25+ Easy Easter Crafts for Kids

March 26, 2021

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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We love incorporating crafts into our homeschool days. We especially like to include crafts and hands-on activities with all he holidays. If you are celebrating Easter or Holy Week in your homeschool you will enjoy these free Easter crafts.

Free Easter Crafts text with image of two kids painting Easter eggs

Easter Crafts

I love how homeschooling allows us the flexibility to be able to shift our focus from time to time during the homeschool year. This is especially helpful during holidays. If you are looking for some fun Easter crafts you can make with your kids, you’ll enjoy the list below.

What crafts can I make for Easter?

There are so many Easter craft ideas you can find all over the internet. Some of our favorite Easter crafts have been making houses with Peep chicks and bunnies, making Easter wreaths, or a cute paper bag bunny craft. There are lots of ways to incorporate Easter activities into your homeschool day too. 

Make sure you have these basic craft supplies on hand:

  • pom-poms
  • pipe cleaners
  • cardboard rolls
  • acrylic paint
  • Q-tips
  • cotton balls
  • paper bags
  • paper plates
  • googly eyes
  • a hot glue gun and permanent marker for adults and older kids

East Craft Ideas

Scroll down for lots of ideas that are broken down by different crafts and age groups. We have gathered over 25 Easter craft ideas for you to choose from.

Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

If you are looking for ideas that can help inspire you to put together a great non-candy Easter Basket check out this post. From bookworm Easter baskets, to homemade slime-themed ones, you are sure to discover lots of ways you can make a great Easter basket without candy. 

DIY Easter Basket Ideas That are Non-Candy text with image of easter basket with cute toys.

Free Easter Crafts

Are you looking for a fun activity this Easter season? Look no further. We have many fun Easter crafts for younger children, elementary students and kids of all ages.

Free Easter Crafts and Printables for Resurrection Sunday. Picture of 3 crosses on a hill at sunset and a rock with stone rolled away

Paper Easter Crafts

Easter Paper Bunny Craft – Create your own bunny out of colored paper, glue sticks and markers. This is an easy craft that is so adorable. 

Paper Easter Lily – Make some pretty paper flowers out of construction paper and create a beautiful Easter lily.

Print and Color Easter Egg Holders – Make some beautiful egg holders for your dyed eggs with this free printable template and instructions.

Easter egg holder craft

Easter Crafts for Toddlers

These crafts are great for toddlers and young kids. The simpler the better, but some are just a tad messy.

Crayon and Water Color Egg Craft – Simple craft using water color paint and a crayon. The end result always turns out beautiful.

Q-Tip Painted Easter Eggs – This is a great craft activity that helps your little ones build their fine motor skills

Cotton Ball Easter Egg Painting – Toddlers will have so much fun pulling and stretching cotton to create a big Easter egg to paint.

Easter Crafts for Preschoolers

Easter Paper Plate Sewing Activity – This craft is perfect for little hands to work on sewing and fine motor skills.

Pipe Cleaner Easter Eggs and Bunnies –  I love this simple craft. Take a pipe cleaner to create bunny ears, and decorative eggs.

Easter Paper Plate Crafts

If you like easy crafts for Easter, then you won’t want to miss these paper plate Easter crafts. You’ll love all easiness of these mess-free ideas!

Easter Paper Plate Crafts

Easy Easter Crafts with Household Items

Spring Egg Carton Chicks – These egg carton chicks are created from recycled cardboard egg cartons, craft foam, or construction paper and feathers.

Easy Washcloth Bunnies – These little washcloth bunnies make for a fun Easter basket stuffer by adding lip balm or soap to the center.

Nature Easter Crafts

Felt Pinecone Bunnies – These bunnies are the most adorable crafts for Easter that I have seen.

Easter Egg Leaf Craft – Decorating a large leaf as an Easter egg is a fun way to incorporate nature art into your homeschool.

Bunny Nature Craft – Create a little bunny from leaves and twigs found in your yard. This is such a sweet craft.

Crafts Using Candy

Edible Peep House – This is such a fun time and great for a group of children to do together. The ends results are adorable.

DIY Peeps Painting Craft – This is a great project to use up some stale peeps you have on hand. Just make sure your little ones don’t eat too many!

Make an Easter Kindness Tree – Choose different types of candy like themed chocolate or jelly beans to create your Easter tree with.

Easter kindness tree craft

Yarn Easter Crafts

Yarn Easter Eggs – This is a messy project that uses yarn, glue and balloons. It is a lot of fun to do with a group and the final results are beautiful.

DIY Easter Chick –  A perfect way to include some handicraft time while your kids create their own pom-poms to make a little chick. 

Recommended Resource: Preparing Your Heart for Easter

Walk your children through the themes of the Resurrection using Preparing Your Heart for Easter. This short ten-day devotional for grades includes a short Scripture reading, devotion, and Scripture verse for memorization. There are also reflection questions and sections for written narration, as well as Scripture memory cards and Easter story cards that can help them retell the story.

