Fun Printable Placemats Kids Can Color {By Theme}

September 8, 2022

Sara Dennis

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Printable place mats are a fantastic resource for your family. They keep your kids busy while traveling, at restaurants, or during family meals. All you need to do is download and print these fun printable placemats!

printable place mats

Printable Place Mats

The best part of printable place mats is that they are reusable. You can print a pile of placemats for your children or send the printables to your local print shop.

Think about whether or not you’d like to print the placemats on regular printer paper or card stock.

Card stock is a better choice if you’d like to laminate the placemats.

Regular paper will work if you plan on giving your children the placemats to color with crayons or markers.

Laminated Placements

You can always laminate the printable placemats to last a long time. You can do this at your local print shop or pick up contact paper at a local store.

Once the placemats are laminated, give your kids dry erase markers or their favorite tools for coloring. After the kids are finished, wipe the mats clean with a cloth. You can use the placemats again tomorrow!

Printable Activity Placemats

These free printables are a fun way to keep your kids busy on road trips or at the dinner table. These fun activities will ensure you have hours of peace.

Free Printable Activity Placemats for Kids – Are you looking for amazing activity placemats for your kids? These fun placemats are a great way to keep your kids entertained during mealtimes.

Back to School Placemat Printable Activity for Kids – Print these amazing activity sheets that will keep both your younger and older kids busy! You’ll find a word scramble, a maze, and a tic-tac-toe game.

Printable Setting the Table Placemats

It takes kids a while to learn how to set the table properly and put their plate and cutlery in the right spot. These paper placemats will make learning fun for your kids!

Placemat for Learning to Set the Table – This printable placemat walks kids through table setting. They’ll learn where to put their empty plate, napkins, utensils, and cup.

Setting the Table Placemats – This place mat is a fun way to teach your kids how to set the table. The placemat shows where to place their plate and cutlery for a proper place setting.

Table Manners Placemats

Download some placemats to help guide your children through proper table manners. Your kids will remember what to do and say as it’s written on their own placemats.

Mind Your Table Manners Game Placemat – This fun printable pack includes placemats to show proper place setting and placemats with table manners games to play. 

ABCs of Manners Placemat – Download this paid printable file that includes the ABCs of table manners on a placemat as well as a second placemat to show how to set the table.

Math Practice Placements

These creative placemats will have your children practicing their mathematics as they enjoy a snack or their favorite meal. It’s a great way to give your child a bit of extra math practice.

Printable Math Placemats – Print up these printable math placemats on regular printer paper and have them complete fraction, counting, and multiplication games.

Math as You Snack Placemat – Laminate these fun math-as-you-snack placemats so you can use them repeatedly for all your children. You can change the math problem listed on the placemat to focus on specific math skills your kids need to work on.

Travel Activity Placemats

Nothing is worse than having bored kids stuck in a car or an airplane. Print off these amazing free printables and keep your kids busy for hours as you travel.

Camping Activities Printable Placemat – This printable placemat focuses on camping activities. You’ll find printable word searches and printable puzzles for kids.

Printable Road Trip Quiet Activity Placemat – This paid quiet activity placemat will help keep your kids busy and entertained for hours!

Tic-Tac-Toe Placemats

Kids adore playing tic-tac-toe. So download these excellent placements that include different styles and activities, including tic-tac-toe. Your whole family will have hours of fun playing the game.

Tic-Tac-Pie Placemat – This fun placemat is in the shape of a pie. Color it and then use different objects such as two types of nuts to play tic-tac-toe.

Breakfast Time Free Printable Placemat for Kids – Download this fun printable file that includes fun breakfast time activities such as tic-tac-toe, a word search, and printable mazes for kids.

Counting Placemats

Help your younger kids learn to count with these fantastic placemats. You can print them up, laminate the pages, and use them every day with your young children.

Flowers and Frogs Counting Placemat – These fun placemats are a great way to get kids interacting and counting. Let your child put the correct number of bugs on the flowers or lily pads.

Counting Fun Placemat Craft – Help your kids make their own colorful counting fun placemat by downloading the template, putting the placemat together, and covering it with contact paper.

Alphabet Placemats

What better time to work on learning the alphabet than when you’re sitting down eating breakfast or lunch? These fun alphabet placemats make great colorful printable letters that can be  laminated or printed out the be colored at the table. 

ABC Coloring Page – Download and print this ABC coloring page which is the perfect size for a placemat. Your kids can color and laminate their own placemat to enjoy all year long.

