Free Peter and the Wolf Printables and Unit Studies

June 18, 2015

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Peter and the Wolf is a fun piece to study, and I am happy to share with you some of my favorite FREE Printables and Unit Studies on Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev.

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Learning about Peter and the Wolf

One of the first field trips I ever went on was to see a ballet production of Peter and the Wolf. In addition to the ballet acting out the characters, there was a live orchestra. I think I was in the 1st or 2nd grade, yet I still remember that production clearly.

When I first started homeschooling I researched music and composer study. I couldn’t wait to teach the story  of Peter and the Wolf to my kids. It is a great and gentle introduction to the orchestra and musical instruments.

Since then, I have taught my children the story of Peter and the Wolf at home. We have also learned about it through a Charlotte Mason co-op during music study time. We loved the Maestro Classics Peter and the Wolf CD.

The children loved learning about the instruments that play the characters. We also attended a Peter and the Wolf school field trip at our local symphony orchestra.

I highly suggest you to take a field trip to see this if it is at your local symphony orchestra. It really makes everything come alive and the kids get so excited to see it in action. There are many different renditions of Peter and the Wolf. We have seen a ballet and also a puppet show with really cool shadow puppets.

What is Peter and the Wolf About?

Peter and the Wolf is a symphonic fairy tale written by Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev in 1936. What makes this composition so unique is that it is narrated by a storyteller. The narrator tells the children’s story of Peter and the Wolf.

During the story the characters come alive by the use of a live orchestra that illustrates the story. Each instrument represents one of the characters in the story. As the story progresses children will start to understand that different instruments play a certain character.

It is really fun to watch the story come to life as a group. The kids get so excited when they recognize that the flute is the bird and so on.

Learn More about Composers

Introduce students to the lives of 12 famous composers in Stories of Great Composers.

This unit study is easy-to-use with an open and go format and includes text, comprehension questions, written narration, map work, and a timeline project for each composer. Click here to view a sample. 

Free Peter and the Wolf Printables

Peter and the Wolf is a great way to introduce your children to the different instruments in the orchestra. They will learn what they look like and recognize their sounds. You will be amazed at how much your children pick up on and how fast they can recognize the differences.

Music Activities for Peter and the Wolf

Montessori Inspired Music Activities: Peter and the Wolf  – Learn about Peter and the Wolf with these fun activities, instrument and composer Montessori inspired cards.

Meet the Instruments from Peter and the Wolf  – This free video has professional musicians playing clips from the story and is a great introduction to show your kids.

Lesson Plans for Peter and the Wolf

Music Lessons for the Young Child has a very detailed 6 part series with free printables and directions on how to teach Peter and the Wolf in your homeschool. They will learn about the themes and instruments, there are lesson plans, character cards and even test sheets.

Music Curriculum Guide for Peter and the Wolf -This is a fabulous curriculum guide that will help you teach about Peter and the Wolf in a unit study method that covers many different subjects for your homeschool.

Peter and the Wolf Listening Lesson Plan  – This listening plan will help you plan out lessons for grades 1-4 while they listen to Peter and the Wolf.

Meet the Composer Series: Sergei Prokofiev – Learn a little bit about this famous composer, his life and the story with these printables, videos and lesson plans for teachers.

Peter and the Wolf Games

Peter and the Wolf Online Presentations – There are lots of games, activities, clip art, lessons plans, and more.

Peter and the Wolf Memory Game – this is a fun, interactive matching game using instruments and characters in the story.

Peter and the Wolf Jeopardy – What a fun way to review the story. This is an true, interactive Jeopardy experience using trivia questions from Peter and the Wolf. 

Peter and the Wolf Coloring Sheets

Peter and the Wolf Matching and Coloring – Teach your kids about the different instruments in this piece with these coloring and matching sheets.

Coloring Pages for Peter and the Wolf – these simple line drawings are great quality. You’ll also find other coloring pages for different fairy tales. 

Peter and the Wolf Videos

Prokofiev and Walt Disney Peter and the Wolf Animation Piano – This is a classic Walt Disney video as he recreates the time that he met Prokofiev in 1938 as they discuss Peter and the Wolf.

Peter and the Wolf Movie Presentation – This is a cute mini movie to show your kids the story of Peter and the Wolf with the instruments.

Free Composers and Classical Music Resources:

Famous Composers Notebooking Research Journal – This research journal will help your kids dig into learning about 50 composers and what they are famous for. They will keep track of their research in their own notebooking journal.

Learning About the Orchestra Printables – These free printables and unit studies will teach your children about the orchestra and instruments.

Famous Composers Cheat Sheets – You are going to love these cheat sheets if you are learning about a lot of composers. There are 45 famous composers that are covered in these sheets. It will tell you where the composer lived and what country they originated from. It also includes at least one of the works they are best known for. 

Learn about 8 Famous Composers – There are many different composers you can choose to study. Here are some of our favorite ones that we have enjoyed in our homeschool. 

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