30 Free Printable Truck Coloring Pages {All Types of Trucks}

June 28, 2021

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Kids really dig trucks! Check out these 30 free printable truck coloring pages (all types of trucks) for your kids fascinated with trucks.

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History of Trucks

The very first functioning truck-based motor vehicle was made by Gottlieb Daimler, a German company, in 1896. The truck was four horsepower engine with two forward speeds and one reverse. It was technically, the first pickup truck.

In the 1770s, a steam-powered motor vehicle could haul five tons. Today, an 18-wheeler semi truck can haul twenty-plus tons of goods.

Why are children fascinated with trucks?

Kids love trucks probably for the same reason adults do.

Trucks are larger than life, demand respect on the road, and plainly… make pretty cool and loud noises. Their colors can be bold or they can have cool images on them representing companies they belong to.

As adults, we don’t think much of them at times but kids still find them super interesting and quite frankly, fascinating to look at.

When you give a child a toy truck they automatically start using their imagination. It may not seem obvious to us but kids moving around trucks and diggers let’s say, in a sandbox, they are stimulating their brain in many ways while using their fine motor skills to control movement.

Your children will enjoy these simple coloring pages for trucks of all kinds. They can use their favorite colors for each truck picture, practice eye-hand coordination, use their fine motor skills, and enjoy a fun way to encourage their interests in trucks.

30 Free Printable Truck Coloring Pages (All Types of Trucks)

If your child loves trucks, then print off some free truck coloring pages for them; they will be so excited! Whether it’s a pickup truck coloring page, or a dump truck, you’re sure to find some great truck coloring pages that you can print off right away to keep them occupied and off screens!

Truck Coloring Pages for Your Little Ones – Trucks are cool monsters of the road. They are larger than life sometimes and kids think they are fun. Grab some of these printables with all types of trucks for kids to color.

Printable PDF Large Trucks Coloring Pictures – These free PDF downloads of 4 different large trucks for kids to color are hand-drawn by Planes and Balloons. Large trucks are a boy’s favorite, so use these printables to give them some to color.

Truck Coloring Pictures for Kids – There is no doubt that kids find trucks interesting. This resource has all types of trucks for kids to color at home – from Police Trucks to Semi Trucks.

Pickup Truck Coloring Pages:

My husband and I LOVE pickup trucks. We are trying to save for one now. Pick-up trucks are such blessings, especially when using them to help people who need to move or pick up larger household items. They are mean looking (in the best possible way) and extremely useful.

How to Draw a Pick-Up Truck Coloring Sheet – This coloring page not only allows kids to color a pick-up however they would like, they also will learn how to draw the pick-up. Your young artists will love to learn step-by-step how to draw their favorite things. 

Ford F350 Lifted Coloring Sheet – If your child is a pickup fan, they will love this Ford F350 color sheet. My brother-in-law has a Ford F350 and it is absolutely a monster car right on our roads.

Pick Up Truck Coloring Sheets – My husband’s last truck was a Chevrolet Truck. It was our absolute favorite truck. Our white Chevy allowed us to help people when they needed a truck to move large items. It was a blessing for us to help and that is why our pick-up was our favorite. This resource holds newer to vintage truck model coloring pages.

Fire Truck Coloring Pages:

Firefighters are one of those careers that kids are always intrigued by. If you are blessed enough to take your kids on a tour of a Fire Truck, they will never forget it.

Cool Fire Truck Coloring Pages – Have your kiddos color pages full of fire truck images. Kids really enjoy fire trucks, and I wonder if they will stick to the usual red or make the truck spunky.

Fire Truck Letter F Coloring Page – If your young learners are practicing their alphabet, then this is the perfect coloring page for them. They can learn about words that start with the letter f and learning about fire trucks.

Detailed Fire Truck Coloring Pages – These coloring pages are very detailed and geared towards elementary kids. They will go great alongside a firefighter community helper unit.

Garbage Truck and Dump Truck Coloring Pages:

I don’t think kids, or adults, understand just how important garbage trucks are in our community. Stop for a moment to think of what we would do with our waste and garbage without them.

Dump trucks are similar to garbage trucks except they take materials like sand, gravel, and dirt fill. So, more like non-waste materials.

Waste and Garbage Truck Collecting Color Pages – This garbage truck coloring page also includes the scenery with garbage cans and flower beds. The garbage cans add to the image to help kids understand how the process works.

Dump Truck Coloring Sheets – These 10 dump truck pages for kids to color will show some differences between dump trucks and garbage trucks but also why they are similar. These community helper trucks are seen every day and are just as important.

Printable Dump Truck Coloring Pages – These dump truck pages help kids see what dump trucks do and that the materials are not waste. Coloring pages really help kids to describe topics just like this.

Ice Cream Truck Coloring Pages:

I remember when I was a youngster in the Bronx, New York. It seems like we would hear the Ice Cream truck’s familiar music trailing closer from miles away.

We would run to our parents for money and wait for the truck to stop by. Ice cream trucks bring our childhoods some joy and they do the same for our kids.

