Free Printable Summer Word Search Puzzles to Color

June 1, 2016

Carrie Fernandez


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Lest you think that this free, printable Summer Word Search is for slackers, know that puzzles and puzzle games help to develop critical thinking skills and logic. Hooray! Summer fun and intellectual skill-building can go hand-in-hand.

printable summer word search

Summer Learning

Kids love summer break, and if I am being honest, so do homeschool parents. But, that doesn’t mean that the learning stops. It’s a good idea to keep kids actively using their brains during the summer, because truly learning never stops.

Benefits of Summer Learning

There are many benefits to summer learning and keeping kids engaged educational activities. Keeping our children’s minds sharp help lessen the summer slide, when things are often forgotten. If you are working on some of the core subjects over the summer, it even helps to lessen the time spent in review when the new school year starts.

Perhaps you are working on listening skills? These free following directions worksheets are summer-themed and a lot of fun for kids. 

Printable Puzzles for Kids

You can use printable puzzles for kids anytime, but in the summer it makes learning fun. Another great option for summer education is printable logic puzzles for kids. Logic puzzles help keep minds sharp over the hot summer months of no school.

Sudoku printables are also a good critical-thinking activity you can have your kids do when it’s too hot to play outside. Out of all the different types of puzzles, free printable crossword puzzles are my favorite. 

Word Search Puzzles

Word search puzzles are a great critical thinking activity. Not only will a word search puzzle keep your kid off a screen, but it engages parts of their brain that help develop problem-solving skills. Word search puzzles also help in building vocabulary and aid in improving spelling

Printable Summer Word Search

This free set of printable word searches includes 10 word summer wordsearch puzzles with answer keys. The summer themes are the same as the Summer I Spy Free Printable. There’s a total of 170 unique words. 

Summer i spy printable

Printable Summer Word Search PDF Download

What’s great about this Printable Summer Word Search set is that it’s all in black and white and has fun, summer-themed clip art that can be colored. Kids love cute coloring pages!

Free PDF Printable Summer Word Search Puzzles

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