Letter K Worksheets and Printable Alphabet Activities

March 23, 2022

Sara Dennis

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The letter K comes after the letter J and is so much fun to study with your children. Chat about koalas, kittens, and kangaroos. Learn about kings, kites, and kitchens. And don’t forget to download some letter K worksheets for your children to enjoy as well.

Letter K Worksheets and Printable Activities for Learning the Alphabet with a graphic of a letter k's built as a collage with blank poloroids


Letter K Teaching Ideas

The letter K comes with a variety of ideas to introduce the letter to your children. You can start by telling your kids what the letter K stands for:

  • Kite
  • Kitchen
  • Kangaroo
  • Kettle
  • Kick
  • King
  • Kazoo
  • Koala

Hands-On Ideas for Teaching the Letter K

Thumb through magazines and cut out pictures of words beginning with the letter K. Then tape the pictures onto your fridge or a piece of paper so you can easily see letter K words.

Make cupcakes or sugar cookies and write the letter K on each one. Pour flour onto a tray and use a finger to write the letter K in the flour.

Put together a kite to fly outside in the wind and paste a large K onto the kite. Don’t forget to create some fun letter K crafts such as making a crown for a king or making a paper kangaroo mask to wear.

Letter K Worksheets

If you’re looking for a letter K worksheet that you can print from home, check out this list of free resources. You’ll find tracing sheets, missing letter printables, and coloring sheets that your children will adore completing.

Free Letter K Printable Worksheets

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to gain access to our free letter K printable worksheets that includes: letter K coloring page, letter K tracing page that can also be colored, and a printable letter K poster that can be laminated for a wall chart. Also included is a find the letter K worksheet and do a dot printables.

Free Printable Letter K Worksheets

Letter K Tracing Worksheets

Letter K tracing worksheets are a great way for younger children to learn proper letter formation and develop their fine motor skills.

Tracing the Letter Kk | This practice sheet has children tracing uppercase K and lowercase K. This is a great way for kids to learn to write their letters.

Free Letter K Tracing Worksheets | These free printables give you the choice between having kids trace the letters on dotted lines or without dotted lines. These are a great way for kids to master writing the letter K. 

Free Printable Letter Tracing Worksheets – Letter K | These worksheets will help preschool and kindergarten children learn how to correctly write the letter K. 

Letter K Recognition Worksheets

Letter recognition activities are a fun way to help kids learn to identify the upper and lowercase letter K. You’ll find a nice collection of different worksheets to download and print.

Letter K Recognition Worksheet | This worksheet has children write the missing letter K at the beginning of different letter K words. 

Letter of the Week – Letter K Activity Pack – Letter Recognition & Identification | This paid letter of the week activity pack includes fun worksheets for young children learning the letter K. These printable worksheets include a variety of fun activities for kids.

Letter Recognition Worksheets A – Z | This printable pack includes all the letters of the alphabet. It’s a great way to have your children learn letter identification and master the English alphabet.

Letter K Phonics Worksheets

Once young children learn to recognize their letters, it’s time to focus on letter sounds. These different worksheets will help your children identify the letter K with different words such as koala, king, and kangaroo.

Phonics and Phonemic Awareness: Letter K | You’ll find a nice selection of different worksheets on this website. You and your kids can create a letter K mini-book, make a letter K crown, or color pictures of letter K words.

Letter Recognition and Phonics Worksheet: Letter K | This worksheet includes several different activities such as coloring the letter K and circling pictures of words that begin with K.


Free Beginning Sounds Worksheet – Letter K | This free beginning sounds letter worksheet focuses on letter K words for young learners. Kids color objects that begin with the letter K sound.

Letter K Cut and Paste Worksheets

Printable activities that include cutting and pasting are always a hit with children. They love being able to cut pieces of paper and then paste them together. This makes these fun worksheets a great way to help your kids master the letter K.

Letter K Cut and Paste Activity | Cut out the capital K and the lower-case K. Then sort and paste the letters with this fun printable activity. 

Trace, Cut and Paste Letter K Worksheet | Trace the uppercase K and lowercase K. Then cut out pictures of words beginning with the letter K and paste them onto the page.