Transportation Ice Cream Trick Coloring Page – This classic ice cream truck vehicle will remind even mom and dad of what a treat ice cream trucks are in the neighborhood. This buggy truck ice cream image is adorable.

Foldable Ice Cream Trick Print Out – Your kids can color, cut, and glue their very own ice cream truck activity. This is a great little fun fine motor activity for your learners.

Ice Cream Truck Coloring Page – This printable coloring page is the perfect ice cream truck photo because it shows the musical notes that all of us can remember growing up. Grab this simple ice cream truck coloring page to sweeten up any child’s day. This printable is also customizable to add words, by the way.

Monster Truck Coloring Pages:

If your kids love trucks then monster trucks will always be a hit with them. Monster trucks are built with extremely big and high wheels while on huge suspension.

Printable Monster Truck Coloring Pages – Have you ever been to a Monster Truck Show? There is a lot of waiting in between acts but they are super cool and exciting. Grab these monster truck fun coloring pages your truck lovers will enjoy.

Monster Truck Action Color Page – When we think monster truck, this is exactly what we think of. Big wheels, pick-up truck and in the air, ready to jump over things. This action picture will be a hit with your little ones.

Monster Truck Drawing Prompts – This isn’t just a coloring page but also guides your kids to draw a monster truck themselves. Your young artists at home can make their own super cool design for their dream monster truck.

Tow Truck Coloring Pages:

There is a sense of relief when a car stalls and you could call for a tow truck. Where I live on a small island, there ZERO tow trucks. So it isn’t uncommon to see cars pulling others with ropes or people pushing cars down the road. Tow trucks are incredibly helpful for our roads.

Interactive Online Tow Truck Coloring Page – Tired of printables? Your young ones will enjoy this interactive, online tow truck coloring page.

Car Transporter Tow Truck Coloring Page – I often liked to provide coloring pages with my kid’s vocabulary lessons. This is the perfect image for a tow truck vocabulary word for your elementary student. Kids of all ages will enjoy this one.

Letter Trace Tow Truck Printable – This coloring page is for your young learners who can also trace the words “tow truck.” You can even customize this printable for lined tracing and choose from different fonts.

Construction Truck Coloring Pages:

If your kids stop to learn about construction, it is quite amazing how facilities are built from the ground up.

My husband owns a construction company and it never ceases to amaze my son how his dad and the team can build as they do. Check out some ways your kids can learn about construction workers as community helpers in your homeschool.

Printable Construction Trucks Coloring Pages – This printable construction vehicle resource has coloring pages for John Deere ADT Crawler Bulldozer, a CAT Multi-Terrain Loader, CAT Excavator, and more. These are geared more towards older elementary kids.

Construction Tracked Loader Coloring Page – Chances are if your kids have seen construction sites they have seen tracked loaders. It is for digging and loading material on construction sites. This coloring page will look familiar to your kids.

Simple Construction Truck Coloring Page – Even your little ones can enjoy coloring construction trucks with this resource. Not only the big kids can color these engineering vehicles, but your little ones can also do the same.

Vintage Truck Coloring Pictures:

Vintage Trucks are just cool. If you have ever been to a vintage car show, you can’t help but notice them. Their classic look is a sight to see!

1940 Ford Pick Up Coloring Printable – This classic Ford Pick up is exactly what I mean when I say vintage trucks are cool. I particularly love it when they are shiny red, so have your kids grab their red crayons and make this vintage truck come alive.

Vintage Truck Coloring Picture – This is a cool side view of an old-school pickup truck. It is cool to see where pick-ups started and where they are now.

Color a Classic Truck Download – If you live in a country town, you might have seen a broke down classic truck in someone’s yard. It was once probably used to help carry dirt, flowers, hay, and more. I wouldn’t want to get rid of this classic either. This classic truck download will be a hit with your kiddos.

Semi Truck Coloring Activities and Pages:

There is no doubt that semi-trucks are the king of the road. Semi-trucks travel all over the country to bring much-needed products we find in our local grocery stores and retail stores.

Drawing Step by Step Tutorial for Semi Trucks – Your young artists will enjoy these tutorials to draw this Perbuilt 379 Semi Truck and this Semi Truck and Trailer. The semi-trucks look hard to color, but step-by-step tutorials will guide them through each step easily.

Simple Semi Truck and Trailer Coloring Sheet (Full of Shapes) – The best thing about this semi-truck coloring sheet is that it is full of shapes and lines. If you are teaching your young artist about shapes and lines, this truck coloring picture is perfect. It has lines in the trailer, triangles in the front, circles for its large wheels, and more.

Semi Logging Truck Coloring Sheet – When these logging semi-trucks come down the road, I try to move far out of the way. Transporting these logs can’t be easy but your kiddos can easily color this truck page to appreciate them on a smaller scale.

Remember to teach your kids the importance of trucks in our community. As I read while gathering these truck pictures for your kiddos: “If you bought it, a truck brought it.”

More Cute Printable Coloring Pages

If coloring is your jam, then you may find some themes you like with these additional cute printable coloring pages.

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