Free Printable Bingo Games for Students

September 7, 2021

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Bingo is a super popular game in many places, even on the island where I live now. If your whole family enjoys bingo and bingo printables, then your kids will enjoy these free printable bingo games for students to use while learning.

Orange background, two bingo cards crossing and text overlay.

Free Printable Bingo Games for Students

Grab these printable bingo games for your students. They are a great benefit for them. Bingo games help improve numbers skills, including number recognition. They develop social skills, enhance cognitive function., and so much more.

Bingo games really engage students, whether they are using manipulative, bingo markers, bingo daubers, bingo chips, pom-poms, a blank template, or a blank bingo card to make up unique bingo cards.

Do you get together in small groups or larger groups within the homeschool community or perhaps a holiday party? Do you have a family gatherings favorite bingo game you tend to always use and need a change? You can even use bingo games on a road trip or summer games in summer vacation. Bingo games are a win/win for the whole family.

DIY Bingo Games

Have you ever made up your own Bingo game? I remember doing Bingo games when I was in elementary school (I never won!). The multiplication Bingo cards we used really help me to remember my times tables.

You can use blank Bingo templates to make your own Bingo games, so whether you need math Bingo, or a Bingo game to memorize planets and solar system facts.

DIY Bingo Game Supplies

Free Bingo Game Printables and Bingo Card Sheets

We broke up the Bingo games by subject/topic, so if you are looking for math or alphabet Bingo games, they are easier to find. 

Single Player Bingo Games

Single-Player Multiplication Bingo Games – You will find a set of  11 different games for students to enjoy. Nine of the games are about single multiplication facts and the other three games include a mix of multiplication facts.

Digraph Single Player Games – A digraph combination of two letters representing one sound, as in ph and ey. This bingo game will help your students learn the sounds of many common consonant digraphs.

Short Vowel Single-Player Bingo Game Printable – This single-player short vowel sound bingo game is perfect for new readers. Help your kids get the hang of blending words together for reading practice.

Addition Bingo Games

‘Making 5’ Kindergarten Addition Bingo Game – Check out this Bingo classic game to help your students make 5 with this additional activity. The new game also explores addends in equations.

Addition Virtual Bingo – Your kids will enjoy playing virtual bingo to practice addition. Print on the pdf file of kids bingo cards and enjoy an alternative to the traditional bingo game.

Printable Games of Addition Bingo – This bingo game is the best addition practice along with reinforcing numbers and color recognition. Bingo is a great way to practice addition!

Bingo balls on a Background of Cards

Subtraction Bingo Games

Free Subtraction Bingo – Need some subtraction practice? Included in this subtraction bingo game are 6 different board games. Don’t miss out on these math bingo printables.

Solve and Play Subtraction Bingo – Are bingo games a hit in your home? Motivate your kids in learning subtraction with this super fun bingo game. Solve the equation then play!

Math Subtraction Bingo Game – Practice subtraction problems with kids of all ages, whether first grade or higher in elementary for review. Play, learn, practice, and review with these multiplication bingo games.

Multiplication Bingo Games

Missing Factor Multiplication Bingo – This free missing factor bingo game is a fun multiplication challenge for your learners. Help your students find missing factors with this free and low-prep missing factor game.

Math Multiplication Bingo Game and Ox Magnet Printables – Grab the free printable multiplication bingo cards and the Lost in Oz magnet printable for multiplication practice. I can’t wait to check out this movie with the kids, it is said to have many STEAM components in it. We will see.

Multiplication Bingo Game – I wanted to share this specific math bingo game printable because it is different from your regular numbers bingo. The spaces contain blocks that represent a quantity to find before playing the game

Multiplication Bingo Game Printable – If you are looking for some fun independent practice for multiplication in your homeschool, then this single-player Bingo game will be perfect. If your family has played Bingo before, then your kids will enjoy reviewing their multiplication facts with the game. This freebie has a set of 11 different games; nine of which focus on a single set of facts. The final three games include mixed facts to change things up a bit.

Division Bingo Games

Simplifying Fractions Game – Your kids need division to simplify fractions. Practice simplifying fractions with this free simplifying fractions game with your kids.

Games of Division Bingo – Grab this super useful division practice with bingo resources. The division bingo resource divides numbers up to 50 on the number sense board. Kids will match the number cards to the number sentences/equations on the board.

Division Bingo Game – Your learners will enjoy these simple and fun division bingo games with answers as fractions. Also gets some awesome tips on how to teach division which leads to answers with fractions.

Free Bingo Games for Teaching Numbers

If you are teaching your kids their numbers, you might enjoy using Bingo Number Sheets

teaching numbers bingo game

Alphabet Bingo Printables

Free Alphabet Bingo Printable Sheets & Games – Find a great assortment of alphabet Bingo games to use in your homeschool. 

Free Alphabet Bingo Printable Sheets & Games text with two kids playing Bingo

Holiday Bingo Printables

Bingo Games with Holiday Photos – Use this free holiday photo bingo game for kids to get everyone in the holiday spirit in December. There are several ways to play the bingo game with this holiday and this Christmas freebie.

Various Holiday Bingo Games – New Years? Christmas? This resource has a printable bingo game for both holidays. Add these to your holiday traditions at home with Christmas trees, wreaths, Santa, reindeer, and more.

St. Patrick’s Day Bingo (with Numbers) – Provide your students with number practice while you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in March. Your young learners will get help recognizing and writing their numbers up to 30.

Bingo Printables for Early Learners

Farm Animal Bingo Cards – Your young children will love this farm animal bingo. It is super simple and will be a great addition to your farm unit. These different cards of farm animals are simple but awesome for learning.

(English and Spanish) Hygiene Bingo Game – Are you teaching your little ones all about hygiene? Brushing teeth, brushing their hair, taking baths, and more? This is a fun game to help kids learn hygiene easily.

Printable Colors Bingo – Learning colors can be super fun with your kids. This set of color-free printable bingo cards have all types of colors for your students to learn and identify.

Sight Word Bingo Printables

Fun Sight Word Games – Because sight words make up a large percentage of the text that our students read, kids tend to need a lot of practice. These fun sight word games (including bingo games) are exactly what kids need to learn as many sight words as they can.

Bug-Themed Sight Word Bingo – These super cute sight word games will help your kids improve their knowledge of sight words. Build vocabulary while adding more vocabulary words to your word bank and improve reading fluency with this fun bingo sheet game.

Pirate-Themed Sight Word Bingo – This sight word bingo game is edible, yes, edible. Check out this pirate-themed sight word bingo game. Open the pdf file Adobe Reader download a document to use as bingo boards and word cards.

Number Bingo Games

Printable Numbers Bingo – This free printable number bingo is a super fun way for your students will help kids to practice number recognition for numbers 1 through 25. This incorporates matching, identifying, and naming the different numbers with number bingo cards.

DIY Numbers 1 – 20 Printable – Your students can download or make their very own bingo cards printable for numbers 1 – 20. This free pdf file includes a calling sheet with all the words and the random new bingo cards to use in the game.

Teens Number Bingo Game – Are your students ready to learn the teen numbers? Try this teen bingo activity in four different variations. Your kids will build number recognition with teens and double digits.

Also, don’t miss out on free fun Chore Bingo game printables. With these bingo game activities, you can help your children get in the groove of doing chores at home.

If you are looking for some much fun independent practice various subjects in your homeschool, then these bingo games and free printables. Make math practice, review, and learning fun with bingo games.

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