Free Alphabet Bingo Printable Sheets & Games for Kids

July 17, 2019

Sara Dennis

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Does your family love to get together to play Bingo? Bingo has always been a hit with kids. If you have young learners that are ready to learn the alphabet, then these free alphabet bingo printable sheets and games will be a fun activity for them.

Free Alphabet Bingo Printable Sheets & Games text with image of kids playing bingo

Alphabet Bingo Printable Sheets

Alphabet Bingo is a great learning tool to teach your children the alphabet in a fun, and exciting way. Young children love playing games as a way to learn.

How to Play Alphabet Bingo

Alphabet Bingo is such an easy game to prepare for your children. 

  1.  Frist, print out a Bingo game board and letter tokens.
  2. Cut the letter tokens into pieces so there’s one letter on each piece of paper and put them into a bowl.
  3. Make sure each child has a Bingo board and Bingo markers next to them. The place markers can be pom poms, pieces of cereal, raisins, or any other small object that fits in the squares.
  4. Pull a letter token out of the bowl and read the letter out loud. Your child needs to match the letter on their alphabet Bingo grid. 
  5. The first player to have 5 across, 5 down, or 5 diagonally wins the round. If you’d like, you can even play until an entire board is covered.

How to Make Bingo Cards Non-Consumable

If you don’t have Bingo markers you’d like to use, another idea is to place the Bingo boards into clear page protectors. Make sure you use clear packing tape to secure the edges so the boards don’t slip out. 

Consider printing the cards on card stock to ensure that they last longer. A laminator is also a great option to create cards that can be used over and over again. It makes them more permanent than page protectors where the cards could slip out.

Once you have made your cards non-consumable you can use dry erase markers to mark the letters. When you’ve finished playing the game, wipe the boards clean and they’ll be ready to use again later. 

Printable Alphabet Bingo Cards

These Bingo boards will give you hours of learning fun to enjoy with your children. Alphabet Bingo also makes a great game to play on family game night.

You will love this collection of free printable alphabet bingo cards for preschool and kindergarten. So go browsing, print off your favorite boards, and have fun playing Bingo with your kids.

Alphabet Bingo Game – You’ll love this ABC Bingo game for your kids to play. It’s especially fun when you have small groups of preschoolers.

Bingo Generator – Print up as many unique cards as you need with this alphabet Bingo generator. You can focus on lower case letters, capital letters, single letters, or letter sounds.

ABC Bingo Printables – Choose between 6 different boards when you play this great game. There are even directions for an advanced variation of alphabet bingo to make it more challenging for your kids to match the letters.

Various Alphabet Bingo Cards – Since repetition is the key to kids learning the letters of the alphabet, you’ll find 12 sets of 15 alphabet boards. You’ll even find calling cards.

Letter Recognition Games: Bingo – Preschoolers love playing Bingo and matching the letter of the alphabet. So here’s a fun printable alphabet Bingo game for you to use.

Printable Alphabet Bingo – This free printable game comes with three fonts for you to choose from. You can use print, script, or type boards with your kids. This is a great way to teach older children to learn to read script letters. There are 20 boards for each font, and each font also includes upper case and lower-case letters.

Printable Alphabet Bingo for Kids – The colorful alphabet card included in this set is a fun way to learn the alphabet letters. Just use place markers as your child matches the letters and you’ll be on your way towards hours of fun.

More Educational Bingo Games

If you are a multiple-child homeschool family, then check out all of these Bingo games to help your children practice their lessons or to have fun with their siblings. These games go beyond just alphabet Bingo games and teach other important skills.

But because Bingo is such a fun game to play, it’s a valuable teaching tool. Download these games, print them on card stock, and have fun playing Bingo on different boards.

BINGO! – Free Printable Teen Number Activities – Are you teaching your preschooler about numbers over ten? Then you’ll love these cards for younger kids.

Fun Free Chore Bingo Printable – Have you wanted to encourage your kids to do their chores in a fun way? Then check out this free printable game. Kids will love these game boards as they run around the house completing their chores.

Bible Bingo Game – Not only will you find a Bible Bingo board to download and play, but you’ll also find some fun Bible activities.

Printable Bingo Games for Students – You’ll find a wonderful collection of free printable Bingo games to play here. These games include addition, subtraction, and division bingo boards plus you’ll find free Single-Player Multiplication Bingo Games.

Free Printable Bingo Games for Students

Ready to Play Bingo Games

Sometimes its a nice treat to have some games that are ready to pull out for so much fun with zero prep. Here are some of our favorites that our children have enjoyed over the years.

Monkey Bingo – This is is such an adorable and fun game! Push the monkey to dispense the bingo tile. See if the animals on the tile matches any of the animals you have on your bingo cards.

Chuckle and Roar Family Bingo – Learn about animals with 4 different game plays in this fun family game to help with sight reading, letters and number recognition. 

Zingo! – One of the most popular Bingo games that have won many awards, Zingo helps to develop critical thinking skills and improve language skills.

Regal Bingo Deluxe Bingo Game – This Bingo game can be played with a large group of up to 18 players. Kids of all ages will love spinning the wheel to call the numbers, just like a real bingo game. 

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