GIANT List of Preschool Resources {letters, cut & paste, counting, shapes & colors}

April 4, 2020

Annette Breedlove

Annette Breedlove

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Preschoolers are probably my favorite age to teach. The wonder and curiosity in their little minds astounds me. They love to learn and literally soak up everything they hear and see like sponges.

Teaching them at this age is a bucket of fun and chaos rolled up into one. My two little boys are like wild tornadoes on most days. But to watch them work through simple problems and figure them out is such a joy. 

young girl playing with foam shapes to learn

And while I am a huge advocate of learning through play with preschoolers, there is definitely a time and place for worksheets. We introduce them slowly to our kids as they show they are ready to handle the crayons, playdough, and eventually scissors. 

Luckily most of them can be found online, downloaded to your computer, and easily printed off for a quick no-prep lesson. There really is no need to go big and fancy with your little ones, they just want to spend time with you and learn in a calm and natural environment.

Teaching preschoolers through play is fun, but adding in worksheets to drive concepts home is great. You’ll love all these printable resources for letters, numbers and counting, shapes, colors, and fine motor skills as they cut and paste.

Learning Letters

FREE Preschool/Kindergarten Worksheets to Practice the Letter of the Day

Preschool Letter of the Week – FREE Alphabet Flash Cards and Matching Game

FREE Preschool Alphabet and Letters Worksheets

FREE Printable Cards for Letter Recognition and Vocabulary

FREE Alphabet Worksheets to “Find the Letter”

FREE Letter Recognition Practice with Alphabet Mats

FREE Activity Pages for Letter Sounds 

FREE Printable Letter Sound Matching at the Farm

FREE Alphabet Letter Hunt Printable Worksheets 

FREE Letter A Worksheets

Fall Letter Find Printables

Let’s Get Crafting: Animal & Bug Letter Crafts

collage of letter animal & bug crafts

FREE Letter Match Activity

FREE Oversized Letter Cards for Spelling

FREE Printable Worksheets for Handwriting Practice

350+ FREE Handwriting Worksheets

FREE Handwriting Practice with Animals

FREE Alphabet Handwriting Printables

FREE Bible, ABC, and Handwriting Practice

FREE Printable Handwriting and Trace Pages

200+ FREE Handwriting Worksheets

FREE Printable D’Nealian Handwriting Charts

Letter of the Week Series – FREE Alphabet Printables

ABC blocks stacked with overlay "Letter of the Week Series"


Cut and Paste Activities

FREE Sea & Ocean Life Cycles Cut & Paste

FREE Christmas Cookies Cut and Paste Activity Pack

FREE Bible Story Sequencing Cut and Paste

FREE Plants Life Cycles Cut & Paste

FREE Insects, Worms, Snails & Spiders Life Cycles Cut & Paste

FREE Phonics Cut and Paste Activity

FREE Cut and Paste Pattern Practice

FREE Sight Word Cut and Paste Sentences

Shape Sorting Cut and Paste Worksheet Packet | Mama’s Learning Corner

FREE Alphabet Cut & Paste Book | 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Dinosaurs Patterns Worksheets for Kindergarten | No Stress Homeschooling

Cut and Paste Alphabet Book with Writing Practice | 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Cut and paste worksheets for preschool | Planes and Balloons

Christmas Shapes Cut & Paste Worksheets | 123 Homeschool 4 Me


Counting Printables

FREE Counting Bear Mats – Instant Download

FREE Printable Roll & Count Games for the Kids in the Fall

Roll and Color Math Activity for Counting Crayons

FREE Learn to Count Printable Pack

FREE Printable Pack for Counting Jelly Beans

FREE Printable Ice Cream Do-A-Dot Counting Activity

FREE Watermelon Counting Cards

FREE Seashell Math Mats for Counting Numbers

FREE Bug Theme Printable Counting Mats

FREE Building Block Counting Cards

DIY Abacus (Counting Practice)

FREE Printable Preschool Monster Count and Clip Cards

Summer Counting Cards and Puzzles

FREE Printables & Games that Use Counting Bears

Free Printables and Games That Use Counting Bears

Teach Counting with These 10 Easy Ideas

Butterfly Counting Jar Mat

FREE Dump Truck Counting Mat

Counting to Ten FREE Printable Games for Preschoolers

A FREE Set of 25 Count and Clip Cards

Counting and Numbers Books for Preschoolers

FREE Printables for Counting to Ten with a Counting Bin

FREE Thanksgiving Counting Mats

Fall Counting Cards and Puzzles

FREE Montessori-Inspired Skip Counting for Kids Printables

FREE Counting and Cardinality Number Puzzle Printables

Back to School Counting Mats

FREE Back to School Counting Cards and Puzzles

FREE Printable Counting Activity for Ten Apples Up on Top

How to Teach Counting

FREE Printable Counting Mats

FREE Superhero Skip Counting Workbook

FREE Caterpillar Skip Counting Worksheets

Farm Skip Counting

22 Fun Counting Activities for Preschoolers

Bug Counting Cards and Puzzles

Counting to 100 Printables and Ideas

young girl playing with abacus



Preschool Practice Pack

We created the Preschool Practice Pack to teach all the fun stuff to early learners. It has over 148 pages of preschool practice and teaches the alphabet, the numbers 1-13, thirteen shapes, colors, and thirteen bible verses (NKJV), and weaves in review at the end of each week. This HUGE pack is only $9.95 and you can view samples of the Preschool Practice Pack to see if it’s something your littles will enjoy.

Preschool Practice Pack


Teach them Shapes

Make Your Own Shape Bubble Wands

FREE Printable Worksheets for Learning 3D Shapes

FREE 3D Sorting Mats to Learn Shapes

FREE Printable Shape Cards and Shape Games for Your Kids

FREE Identifying Shapes Game for Your Homeschool

Montessori Curriculum Free Sensorial Lesson ~ The Shapes 3-Part Cards in Spanish

Printables & Resources for Teaching Shapes

Printables & Resources to Teach Shapes


Learn Your Colors

FREE Coloring Book for Counting to 10 with Butterflies

FREE Dinosaur Colors and Numbers Worksheets

FREE Animal Classification Color by Code

Roll and Color Math Activity for Counting Crayons

All About Colors FREE Rainbow Bingo Game

FREE Naming, Sorting, Coloring & Matching Fruits & Vegetables Printables

Color Matching Toddler Activity with Cotton Tips

Color By Code Worksheets

FREE Flower Activities for Kids: Color Matching Printable Set

FREE Preschool and Toddler Color Sorting Printables

FREE Printable Colorful Number Tracing Cards

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Printable Book (Color and Number Names)

FREE Color Mixing Activity Pack

FREE Number Coloring Pages

20 Shape and Color Activities for Preschool

20 Hands-On Activities for Learning Colors

Resources & Printables to Teach Colors

row of colored pencils with overlay that says "Resources and Printables to Teach Colors - FREE Printables & Activities"


Find more homeschool resources on my Pinterest boards!

young girl playing with foam shapes to learn

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