Thematic Units You Can Use Throughout Your Homeschool Year

October 4, 2020

Annette Breedlove

Annette Breedlove

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Over the years I have learned what works and what doesn’t for our homeschool. Thematic units are really popular for preschool and early elementary ages, but they can also be used with older children. I love using thematic units throughout the year to enhance our homeschool year.

Whether we’re looking into a particular time period, a specific animal, or just learning more about the seasons, thematic unit studies are my go-to teaching preference. Not only can we usually incorporate every subject (at least in some way), they are so easy to span over a wide age range. I love being able to teach all my kids about the same subject on their level.

young girl working on schoolwork with turtle on table - overlay: Thematic Units You Can Use Throughout Your Homeschool Year

What is a Thematic Unit?

Some of you may not know what a thematic unit is and that’s okay. Really it is just a unit study on a specific topic (rain forests, seasons, etc.) or a theme (fire safety week, pumpkins, Thanksgiving, etc.) that is integrated into each subject – math, reading, writing, science, etc.

How can you homeschool with Thematic Units?

For me, using thematic units is a great way to bring the entire family together for lessons. Even though I add more for my older kids or take away some for my little ones, thematic units are an easy way to intensely study one topic or theme with everyone together.

And just because you might add a little more activities or assignments for your older kids, it doesn’t mean the little ones miss out. They can watch and participate in science experiments (safely) or listen to a report given about the unit. Have your older kids work with the little ones on words for a spelling list or hands-on activities to reinforce their learning as well.

Overall, I find Thematic Units to not only be fun, but useful for teaching multiple age groups. And you can create your own or find ones to use for just about any topic or theme! Check out these we’ve found for you!

Homeschool Earth Science Unit Study: Natural Disasters | Teach Me I’m Yours

FREE Literature-Based Everywhere God Unit Study | Ben and Me

Shakespearean Unit Study | In All You Do

FREE Boxcar Children Unit Study | The Frugal Homeschooling Mom

Tornadoes FREE Unit Study | Peanut Butter Fish Lessons

FREE Printable for a Walt Disney Unit Study | Table Life Blog

Free Tangled Homeschool Unit Study | There’s No Place Like Home

World Geography Unit Study: The 7 Continents, Latitude, Longitude and Hemispheres (Includes Instant Download)

sample pages of the 7 Continents Download

Learning at the Farmer’s Market Mini Unit Study | In All You Do

George Lucas FREE Printable Pack and Unit Study | Table Life Blog

FREE Simple Farm Unit Study for Homeschool | Spell Out Loud

Free Little House on the Prairie Unit Study | There’s No Place Like Home

All About Space for Kids | Teach Me I’m Yours

Be sure you check out all the Literature Themed Unit Study Resources over at Homeschool Helper Online.

In All You Do has several geography-themed studies you can choose from. They include geography, history, and a little language for each country.

Finland Geography Unit Study

Printable Geography Unit Study – Sweden

Northern Europe Unit Study: Norway

Travel to Denmark with a Printable Unit Study

Want more? Check out these FREE Geography Unit Studies!

stack of books with apple on top and globe - overlay: Free Geography Unit Studies


Seasonal Thematic Units

Cinco de Mayo Unit Study | Apples 4 the Teacher

Gardening Unit Study | In All You Do

Winter Unit Study | A 2 Z Homeschooling

Plant Unit Study for Homeschool | The Deliberate Mom

Fun Facts Weather Unit Study | Awe Filled Homemaker

Pumpkin Unit Study | In All You Do

Learn about Autumn with an Apple Unit Study | Such a Time as This

Snowflakes Unit Study | Year Round Homeschooling

Fall Leaves Unit Study | Look! We’re Learning!

Resources for Creating an Ice Cream Unit Study

Three ice cream cones in a bucket with beach background and overlay - Resources for Creating an Ice Cream Unit Study

Holiday Thematic Units

FREE Martin Luther King Jr. Unit Study | Life of a Homeschool Mom

Pilgrims & Mayflower Unit Study | Faith and Good Works

You can find a wide variety of holiday Unit Studies from In All You Do.

Pilgrim Unit Study

Resurrection Day Unit Study

St. Patrick’s Day Unit Study

Christmas Tree & Saint Nicholas Unit Study

Thanksgiving Unit Study

Washington & Lincoln Mini Unit Study


If you’re looking for even more unit study resources, don’t miss our other shared lists!

child with binoculars - free printables & unit studies about famous explorers  light bulb on blue and yellow with overlay - Free printables and unit studies about electricity  Free Printables and Unit Studies About Whales text with image examples of a whale swimming underwater


Animal Thematic Units

Butterfly Nature Study Resources | Bookworm’s Treehouse

Bees Unit Study | Year Round Homeschooling

Spiders Unit Study | Life in the Nerddom

FREE Equine Science Unit Study Resources | Homeschool Giveaways

Tropical Birds Unit Studies and Printables

two macaw's sitting on a branch with overlay - Tropical Birds Unit Studies and Printables


Historical Thematic Units

FREE Homeschool History Unit Study and Lapbook to Teach World War II | Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus

Viking Homeschool Unit Study | Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus

FREE Great Depression Unit Study | Homeschool Giveaways

Free Evel Knievel Unit Study | Faith and Good Works

Ancient Egypt Homeschool Unit Study and Curriculum | Six Dollar Family

Mark Twain Mini Unit Study | In All You Do

FREE United States Presidency Unit Study | Techie Homeschool Mom

FREE U.S. Constitution Unit Study with Printables | BookShark

Get more from history with these FREE Unit Studies for History!

old books stack with a burning candle and overlay - Free Unit Studies for History


Find more homeschool resources on my Pinterest boards!


young girl working on schoolwork with turtle on table - overlay: Thematic Units You Can Use Throughout Your Homeschool Year

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