Free Printable Geometry Cheat Sheets

September 27, 2019

Bonnie Rose Hudson

Bonnie Rose Hudson

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Do your kids know the difference between parallel and perpendicular? How about the difference between a line and a line segment? These Free Printable Geometry Cheat Sheets can help them keep all these plus many more geometry facts straight!

geometry cheat sheets


Geometry Cheat Sheets

These free printable geometry study sheets cover the following geometry topics:

  • points and lines
  • degrees and angles
  • circles and ovals
  • types of triangles
  • polygons and quadrilaterals
  • many-sided polygons
  • solid shapes
  • prisms

Printable cheat sheets are a great way to help students with topics that they may struggle with. If geometry is one of those areas for your kids, then the free study sheets we have for you at the bottom of this post should prove to be super helpful!

Point and Lines

Print this geometry cheat sheet and learn about points, lines, line segments, rays, perpendicular lines, intersecting lines, and parallel lines. 

  • point – where any two lines intersect
  • line – where any two surfaces intersect; it goes on indefinitely
  • line segment – part of a line that is identified by two end points
  • ray – part of a line that goes indefinitely in one direction but stops at a point in the other direction 
  • perpendicular – lines that form a right angle
  • intersecting – lines that cross each other
  • parallel – lines that are the same distance apart and will never intersect 
points and line geometry cheat sheet
Download the full set at the bottom of this post!

Degrees and Angles

This geometry fact sheet covers degrees and angles, including right angles, acute angles, and obtuse angles. 

  • degree – one of the 360 equal parts a circle can be divided into
  • angle – a figure formed by two lines that meet at the same end point
  • right angle – an angle that measures 90°
  • acute angle – an angle that measures less than 90°
  • obtuse angle – an angle that measures more than 90° but less than 180°
degrees and angles geometry cheat sheet
Download the full set at the bottom of this post!

Circles and Ovals

You might think your student doesn’t need a geometry cheat sheet for circles and ovals, but we included on anyway!

  • circle – two-dimensional closed curve; all points on the curve are equally distant from the center 
  • semicircle – half of a circle
  • oval – two-dimensional closed curve; all points on the curve are not the same distance from the center 


Triangles can be confusing! Help your students learn the different triangles with this geometry cheat sheet.

  • triangle – three-sided polygon in which the sum of the measurement of the angles is 180° 
  • equilateral triangle – triangle whose three sides are all the same length
  • isosceles triangle – triangle that has at least two of its sides the same length
  • scalene triangle – triangle that has no two sides the same length
circles and ovals geometry cheat sheet
Download the full set at the bottom of this post!

Polygons and Quadrilaterals

Print a geometry study sheet for polygons and quadrilaterals and get them straight in your head once and for all. 

  • polygon – a closed, two-dimensional figure made of three or more straight lines
  • quadrilateral – a polygon having four straight sides
  • parallelogram – quadrilateral with parallel sets of opposite sides
  • rectangle – parallelogram with each set of opposite sides of equal length and forming right angles 
  • square – a quadrilateral with all sides of equal length that form four right angles
  • rhombus – a parallelogram whose four sides are the same length
  • trapezoid – a quadrilateral whose parallel sides are not the same length
polygons and quadrilaterals geometry cheat sheet
Download the full set at the bottom of this post!

Types of Polygons

There are many different types of polygons. Master them all with this printable geometry cheat sheet. 

  • pentagon – a polygon having five straight sides
  • hexagon – a polygon having six straight sides
  • heptagon – a polygon having seven straight sides
  • octagon – a polygon having eight straight sides
  • nonagon – a polygon having nine straight sides
  • decagon – a polygon having ten straight sides
  • hendecagon – a polygon having eleven straight sides
  • dodgecagon – a polygon having twelve straight sides
types of polygons geometry cheat sheet
Download the full set at the bottom of this post!

Solid Shapes

Solid shapes are not as difficult to remember, but this study sheet covers spheres, cones, cubes, and pyramids with visual graphics to help students avoid confusion. 

  • sphere – a solid shaped like a ball; a three-dimensional circle, where all points on the outside are the same distance 
  • cone – a solid with a base surrounded by a closed curve and with sides that all reach to the same point 
  • cube – a solid made of six equal squares 
  • pyramid – a pyramid has a polygon at its base and three or more triangular-shaped sides 
solid shapes and spheres geometry cheat sheet
Download the full set at the bottom of this post!


Learn about prisms and the different types with this geometry cheatsheet.

  • prism – a prism is made of two parallel bases along with three or more sides; can be described by the shape of their sides 
  • triangular prism – a prism whose two parallel bases are triangles 
  • rectangular prism – a prism whose two parallel bases are rectangles 
  • pentagonal prism – a prism whose two parallel bases are pentagons 

Download these fun cheat sheets, and if you need help with geometry terminology, check out this free copywork set! 

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Would you like to get your hands on these free printable geometry cheatsheets? They will help your students with complex geometry concepts. 

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