Preparing Your Heart for Easter Devotional with printable pages

Faith Based Easter Crafts

These Easter crafts are a great addition to a Christian home that wants to incorporate more of Jesus in their homeschool. These religious Easter crafts are a simple way to incorporate the Easter story. If you are looking for some lovely ways to include Scripture into your home check out these great ideas.

Bible Verse Egg Craft for Kids – Make pretty Easter eggs that pull down to reveal a special scripture. 

Easter Bible Printables and Printable Crafts – Tons of free Easter Bible printables and crafts for all ages

Sunrise Easter Cross Craft – Create a mini sunrise with the crosses on Calvary.

Easter Cross Suncatcher CraftSuncatchers are easy and eye catching. This cross will make a beautiful statement in your home. 

Create a Resurrection Garden – This is such an amazing hands-on activity that will get your kids thinking about Jesus coming out of the tomb alive. 

Make an Easter Scene with paper plates – Make an Easter scene with handprints and paper plates.

Sunday School Three Crosses Easter Craft – This is a beautiful paper craft Easter scene.

Easter Banner with Daily Devotions – This is similar to an Advent calendar but focused on Easter with daily devotions to read. 

Jesus is banner

Free Easter Printables

Along with crafts, I like to give my children some extra educational activities to do during holidays and holiday breaks. This works great when there is a lot of house work and cooking that needs to be done. We can tackle big projects and still get some holiday themed learning in.

I like to put a folder together to let them casually pull out of during the week. These tend to be copywork pages, unit studies and writing prompts.

Easter Poetry Print Copywork – This is poetry study and copywork in one. Analyze a favorite Easter poem while practicing language arts and handwriting skills

Good Friday: Poetry Analysis Copywork Unit  – Analyze 3 classic Easter poems and copy them with this free poetry unit. 

Easter Prophecies Copywork – There are more than 300 prophecies in Scripture that point to the suffering, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ. Help your children memorize and reflect on 13 of these Scripture passages with this copywork unit great for older children.

Easter prophecies print copywork with picture of a tomb with stone rolled away

Fun Easter Activities

Natural Dye Recipes and Healthy Easter Recipes – Are you wanting to stay away from artificial dyes and colors? Check out these awesome recipes for natural egg dye and healthy recipes for Easter dinner.

How to Celebrate a Christ Centered Easter with Your Family – Great ideas on how to celebrate a Christ centered Easter with your family .

Ways to Include Easter in Your Homeschool – Significant ways to really teach your kids about Easter in your homeschool.

4 Ways to Create a Meaningful Easter With Your Kids – These practical and creative ideas will help your family focus on Jesus this Easter.

What is Holy Week?

Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday and ends on Easter Sunday. It is the week before Easter. This is a great time of reflection on Jesus, his life and his journey to the cross, his death and Resurrection. It is such an important time of remembrance.

I like to take this time to slow down and spend time remembering what Jesus did for us on the cross. This is also the perfect time to spend quality time together as a family.

What can I make and sell for Easter?

You may be looking for a way to earn some extra money from home, especially in this economy, every penny helps. A great way to do this is by making things to sell that people can use as Easter basket gifts.

This is a great idea for a stay at home mom who would like to help bring in some extra money. In the past, I have spent an entire week in the kitchen creating things to make and sell and Easter is a great time to do this. I have made homemade lip balms, lotion boars, and melt and pour soaps with different Easter-themed molds.

I also enjoy making little Easter bunnies out of washcloths and put the soaps, or balms inside the bunny. These make a lovely Easter basket stuffer and people enjoy purchasing from a homeschool mom. They are also very unique Easter gifts you can’t normally buy in a store. 

How do you make paper Easter egg decorations?

Paper is very inexpensive and a great way to make Easter decorations with. Many homeschool families have construction paper and printer paper on hand. It is very simple to trace and cut oval shapes out of paper so your kids can decorate their own paper eggs. 

You can create egg garlands that are painted and hang them up in the living room or on a fire place mantle. 

Old scrapbook papers cut into strips can be used to wrap around and decorate dyed eggs with too.

How do you make a Easter wreath?

Easter wreaths are great for the spring season. A favorite wreath idea is to create an egg wreath from items found at your local dollar store. 

All you need is a foam wreath circle, a bag of colorful Easter eggs, thick pretty ribbon, and a hot glue gun. Glue the eggs to cover the entire wreath and hang it up with a pretty, pastel or Easter themed ribbon. This will look so cute on a front door or hanging up on a wall.

How do you make a bunny out of a paper bag?

A paper bag bunny is a great Easter craft to make with the whole family. Everyone can decorate their own bunny and play together with them like puppets.

All you need is a paper bag, some markers, glue sticks and some construction paper to create the shapes to make your bunny face. You can even make a game out of it, and see who can create their bunny crafts the fastest. 

In Conclusion

Incorporating crafts in your homeschool during the holidays is a great way to encourage creativity and also helps to take a break from the regular school days. Easter crafts are fun and can also be used for decorations. We hope you enjoyed these craft ideas and activities to help your family spend quality time together while making a meaningful Easter celebration.

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