Preschool Binder Activities

July 25, 2020

Annette Breedlove

Annette Breedlove

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My little ones love to be involved in “school” with our older kids. They can’t do everything, but they sure love to try. When my middle three were old enough, I created preschool morning binders for them. I loved them and so did they.

Each binder was made specifically for each child’s level, which was a very easy way to give them pages to work on without overwhelming them or myself. My littlest ones would work on fine motor skills, tracing, cutting, labeling the weather, letters, and numbers. While my older ones would work more one beginning reading skills, counting, simple math problems, and calendar work.

two preschoolers working on papers with overlay "Preschool Binder Act"

If you’re looking to add preschool binders to your homeschool morning routine, don’t miss this HUGE list of printable activities!

Having a preschool binder is a great way to get your little ones started on a morning routine and foster independent learning. And the best part is that you can add or take away as needed. Print what you need as you go and really truly make it your own!

Our Letter of the Week Series includes free printables perfect for a preschool binder!

ABC blocks stacked on table with overlay "Letter of the Week Series"

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Preschool Binder Activities | Active Littles

Looking for more Preschool Printables? Check out this Giant List of Preschool Resources!

young girl playing with foam shapes to learn

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Learning Activities Binder with FREE Printable | Typically Simple

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Free Number Formation Cards | Stay at Home Educator

Learning Letters Hands-on Activities Binder | Fun Early Learning

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Don’t miss these more than 200 FREE Printables for Preschool and Kindergarten

200+ Free Printables for Preschool and Kindergarten text with image of colored pencils in cups

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Color Sorting Printable Activity | Totschooling

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All About Me Adapted Work Binder® (editable) | Mrs. D’s Corner (TpT)

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Get the Preschool Practice Pack

The Preschool Practice Pack includes 13 weeks of letters, shapes, numbers, colors, & bible memory practice for early learners. Each week contains practice sheets for two letters, one number, one shape, one color, one Bible Memory Verse, and a review.

The Preschool Practice Pack is very flexible and can be used without instructions or a teacher’s guide! All but two of the practice pages are in black and white to save on printer ink. These printables are perfect for adding right into a binder for your preschoolers.

Download yours today!

Preschool Practice Pack


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two preschoolers working on papers with overlay "Preschool Binder Act"

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