Bubble Letters Coloring Page – These bubble letters are also the perfect coloring page for a placemat. You can print several so your kids can enjoy coloring the placemats during lunch.

Placemats to Color for Preschool

Kids get bored during meal times and try to wander off. If you’re looking for an easy way to keep your preschooler at the table, whether it’s at home or in a restaurant, check out these fun placemats. 

Dinosaur Coloring Activity Placemat – This dinosaur activity pages include fun dinosaurs for kids to color, mazes, and even word searches for teens.

DIY Coloring Placemats for Kids – Give your kids the opportunity to draw and color their favorite meal as they color this amazing coloring placemat for kids.

Placemats with Cars and Trucks

Young children are fascinated by cars and trucks. So download and print one of these amazing placemats for your kids to enjoy during meal times.

Fun Transportation Placemats – Your kids will adore these fun transportation placemats that include easy truck coloring pages for young kids. Older kids can see how many words they can make using the letters from transportation.

Printable Transportation Placemat and Play Dough Mat – These transportation playdough printable mats double as fun placemats for kids. Kids can enjoy eating lunch on their favorite placemat and then use the mat for an amazing play dough activity.

Printable Superhero Placemats

Superheroes are amazing! So what could be better than printing up a printable superhero placemat for your kids? They’ll adore eating dinner every night using these incredible mats.

Superhero Placemat – This paid superhero placemat allows you to personalize it with your child’s name before purchasing it. You can even add an important event in your kid’s if you’d like.

Superhero Coloring Page – You’ll find an incredible selection of cute coloring pages that you can turn into placemats. Make sure to print the page landscape so it will be the perfect coloring placemat for your children.

Holiday Placemats

Nothing is better than being able to make a holiday super special with activities, coloring, and mazes specifically designed for the event. These holiday activity placemats can become a fun holiday tradition for your family when you print them year after year.

Thanksgiving Placemats

These amazing printable Thanksgiving placemats are fun for kids of all ages. Print them up, laminate them, and hand them to your kids with some dry erase markers. Your kids will be happy  while you finish cooking dinner.

Printable Thanksgiving Placemat – Keep your kids entertained at Thanksgiving dinner with a placemat that encourages them to think about what they’re grateful for. There’s even an easy Thanksgiving word search for the kids to complete.

Free Thanksgiving Printable Placemat – This fun Thanksgiving color placemat is perfect for kids of all ages when you print these cute turkey coloring pages.

Christmas Placemats

While kids adore Christmas and opening all the presents, they are often bored during Christmas dinner. So print up one of these amazing free printable Christmas activity placemats to help keep your kids entertained.

Free Printable Christmas Placemats – You’ll find 10 different designs among these printable Christmas placemats. Print them up, give your kids a choice, and let them have fun coloring!

Cute Printable Christmas Placemats – These cute printable placemats will keep kids of all ages entertained as they complete the various activities.

Easter Placemats

Download and print these Easter placemats as a fun surprise for your kids. They’ll adore the activities and enjoy hours of fun.

Printable Easter Activity Sheet – Kids can color an Easter egg, solve a maze, or figure out a word scramble. This Easter activity sheet will delight kids of all ages.

Free Printable Easter Activity Placemat – Keep your kids busy on Easter as they play tic-tac-toe, color a carrot, or solve a word search. 

Summer Placemats

Nothing is better than giving your kids fun printable summer puzzles during a family reunion or on a hot summer day. These placemats will keep the whole family busy completing some fun and quiet activities.

Summer Days Activity Placemat – Kids of all ages will adore these free summer day activity placemats on hot summer days. They can write a poem, color, or solve a word search to stay busy.

Placemat: Summer Activity and Coloring Page – This summer activity placemat includes an easy maze, a beach ball to color, and tic-tac-toe games to play.

Winter Placemats

Winter placemats are tons of fun to complete on a cold winter day. You can color, do some writing practice, or connect the dots. Your kids will be kept quietly busy for hours on those cold winter afternoons.

Winter Activity Placemat – Are you looking for a placemat that includes writing practice, connect the dots printable, and a word search? Then you need to download this awesome activity placemat for your kids.

Placemat: Winter Activity and Coloring Page – Choose the template and write your child’s name on the page. Your kids will adore this free placemat that includes filling in missing letters, coloring a hat, and solving a maze.

In Conclusion

Printing fun placemats that can be colored with activities that can help your kids learn is a win-win. So, download some printable placemats for your kids today!

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