Printable Horse Coloring Pages (Realistic Horses)

November 22, 2021

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Horses have been an amazing part of history. Are you teaching your children about farm animals? Are you considering a horse unit in your homeschool? Grab these printable realistic horse coloring pages to go alongside your lessons.

This image is of a real horse, in an open field fence, with text overlay.

Why should children learn about horses?

Horses have stood beside man for years and have been an important part of human history. They say 6000 years ago, man began to domesticate horses as they settled into permanent villages.

Studies have shown that man still hunted wild horses as they began to try and tame them for their land. They also hunted cattle, deer, and other large game and all probably while on horseback.

Horses were a huge part of our history from the indigenous to the settlers. Horses were either used for food, their milk called koumiss, or they were used as tools.

People began riding horses and using them to pull wagons and chariots. Horses were used for warfare, cavalries, soldiers to ride on, and they helped men lead entire empires. They were a large part of the beginnings of our transportation system.

What can our children learn from horses?

There is no doubt that horses have this mythical feel to them. The majestic horses seem to be larger than life, they gallop swiftly and seemingly effortlessly.

And I am not going to lie. I love looking at horses because they are a hope of what unicorns might look like. So, I automatically associate horses with being related to unicorns.

However, horses aren’t only beautiful and other-worldly. Horses are animals that we can study and teach our children a lot from. When people learn how to ride a horse they learn a variety of skills excellent for our children.

Horses can teach that action matters over words. Say anything to a horse and you quickly learn that your words don’t mean much. However, our tone of voice and our actions mean everything.

Taking Care of Horses is Hard Work

Hard work pays off. When a horse is taken care of it shows. People aren’t born great riders. You have to practice and the horse has to be cared for to make the perfect jump or to ride more smoothly.

In this learning of hard work, our kids memorize and learn the first part of this verse:

In all toil (hard work) there is profit, but mere talk tends only to poverty. – Proverbs 14:23 (ESV)

Being trustworthy is important. We have all seen horses who buck if someone comes near them. Horses don’t trust just anyone to ride them. Many times, trust HAS to be earned. It can take time but it is worth it for you to be seen as a trustworthy person.

Check out the coloring pages below that will go alongside your horse and equestrian lesson plans at home.

Printable Horse Coloring Pages (Realistic Horses)

Horse Coloring Pages (For Adults and Kids) – Even you as an adult will enjoy these realistic horse coloring pages. You will even get to color beautiful horse mandala adult coloring pages.

Realistic Arabian Horse  – Grab this wild horse coloring page from the Arabian Peninsula. You can use the printable version of this free horse coloring page or your students can paint it online.

Horse Coloring Sheets

American Horse Coloring Sheets – This horse picture has amazing detail. The background has a beautiful mountain and pine trees.

55 Free Horse Coloring Pages – This collection has something for older kids and young kids alike. The resource has realist horse coloring sheets but also cute horses simple enough for kids of all ages.

Realistic Horse Coloring Pages

Realistic American Breed Adult Horse and Foal –  This American breed coloring page of an adult horse and his foal is set in a stable. The stable is an open field of nature worksheets color practice.

Stallion Coloring Page

Stallion Realistic Forms Free Printable – This free coloring page is of a beautiful Horse Stallion, but it is not the only one on these pages of horses. There are also more Make good use of a big choice to select beautiful images of horses.

Realistic Horse Coloring Sheets

Free Collection of Horse Coloring Sheets and More – Check out these realistic horse coloring sheets, from adult coloring pages to baby horses. This collection of horse printable coloring sheets include a guided drawing activity as a fun way to practice fine motor skills in drawing their very own colorful equestrian masterpieces.

Thoroughbred Horse Coloring Pages

Thoroughbred Horse Action Coloring Page – Give your child their own crisp white page to color this beautiful thoroughbred horse rearing in action. Children of all ages will enjoy coloring one of God’s most gorgeous creatures on earth.

Simple Horse Printable Coloring Page – If you are looking for simple horse coloring pages in realistic forms then you have come to the right place. The horse also has a headdress that kids can enjoy embellishing in various colors.

More Horse Worksheets & Printables

Equine Science Unit Study Resources – Discover these excellent free printables, resources, and websites to help you create an equine science unit study for your homeschool.

Free Christian Horse Ebook: Rosie and Scamper, Book 1 – Sonrise Stable Books has totally free ebook for reading comprehension practice as an addition to your equine or horse unit.

Horse-Themed Writing Prompts Packs (2 Levels) – YES! We even writing prompts to go with your lessons on horses. This freebie comes in two different learning levels.

Free Printables and Unit Studies About Horses – Horse unit studies and printables – no problem! Help your kids learn about horses and famous horses of history.

Breeds of Horses Guided Drawing – There are a number of breeds your students can learn about. These guided drawing horse breed printables can help.

Horse Anatomy Vocabulary Copywork – Learn all about a horse’s anatomy with this science copywork to learn about a horse’s features and improve handwriting. 

How to Keep a Horse Journal – Whether your young children will actually be caring for horses one day or they use their imagination and research, this horse journal is perfect for them.

Learning About Horses

There are so many cool things kids can learn from studying horses. We can do a whole lesson on some fun facts all about horses.

For instance, did you know that the domestication of some animals has changed the size and shape of their skulls and bones? Yet, NOT horses. The bones and skulls of horses have stayed the same from their earliest traces to now.

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