Art exposes students to a variety of techniques and materials.

Kids will be using these techniques and materials (such as like glue, lines, paper, textures, color utensils, etc.) during the rest of their schooling, 

4. Art, even in kindergarten, can expose them to famous artists and art history.

Exploring Great Artists: Complete Art Lesson Plans | NurtureStore

5. Kindergarten art exposure introduces students to art vocabulary.

6. Art presents experiences where young students can express themselves that other subjects like math and reading don’t provide.

7. Providing opportunities for kids to make open-ended art and drawings helps build creativity.

8. Do you all know what a growth mindset is? Art builds that.

A growth mindset is the idea that even our most basic abilities and capacity can be developed through dedication and hard work.

Yes, we have brains and talent, but a love for learning and resilience comes alongside a growth mindset ideal. 

9. Art builds self-confidence in our students.

An art project has a beginning and end but in between are a whole lot of attempts, failures, and achievements that we just can’t deny.

Once a student completes an art project or a drawing, they have a sense of accomplishment, and that accomplishment results in a confident child.

10. Art helps a child communicate. I hope I explain this well.

Of course, kids can communicate through their drawings. We can tell a lot from the things they draw when we aren’t watching.

However, a few years back, my friend showed me how to use circle pictures (even with adults).

When our kids are going through things we can’t quite help them with straight away, we can sit with them and do circle pictures.

We tell them to draw three big circles on their paper. In those circles, tell them to start drawing whatever is in their heart or mind. When they are done, just ask your kids about it, one drawing in a circle at a time.

I was a skeptic at first, but once your kids start talking about their picture and you start asking them about it – like why they drew certain lines or used specific colors – kids just start talking.

It helps them open up because they are telling you about their picture – not directly telling you what’s on their heart and mind. It lets them talk about themselves in a more detached, third-party way, and you can learn so much about how they feel. 

It is EPIC!

You should try circle pictures. I do have to warn you that sometimes kids get emotional.

Yet, once they are done kids feel soooo much better. Anyway, art can help with emotional intelligence and self-awareness/understanding as well.

There are so many ways to introduce art to your kids. To start, here are a few free art resources for kindergarten.

Help your kids learn the basics of art.

Color Mixing FREE Activity Pack | Totschooling

color mixing learning activity for kids

The Formal Elements of Art For Kids with FREE Printable Book | The Kitchen Table Classroom

examples of pages from Element of Art Printable Book for kids

Art Books For Kids- Teach The Elements of Art Through Books | The Kitchen Table Classroom

Lines of All Kinds for Kids | Kinder Art

Primary Color Hands for Kindergartners | Art is Basic

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Paper Line Sculptures with Kindergarten | Art is Basic

Learning about Lines | Art is Basic

Types of Lines in Art Handout | Art is Basic

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Grab these free art lessons, curriculum, activities, resources, and free sites dedicated to art for kids.

Kinder Art Lessons | The Kitchen Table Classroom

a child holding crayons to their chest with text Kinder Lessons

100 FREE Online Art Lessons For Children | NurtureStore

Homeschool for FREE: Art | Amy’s Wandering

FREE Art Lessons on Youtube for Homeschoolers | Wander Homeschooling

12 Online Art Resources | We Are Teachers

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Self Portraits For Kids- A Colorful Lesson In Drawing | The Kitchen Table Classroom

a child coloring and drawing a self portrait at a table

10 Creative Art Activities | Totschooling

examples of 10 Free Printable Drawing Prompts for kids with a yellow background

FREE Easy Art Activities | Teaching Special Thinkers

Mosaic Creations | Art with Ms Y

Kindergarten Arts and Crafts Activities FREE Downloads |

Art For Children – 8 Skills For Success |

Art Tango

Art for Kids Hub

Art Projects for Kids

Chalk Pastels

Teach your kids how to draw and practice drawing with these freebies.

Guided Drawing Activities That Incorporate History, Science, and More

Learn to Draw Activity | Simple Living Creative Learning

How to Draw a Butterfly: 6 Kid-Friendly Steps | Proud to be Primary

Free Art Lesson: The Czech Cat (with cross-curricular connections) | ArtAchieve 

FREE Printable Symmetry Drawing for Kids | 123 Kids Fun

Summer (FREE) Drawing Prompts | Itsy Bitsy Fun

Draw and Apple Tree FREE Resource | Krogers Kindergarten

FREE Printable Scenery Drawing Prompts to Spark Kids’ Creativity | Artsy Craftsy Mom

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Ed Emberley’s FREE Drawing Pages

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FREE A for Ant Directed Drawing | From the Pond

Kindergarten Self-Portraits | Georgetown Elementary Art Blog

Ready, Set, Draw: A FREE Printable Drawing Guide | Artful Parent

Check out these free art projects and process art resources.

Note: “Process art” is the method by which kids create and are allowed to explore art in open-ended and unstructured ways. They usually use various materials in the process art to create and use their imagination.

50 Kindergarten Art Projects to Spark Their Creativity | We Are Teachers

8 Process Art Projects | Project Kid

Cling Film Art | Arty Crafty Kids

Kaleidoscope Art Prints | The Craft Train

Process Art for Young Learners: Painting with Yarn | Buggy and Buddy

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Melted Crayon Art | Mum in the Mad House

Abstract Shape Collages | Art is Basic

30 Art Projects for Kindergarten | Kindergarten Worksheets and Games

16 Arts and Crafts Projects for Kindergartners | The Spruce Crafts

Allow your kids to explore art using chalk or paint.

Note: For you neat freak moms – you can do this too. Just throw a tarp on the floor or let kids create outside. It won’t kill you, and will make some awesome memories.

Chalk Pastel & Tempera Paint Portraits for Kinders | Deep Space Sparkle

Fizzy Art Baking Soda Paint | Typically Simple

Create Your Own Paint Brushes | Emma Owl

String Painting: A Beautiful Art Technique using Ink or Liquid Watercolors | One Little Project

Line Exploration With Oil Pastel And Watercolor | The Kitchen Table Classroom

water color and oil pastel art recourses

Make This Cute Germ Blow Painting Art With Straws | Simple Everyday Mom

Kids’ Science: Oil and Watercolor Painting | Playdough to Plato

Water Gun Painting Art Project | Somewhat Simple

I can go on and on, but I just want to share how exposing kids to art at the kindergarten age can help them in so many ways without you even realizing it.

Free Art Resources for Kindergarten with background of painted hand prints


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