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January 9, 2017

Carrie Fernandez


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Even though math seems like it’s mostly numbers and lines, there are actually a lot of facts to remember. This free, printable Math Reference Sheet is great for students who are learning basic math facts like place value, polygons, formulas, and more!

math mats

Teaching hands-on math with free printable math mats is the best way to engage your children and keep them excited about math. They won’t get as overwhelmed with math when they can use a math mat to help them. 

Math Mats

Math mats work great for reinforcing new concepts students learn throughout the year they also teach and reinforce new skills. They are a great no-prep math activity to add to your homeschool math curriculum.

You can use math mats to focus to improve mathematics skills for different grades. They can be used for early math concepts with primary math mats and an addition and subtraction math mat. Math mats can be used in the upper grades to help with critical thinking skills and memorization of vocabulary words and important math symboks.

Math Mats Reference Sheets

Math mats act as a quick printable cheat sheet when your child gets stumped with math. If they have trouble with a math problem they can glance at the sheet and use it as a reference to help them solve the problem. They won’t get as overwhelmed having to remember all the steps to a longer problem when they can use the sheet as a reference tool.

Less math stress is great, right?

Math Mat Cheat Sheet

This quick reference sheet has numbers 1 to 100, fractions, greater than less than, standard form, word form and expanded form of numbers, as well as a quick reference for coins. There is even the months of the year and days of the week which are commonly taught in the early years. The more they use it the more they will start to memorize what it is that they need to know.

math mat
Download this math reference sheet at the bottom of this post.

Number Sense Mats

Number sense mats are a great option for kindergarten kids. Using building number sense math mats during your math lessons is the perfect way to teach number recognition and place value during your math time.

This mat has numbers 1 to 100, hundreds, tens and ones, greater than less than, equal to, standard to expanded form, time and clock references as well as days of the week and the months of the year. It will work great alongside number sequencing worksheets.

math mat pdf
Download this math cheat sheet at the bottom of this post.

Developing Base Ten Mats

Base ten mats will help your child to build and develop numbers from base ten blocks. There will be a picture of the base ten block and a space to write down which number is shown. This helps with place value and number sense. 

It is a great activity for children to be able to “see” math right in front of them. You can use dry erase pocket sleeves for the mats and dry erase markers which make them reusable.

Graphing and Data Mats

If you are learning about graphing, a graphing data mat will be a helpful tool for extra practice. It’s also got a multiplication chart 1 through 100 for times tables practice. There are different ways to use graphing paper. Learn how to use graph paper for math.

math pat printable
Download this pdf math sheet at the bottom of this post.

Geometry Mats

Geometry mats can help your kids remember the different shapes and their names as well as large vocabulary words. They are a great reference when needing to learn about shapes and lines. Need more geometry help? Check out this free geometry cheat sheet pdf.

geometry cheat sheets

Fraction Mats

Fractions and decimals math work mats with visual models and number lines are very helpful for upper grades. There are many things to remember and they are a great tool to look back on when your student needs help. 

Be sure to also check out these free elementary fractions worksheets.

Conversion Mats

Conversion mats can be used to convert inches to feet, grams to kilograms, inches to yard, yards to miles and so on. You can also use them to convert decimals to percents, and also learn the various math symbols.

conversions math mat
Download this math mat at the bottom of this post.

Metric Conversion Chart

You can also download a free metric conversion chart printable.

Free Measurement and Conversion Printables and Cheatsheets

What is a Math Mat?

Math mats work as a reference sheet that contain math facts kids need to learn. They are like cheat sheets, and you can use math mats for various grades and math concepts.

Benefits of Using a Math Mat or Math Reference Sheet

There are many benefits to using a math mat or math reference sheet. They are a huge help for hands-on and visual learners and can be found posted in math centers. When children can see the answer it helps them to get it into their brain and they are quicker to memorize the facts or problems they need help with. 

They also reduce stress. Some children may get stuck on a large problem and can use the reference sheet to help them complete it. 

Easy and Handy Math Reference Cheat Sheet

You may see a math reference cheat sheet in an interactive and reusable math center at a school or early learning center. They really are an easy and handy cheat sheet for kids when they need a little help to complete their math facts. 

Encourage Children to Work Independently

There are different ways kids can play with math mats independently. Help them build their fine motor skills by counting out the number of objects on the mat and using pom poms as counters. 

You can give them write and wipe math mats and dry erase math mats with wipe-off markers to work on writing their numbers or simple math facts on. They can do these on their own without your help or use flash cards or worksheets to copy their problems down on. 

Math Mats Are Great for Practice and Review

Engage your learners with math mat as a fun way to get some extra math help. Give them printable math mats with seasonal themes to work on during holidays or breaks.

Send the kids outside for some outdoor learning by laminating the math mats or sticking them in a sheet protector. They can get wet or dirty and and you can reuse math mats again and again.

Math Mats PDF Download

These printable math mats have everything that you need to incorporate them into a daily math lesson plan. Children of all ages can easily learn math symbols and vocabulary words or take a quick peek at numbers 1 t0 1oo or as a handy multiplication chart for the harder math problems. 

Use these to easily convert decimals to percents, convert measurements and weights, greater than less than, equal to, and basic fractions. There are quick references to clocks and time and coins to help your children to quickly recognize money. There are even printed lists of the days of the week and the months of the year. 

You can also use these to learn place value with ones, tens and hundreds and practice writing out numbers in the millions and numbers in standard form, word form and expanded form. 

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math mats

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