Fun Bible Activities for Kids – FREE Printable Bingo Game

March 28, 2019

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Are you looking for ways to kick-start some fun into your Bible study lessons? If you want to mix things up a bit then these 19 ways to make the Bible fun for kids is just what you need. OK, I am the last one to say that the Bible needs to be “fun” for kids. I am actually against making kids’ church so fun that learning about God becomes dependent on making things entertaining for kids. That being said, some fun activities sprinkled through our lessons are great for us parents and our kids.

19 ways to make the Bible fun for kids

I believe that God’s Word is enough in itself for the hearer, whether it be kids or adults. The Bible doesn’t really need to be made fun. It can, however, be taught in ways that get kids interested and engaged in hopes that they remember what they have learned. The Word of God is crucial to Christian families and should be taught in as many ways as possible. Having fun with your kids while they learn is icing on the cake!

These helpful ways to teach God’s Word to our kids are useful in helping us be more intentional about learning God’s Word and training our kids in the way they should go. The Word of God should be of utmost importance in our families. With so many great resources out there to teach our kids, we should continuously be in the Word with them and learning.

It is important to make sure we make God a priority and the reason for our whole lives, and not just on Sundays. We know at times kids just can’t get into God’s Word so making fun activities can help them at times to spruce things up and remind them that learning God’s Word can be fun and that there is a place and time for being serious about His Word and having fun to learn more about Him.

A few of the ways this post shares with us to have fun learning the Bible are:

  1. Watch a Bible story on RightNow Media
  2. Bible story discussion prompts
  3. Scripture writing/coloring
  4. Sing Bible songs. (Include actions if possible to help retain memory.)
  5. Memorize scripture

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