Free Color By Coin Printable Worksheets

November 14, 2016

Carrie Fernandez


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Coloring worksheets are always fun, and most children love coins. These free color by coin printable worksheets combine the two to help your child identify American money: half dollar coins, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies.

cartoon image of dollar sign coins with crayons and text overlay

Why is learning about coins important at an early age?

Thankfully, counting coins and money seems to be an activity that many young learners enjoy. They know money is a commodity and enjoy counting to see how much they have.

Teaching about coins and money has the possibility for maximum engagement with your little ones. But, why is it also important that they actually know why they need to count money and learn about it?

With so many advertisements and items to purchase at stores. It is important that we teach our young learners about money because they need to know money is needed to buy things.

Even at an early age, parents can prepare their children to make choices about money and learn that people, things, and money all have value.

How to begin teaching basic money concepts to young children?

There are actually simple ways you can start teaching your little ones about money. A few ways are to show them how to wait for things and assign them chores.

Also, count as many things as possible throughout the day, teach them how to save, teach them about different types of work. Teach your kids first about skip counting, and then, of course, introduce your children to identifying different coins.

Here are some tips to help you start teaching coins in your homeschool:

  1. Introduce counting money with coins slowly.

Don’t rush. Counting money, as you know, is very important.

  1. Start with two coins only at a time.

In order to not overwhelm your learners, it’s okay to learn two coins at a time. There is no need to move on unless they have grasped the counting of previous coins.

  1. Allow your students to learn with real coins.

Real coins will be easier for your students to identify than plastic coins. They most likely have come in contact with real coins already and perhaps have started saving the coins without understanding what they mean.

  1. Use visual reminders and review.

Visual reminders help your students as they count. Anchor charts or coin posters are great visual tools for kids to have handy alongside their coin identification lessons.

  1. Provide your students with LOTS of practice to identify and then count coins.

Introducing coins in your homeschool requires a lot of practice until your learners can grasp the concept enough to move on.

Free Color By Coin Worksheets

Identify US Coins by Color – These money worksheets help your young learners identify coins by coloring code (red, blue, green). There are also two other coin worksheets that provide more practice in identifying coins.

Color by Coin Worksheet

Printable Color by Coin Worksheet – Your students can practice coin recognition with this easy-to-use money worksheet of different coins. An answer key is provided to check your students’ work after they find and color all of the quarters green, dimes red, nickels yellow, and pennies blue.

Color by Coin

Kindergarten Coin Coloring Worksheet – Your students will practice following directions with this coin coloring worksheet. They are tasked to find and color each coin by using the color key provided.

Printable Color the Coin Money Worksheets – Grab these color by coin fun money worksheets to go alongside your American coins identification lessons. Kids will do well learning about money with this extra practice.

Coin Identification Worksheet PDF

Coin Counting Worksheets – These free printable counting money worksheets include a color by coin identification worksheet and more. The PDF file contains 4 different ways students can practice coin recognition.

Coins in the Bank PDF Worksheet – If your kids know what a piggy bank is, then this is a super cute worksheet for them to complete. They will use the color by coins-in-the-bank with two colors – orange or blue.

Color by Coin Activities

Valentine’s Day Color By Coin Picture – Is it almost Valentine’s Day and your kids need some practice with identifying coins? This absolutely adorable printable challenges your kids to follow the correct color instructions given.

Spring Picture Color By Coin Activity – Is spring in the air? Use this awesome weather to help your kids recognize coins. This resource is geared towards kindergarten to 2nd grade to recognize coins including pennies, nickels, and dimes.

Color By Coin Sorting Mats

Printable Coin Sorting Mats – Students will have fun sorting coins with these free printable money skills mats. Kids will use this fun activity to learn about the various American money used with real coins.

Coin Identification Worksheet PDF

Identifying Coins Free Worksheets – With this identify coins sheet, students can color the coins the correct color. Then your students can count the colored coins in the space provided.

Coin Coloring Printables – Although this isn’t exactly a color by coin worksheet, it is an activity for coloring coins. I hope that makes sense. In each printable sheet students are tasked to color a specific coin from each group of coins, then count the coin values.

Teaching Kids About Money

Once your students have understood the concept of coins, check out these Activities to Teach Kids About Money. The activities are a great way for students to practice alongside your money lesson plans.

More Money Worksheets

Money Games for Kids – Teach children about money with games that are both fun and educational. These money games (like board games for a good night) will teach your child about money while also helping them review and practice their money skills. Money games are great for teaching children about money because they are interactive and engaging. Playing these games together with your child will reinforce what you’ve taught him or her about money.

Kids love playing with money! Using fun money coloring pages, you can help them learn about different types of currency while also practicing identifying coins and dollar bills at the same time. Money coloring sheets for coins, bills, and play money will keep your child busy for hours.

Money Worksheets – These money worksheets for children will teach them about money in an easy way. Kids will enjoy playing games and doing activities while learning about money. These money worksheets for kids are great for teaching them about money at an early age.

Free Worksheets that Teach About Money.

In Conclusion

Teaching money – even at an early age – can be done in a fun way and with lots of practice. We should begin teaching money with actual coins. Kids are eager to learn about coins and stay engaged with the hands-on activities that go along with them.

So much money surrounds us in our lifetime, your kids need to learn about it and what it means. Thankfully, you can start easily with simple and free color by coin printable worksheets like the ones above.

Remember these color by coin resources are simple and so keep the fun in your lessons, don’t overcomplicate, and expose your students to a lot of practice.

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