Cut and Paste the Letter K | Cut out the letters K and paste them into the different words to form various letter K words.

Letter K Find the Letter Worksheets

Can your children find the letter K on these alphabet worksheets? Download these digital files, print them out, and let your children hunt through the uppercase letters and the lower case letters for the letter K.

Find the Letter K Worksheet | This worksheet is based on a hidden picture game where kids need to search for the letters K when they’re hiding amongst a group of other letters of the alphabet. 

Find the Letter K Worksheet | This second worksheet is similar to the first, although you have the choice of different fonts such as Zaner-Bloser, D’Nealian, and Handwriting Without Tears to print for your children.

Find the Letter Worksheets | This printable pack not only includes the letter K, but it also includes the letter J as well as all the other letters of the alphabet.

Letter K Missing Letter Worksheets

Missing letter worksheets are a fun way to introduce spelling to your children. They can fill in the missing letter to spell the words as they advance in their reading skills.

Fill In the Missing Letter K | Print the missing letter K to finish spelling the letter K words.

Find the Missing Letters | This worksheet has children fill in the blank to finish spelling some simple words. The missing letters are listed down the side of the worksheet.

Fill in the Missing Letters | This worksheet is perfect for older children who are learning to spell. They can fill in the missing letters to finish these spelling words.

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Preschool worksheets for letter learning

Letter K Matching Worksheets

Matching worksheets are great educational activities for children. They can match pictures with the letter sound, match words and pictures, or match uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet.

Picture Letter Match: Letter K Worksheet | Match the picture to the letter in this fun letter K worksheet. It focuses on having kids recognize both the capital and the small letter K.

Match K Word and Picture | If your child is beginning to read, this is the perfect worksheet to challenge them. They’ll draw a line between the letter K word and its corresponding picture.

Match Uppercase and Lowercase Letters | This worksheet will help your children learn to match the uppercase letters with the lowercase letters of the alphabet.

Letter K Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are fun for all kids to use. You’ll find that some coloring pages are detailed and include a hidden picture while other pages are simple and appropriate to be one of the first worksheets you give to your young child.

Letter K Coloring Pages | These worksheets feature the letter K in a variety of ways. You’ll find simple pictures of K words with the letter K on the sheet along with detailed pictures appropriate for older children.

Letter K Coloring Pages | K is for Kitten, K is for Knife, K is for Koala. You’ll find a delightful selection of letter K coloring pages to print.

Letter K Coloring pages | This website includes a variety of letter K coloring pages that include traditional coloring pages as well as cut and paste activities.

Letter Activities for the Letter K

These letter activities for the letter K include fun crafts, printable activities, and alphabet crafts for you to complete with your children.

15 Kid Friendly Letter K Crafts & Activities | You’ll find a nice selection of crafts and activities aimed at young children between the ages of 2 and 5. Make a kite, a kitten, or a king… you’ll find an activity that your children will love!

Top 25 Letter K Crafts for Preschoolers | There’s a delightful group of letter K crafts for you to make with your kids. Create a letter K tail for a kite, a koala, or a kangaroo. These activities will be a wonderful supplement to your study of the letter K.

20 Letter K Activities for Preschool | These letter K activities include making a sparkling K, letter searches, coloring, and more!

Letter K Dot Marker Printables

Dot marker worksheets are a fun way to introduce the letter K to your kids. Kids can paste buttons on the pages, color them, use dot markers, or even stickers to decorate the letter K printables to their hearts’ content.

Dot Art Letter K | This printable letter K worksheet will help your child learn to recognize the letter K.

Free Letter K Do-A-Dot Printables | These letter K printables come as both an uppercase letter K and a lowercase letter K for you to print out and give to your children.

10 Free Letter K Dot Marker Coloring Pages | You’ll find a wonderful selection of dot marker coloring pages that include the letter K, kites, and more.

Download Letter K Printables

We have created a free Letter K Printables Worksheet Pack that you can use to teach your little ones the letter K. Print off as many copies as you need for children in your household and use over and over again for alphabet learning practice. 

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Free Printable Letter K Worksheets

Download Letter K Printables Worksheet Pack

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