Letter P Worksheets and Printable Alphabet Activities

May 4, 2022

Sara Dennis

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The letter P is a perfect letter to study. Not only are there fun crafts and activities to do with your children, but you’ll also find an amazing selection of letter P worksheets.

letter P worksheets


Letter P Teaching Ideas

Are you looking for some letter P teaching ideas? First, set up a small table on which to place pictures and objects that begin with the letter P. Give your child some ideas by beginning with the letter P is for…

  • Police Officer
  • Pom poms
  • Pigs
  • Pizza
  • Pajamas
  • Pirate
  • Parrot
  • Pickle

Hands-on Letter P Activities

Have a letter P day where you dress up as pirates. Eat pickles, pretzels, and pineapple. Putter around your house.

Pull out some playdough for your children to play with. Add some toy pigs, parrots, and maybe even a platypus. Give your child time to play in the playdough with the toys. Then roll the playdough flat so you can write the letter P in the playdough with toothpicks.

Make a large letter P to hang on the fridge and glue dried peas on the letter. Then rummage through your magnetic letters to find the letter P.

And don’t forget to have a pizza party in your pajamas!

Letter P Worksheets

Here’s a delightful selection of letter P worksheets that you can use at home with your preschooler or early learner. Spend some time browsing these free resources before downloading and printing your favorite worksheets.

Free Letter P Printable Worksheets

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to gain access to our free letter P printable worksheets that includes: letter P coloring page, letter P tracing page that can also be colored, and a printable letter P poster that can be laminated for a wall chart. Also included is a find the letter P worksheet, and do a dot printables.

Free printable letter p worksheets

Letter P Tracing Worksheets

These letter P tracing worksheets are a great way for younger children to practice writing the letter P. Not only will they learn proper letter formation, but they’ll also develop their fine motor skills.

Tracing the Letter Pp | This lowercase and uppercase letter P tracing worksheet will have your child writing the letter P like a pro in no time!

Free Letter P Tracing Worksheets | P is for Pencil! You have can print off this letter P tracing worksheet with dotted lines or without dotted lines. 

Printable Letter P Tracing Worksheet | Your children will love this practice sheet that features a cute pig on the front.

Letter P Recognition Worksheets

Add some letter recognition worksheets to any literacy centers you have in your house. They’re a fun way to focus on the letter P with your children.

Recognition Worksheet: Letter P | Circle the words that begin with the letter P on this simple letter P recognition worksheet.

Lowercase Letter Recognition and Phonics Worksheet | Circle and color all the lower case p that you’re able to find on this printable page.

Letter P Recognition Worksheet | Fill in the missing letter P at the beginning of these letter P words. 

Letter P Phonics Worksheets

After children are able to recognize the letter P, they’re ready to begin learning letter sounds. These printable letter P worksheets are a great way to introduce young learners to the sound of the letter P.

Phonics Worksheets – Letter P | This fun phonics worksheet has several fun activities on the page for young readers to complete.

Free Beginning Sounds Worksheet – Letter P | This printable worksheet focuses on the beginning sounds of words beginning with the letter P.

Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Worksheets | You’ll find a lovely set of printable letter P worksheets to choose between on this webpage. These are great for incorporating phonemic awareness activities

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Preschool worksheets for letter learning

Letter P Cut and Paste Worksheets

Children love to cut and paste. They’ll cut hair, string, and paper. So give your children a cut and paste printable alphabet worksheet and let them go. They’ll have a blast while learning all about the letter p. 

Trace, Cut and Paste Letter P Worksheet | This cut and paste worksheet has children tracing the uppercase P and the lowercase P before cutting and pasting pictures of words beginning with P.

Cut and Paste the Letter P | These letter P words are missing the letters p. Have your child cut and paste the Ps on the page to complete the words.

Cut and Paste Letter P | Sort out the pictures beginning with the letter P and paste them on the worksheet.

Letter P Find the Letter Worksheets

Give your children these fun letter searches to help your kids learn to recognize the letter P when it’s mixed in with other letters of the English alphabet.

Find the Letter P Worksheet | Challenge your child to find the letter P when it’s hiding among various capital letters and lowercase letters.

Letter Search: Letter P | Have your child search for the letter P when it’s near other letters such as the letter Q and the letter C.

Find the Letter Worksheets | You’ll find a nice selection of Find the Letter Worksheets in this printable pack that includes finding the letter D, the letter B, and the letter P.

Letter P Missing Letter Worksheets

These missing letter worksheets are a fun way for children to learn the alphabet. They’re also great for developing beginning reading skills as the kids fill in the missing letters.

Fill In The Missing Letter P | Fill in the missing letter P at the beginning of these letter P words.

Missing Letter Worksheets | You’ll find a fun selection of alphabet worksheets to print and use to help your child master the alphabet.

Missing Letter Worksheets | Fill in the missing letters of the alphabet and help your child learn their ABCs.

Letter P Matching Worksheets

Matching worksheets can have children matching the letter P words with the letter P. They can also have kids matching a lower-case letter P with a capital letter P.

Match P With Correct Pictures | Match P sound words with the letter P on this fun letter P matching worksheet. 

Lowercase and Uppercase M, N, O, P | Circle the correct small letter that goes with the capital letter that’s shown in the box.

Uppercase and Lowercase M, N, O, P | Can your children recognize which is the right lowercase letter that matches the uppercase letter? Find out with this fun letter P worksheet.

Letter P Coloring Pages

You’ll find a great selection of cute coloring pages. Some are simple and appropriate for toddlers to color. Other coloring pages include elaborate letter Ps that will be fun for an older child to color.

Letter P Coloring Pages | You’ll find a great selection of letter P coloring pages. These are some of the best quality pages I’ve seen.

Coloring Pages for the Letter P | The first page gives you a nice selection of P worksheets to color. If you move to the next page, you’ll find some fun coloring pages such as a P Puzzle coloring page. The last worksheets include a trace and color the letter P and an uppercase letter P coloring worksheet. 

Pages to Color: Letter P | You’ll find a fun group of coloring sheets to color from a P is for Puddle page to a P is for Parrot coloring page.

Letter Activities for the Letter P

These letter P crafts and activities are a fun way to supplement your study of the letter P. This is especially true if you’re studying a letter a week. Browse and find some fun ideas you can complete with your children.

Letter P Activities and Fun Ideas For Kids | Make easy putty, glue dried peas on a p, or have a pajama party! These are just a few of the fun ideas you’ll find to do with your children.

15 Perfect Letter P Crafts and Activities | Create some pirates or penguins with this perfect collection of fun crafts and activities for the letter P.

Fun Letter P Crafts and Activities | Put together a letter collage with your kids or find and cover all the Ps you can see. You’ll discover some great ideas for activities you can complete with your children on this webpage.

Letter P Dot Marker Printables

Print out a few of these dot marker printables for your children. They can use a dot marker to put dots all over the sheet or glue pom-poms to the page. Your kids will have fun decorating these printables.

Letter P “10 Free Dot Marker Coloring Pages” | This printable pack of dot marker coloring pages includes a delightful selection of pages for your children to complete.

Free Letter P Printable Do a Dot Pages | You can complete these free letter P printable do a dot pages in a variety of ways such as using paints, crayons, or buttons.

Dot Art Letter P | This is a simple dot art letter P to give your children. They can then use their artistic talents to liven up the P to their hearts’ content.

Download Letter P Printables

We have created a free Letter P Printables Worksheet Pack that you can use to teach your little ones the letter P. Print off as many copies as you need for children in your household and use over and over again for alphabet learning practice. 

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Free printable letter p worksheets

Download Letter P Printables Worksheet Pack

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