Good Manners Worksheets and Lessons (Free Printables)

July 7, 2015

Stacy Farrell

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Are you looking for resources that you can use to teach your children how to mind their manners? It seems like good manners are a thing of the past, but that doesn’t have to be so with your kids! Use these free printable good manners worksheets to help establish the basic principles of manners and proper behavior.

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Good Manners Worksheets and Printables

Some little ones struggle with manners. I thought it would be fun to highlight Free Worksheets and Printables to help teach your little ones to have good manners.

The key is to make learning about manners funFor Preschool and Kindergarten students, stick to things like games, coloring pages, and other fun manners activities.

For Elementary students, try working manners lessons into their creative writing exercises. Word searches and crossword puzzles that incorporate “good manner words” are great, too.

For more ideas, scroll through the teaching resources below for all kinds of printable manners worksheets!

Manners Worksheets (PDFs)

I tried to include a selection of worksheets for different ages. Some activity sheets are appropriate for preschoolers while others are geared towards older, elementary school-aged children.

I like that these worksheets can be easily adapted to fit any curriculum or lesson plan you may already be using. From fill-in-the blanks to word search puzzles, there should be something for everyone! 

Free Manners Word Search — This is a simple word search that works in words like respect, kind, and courteous. 

Cover Your Sneeze! Worksheet — Manners go beyond saying please and thank you. I love that this coloring sheet shows the different ways to cover your sneeze without spreading germs. 

Holiday Manners (Includes Fill-in-the-Blank Sheet and Conversation Cards) — Themes are always fun. This packet of worksheets focuses on Thanksgiving. I love that it goes beyond table manners and includes tips for proper conversation. 

Manners Printables

I just love printables when I’m in a pinch and need a quick activity. They’re so easy to use, and you can usually find one for the exact topic you’re working on.

Whether you’re trying to help your children learn to cover their mouth when they cough, teaching them table manners, kindness, or general etiquette, there’s a printable for it! 

Free List of Good Manners to Teach — If you want to teach manners as a way to reflect the love of Jesus, this printable manners list is for you! It identifies easy manners to teach your children based on the Fruits of the Spirit.

Basic Table Manners Rules Printable  — This printable can double as decor in your dining room (or wherever your children eat their meals). It looks great in a frame and covers basic table manners. 

Free Table Manners Menu Instead of a menu of meals, it’s a menu of manners! Kudos to the author for focusing on having a good attitude and not complaining. 

Garden of Good Manners Printable Posters — This display poster showcases polite words inside colorful flowers. 

25 Manners Kids Should Know — I love lists like these for review purposes. This printable poster makes it easy to review manners throughout the day!

Fun Way to Teach Table Manners with Free Printable What’s not to love about a cute piggie theme? This is an activity “played” during meals. When you see someone exhibiting good manners, they earn a piggie popsicle stick!

Free Grace and Courtesy Printable Matching Manner Cards — These printable cards can be used as a matching or memory game. Just remember to print two copies of each!

Good Manners Coloring Pages

Move over cartoon characters! These coloring activities based on manners are far more meaningful than anything Disney could dream up. Kids get to practice their fine motor skills and express their creativity while coloring images of proper behavior, sharing, and more.

Good Manners Guide Coloring PagesChildren will love coloring while learning valuable character qualities and proper behavior based on Fruits of the Spirit like love, kindness, faithfulness, and self control.

Free Manners Coloring Book — This downloadable coloring book is an ink-saver with simple, black and white designs. Each page features an animated boy or girl displaying good manners like sportsmanship, asking politely, and more.

Manners Games

Remember the key is to make manners fun, and games certainly fit the bill! This collection of manners games focuses on table manners and proper responses. 

The Manners Game — One creative mom used this popsicle stick game to teach her children how to behave while eating out in public. 

Pass the Piggy Game — This silly game is sure to elicit giggles from the whole family! It’s a fun, light-hearted way to teach table manners.

Books on Manners

Reading is always a fantastic way to reinforce new concepts, and practicing good manners is no exception. These books and short stories use cute characters to review concepts like “please” and “thank you” as well as proper behavior in different situations.

Richard Scarry’s Please and Thank You — Follow along with cute animal characters as they learn how to behave, practice safety rules, and more. 

The Berenstein Bears Forget Their Manners — What happens when a family of bears forget to use their manners? Find out in this classic children’s book that is funny, yet meaningful.

May I Please Have a Cookie — This is a Level 1 Reader, so it’s a great book for children just starting to read. It teaches them the importance of using the “magic words.”

Mind Your Manners! Dover Coloring — This 2-in-1 story and coloring book combines short lessons with coloring pages that feature kids sharing, respecting the elderly, and more.

Manners Lesson Plans

If you want more than a single worksheet, check out these lesson plans that incorporate multiple ways of teaching good manners. 

Lesson Plan Ideas for Preschool — This manners-themed page provides dozens of ideas, activities, and more to help you create a full, customizable lesson plan. 

Sharing Under the Sea Lesson Plan — If you have children ages 4 through 8, this simple sea-themed lesson is a gentle way to teach kids how to express their emotions appropriately as well as communicate politely. 

Social Skills Lessons and Activity Bundle — If you have older students who could use some manners review, this lesson plan is for you. It focuses on social skills like respecting someone’s personal space, staying on task, and managing their reactions properly.

Looking for something more substantial? Check out the Good Manners Resource Pack from Homeschool Adventure!

Good Manners Guide

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