Fractions Worksheets for Lower Elementary

June 16, 2021

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Have you thought about what age kids should learn fractions? These free fractions worksheets for lower elementary will help you introduce your young learners to fraction concepts.

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At what age do we teach fractions?

You know your kids and you know what they are capable of. Just don’t underestimate them. Fractions are a very difficult subject for some kids, mine included.

This is why I think introducing fractions at an early age is beneficial for your kids. I have heard that people teach fractions in grade 3. However, you can teach the basic concepts of fractions in grades 1 and 2 as well.

You can start with the very basics like equal parts of cake slices or pizza slices, but introducing the concept to your children early on will help establish good math habits for success with fractions.

How can we introduce fractions to lower elementary kids?

The whole goal when teaching fractions is for them to understand what fractions are.

It’s crucial that your lower elementary-aged kids aren’t just given a bunch of fraction rules, to begin with. They honestly could care less about rules and following them when it comes to math.

What you can focus on is the meaning behind the fractions. Overall, fractions represent a whole and when the whole is broken up into a number of parts, fractions show how many parts you have.

Simple enough right? Well, maybe not simple enough just yet.

Tips for teaching fractions:

Use visuals.

When teaching fractions to lower elementary kids, it’s best to use visuals. Fractions are just a math skill that is challenging when all you have is a worksheet. Kids really need to see the work in order to learn the concept. Use pizza, cupcakes, or  cake and let kids see the whole and the parts.

Use hands-on activities.

There is no doubt that manipulatives help math concepts become more concrete and understandable. It is the same with fractions. What is great is that fractions lend themselves well to using manipulatives.

Use fraction games.

My kids found fractions pretty grueling. I wish I would have known then what I know now. They really enjoy games and I wish I would have helped them review math concepts like fractions with games. Everything is better with a game! They provide visual learning practice and make any dull or grueling topic better.

Free Fraction Worksheets for Lower Elementary

Don’t shy away from teaching your lower elementary kids fractions. They are ready to learn the basics and the concepts. Grab some free fractions printables below to help.

Fraction Worksheets for First Grade:

Introduce kids to fractions with this Mini-Fraction Math Workshop. If your kids seem confused about what fractions are, then this mini-fraction workshop will help to break the details down. The workshop uses a story format and free fraction worksheets to show your kids what fractions are all about.

lemon themed math fractions workshop

First Grade Fractions Shapes and Coloring Worksheets – Worksheets aren’t always boring. These 11 first-grade fraction worksheets are anything but boring. They are hands-on fun and they range from geometry coloring fractions sheets to pizza fraction fun.

Coloring Fractions Worksheets – The idea of coloring in sections and showing kids how to do fractions instead of telling them, make a difference for hands-on and visual learners. Grab these totally free downloadable color-the-fraction worksheets.

Beginning Fractions for First Grade Resources – This free resource has 7 pages to help you introduce fractions to your little ones. The pages include fraction journal covers and pages for equal pieces, halves, thirds, fourths, and fifths.

Grade 1 Students Fraction Worksheets – This resource holds a load of fraction worksheets to conceptually understand what fractions are and what they mean. Some of the worksheets explore equal parts, writing fractions, and more.

Fraction Worksheets for Second Grade:

Simple Fractions Worksheets for 2nd Grade – These simple fractions worksheets will motivate your kids to take what they have learned and apply it. Kids will need to learn what fraction of each figure is shaded.

2nd Grade Fractions Worksheets to Print – Use these free worksheets for your homeschool classroom to help kids practice their fractions. Students can practice identifying fractions, comparing fractions, and adding fractions using visual models.

Fractions Superstar worksheet Pack – This is a subscriber freebie and it is totally worth it. Learning about fractions can be loads of fun with this easy download. Your worksheets include so many different options of practice for kids from fraction charts and squares to comparison activities and fraction games.

Printable Circle Fraction Shaded Worksheet – Grab this circle fraction representing a shaded portion worksheet to challenge your second grader to what they have learned. Kids will need to circle the correct fraction from three different choices.

Superhero Themed Fractions Worksheet – These worksheets are super fun and will help your beginner fraction learners or help those already understanding fractions to practice. Use these worksheets for an assessment, morning work, or extra practice.

Lower Elementary Fraction Activities:

Hands-on Everyday Fractions Fun to Teach Your Kids – When we explore fractions through everyday experience, it makes much more sense to kids. Learn how to use your child’s environment to teach how fractions work.

hands-on fraction help and a notebook with pencils

Lemon Fraction Clip Cards for Elementary Kids and Fizzing Lemon Experiment – STEAMsational has amazing hands-on activities like these clip cards to really help kids understand fractions. Using visual aids and some experimenting fun (nothing to do with fractions, but still fun) will help them enjoy their math lessons even more.

30 Fraction Games and Worksheets – Exposing your students to lots of practice is what they need to improve their faction math skills. Using games is a great way to get kids engaged and understanding fractions in ways they can relate to.

Fractions Matching Free Activity – Worksheets are definitely an important part of fraction practice for kids. Worksheets help for practice, for review, and for understanding, but opportunities for tactile learning can assist them to engage in the journey.

Video Fraction Activity for 1st Grade – Your kids can totally use fun worksheets to get the concept of the fraction. However, your visual learners will really appreciate this addition to your lessons. This fun fraction game via video is a great way to introduce your kids to make and compare fractions.

Your kids will have to learn fractions one day. It is inevitable. Chances are they will be a struggle for them even if only a bit.

So, start introducing the concept even now by giving them parts of a cookie or half of a cup. Getting them to think this way now will help them with more challenging fraction skills as they grow older.

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