8 Spray Paint Crafts for Teens

June 15, 2020

Abby Banks

Abby Banks

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It’s amazing what a little spray paint can do to an old item. Adding a little color is the best trash to treasure secret out there. Here are 8 spray paint crafts your teens can try this summer and what to do with all those extra crafty items once they’re painted!

spray paint cans

Spray Paint Craft Ideas

Even ugly figurines can find new life with a little bit of paint. Does your daughter like owls? You can find some outdated owl figurines in nearly every thrift store. All you need to do for a fun update is to spray paint them a solid color to match her bedroom’s color scheme.

Here’s another example. Rusty old horse shoes now become fun decorative items to hang on a horse-lovers wall.

different color spray painted horse shoes

Wicker plate holders are some of my favorite items to spray paint! Take them from 1970’s blah to essential picnic pieces that match your outdoor colors. Look at all the color! You can find wicker plate holders for as little as 10 cents at some thrift stores or yard sales.

different colored spray painted wicker baskets

Another way to repurpose thrifted items is to look for signs that need a re-do. The sign at the yard sale for a quarter might not have a phrase that speaks to you, but it might have good bones. Bring it home, give it a coat of spray paint, then stencil on your favorite quote. You can even create signs without purchasing stencils. Check out this post for details on how to make it happen.

Want another simple recycled idea? Have you ever seen the vast number of photo frames in your local thrift store? There are just so many! None of them match, but if you use paint, you will suddenly have a coordinating set. You could fill a gallery wall or just find frames that can sit on your dresser top. Either way, they’re so easy to update.

different colored spray painted picture frames

You can grab a FREE Home Sweet Homeschool print to slip into a newly painted frame and have instant beautiful decor. Or you can find an already-framed one HERE.

framed picture that says Home Sweet Homeschool

Thrift stores are known for their aisle upon aisle of random housewares. Almost all of the pieces can be painted for a new lease on life. Here are some of my favorite houseware recycles with paint:

  • salt and pepper shakers
  • wood bowls
  • glass bowls
  • candlesticks
  • boxes
  • baskets
  • jewelry boxes
  • banana holders
  • paper towel holders
  • napkin rings
  • wooden trays

Additional Spray Paint Craft Inspiration

If you’re into trash to treasure, then you will also want to check out these fun ideas for transforming housewares with spray paint.

Did you know that you can upcycle old Christmas cookie tins into modern painted tin containers? Check out these fun ideas for old holiday tins.

You can find baskets galore at yard sales or thrift shops. Sometimes all they need is a fresh new color. For a fun take on painted wicker baskets, try your hand at painting them to look like expensive dip-dyed baskets.

Finally, with a few simple plastic animals from the dollar store, you can create dozens of key chains. These would make fabulous party favors or gifts! Using a metallic spray paint color gives these animal kingdom key chains such a fun look.

So there you have it – 8 creative spray paint crafts for your teens to try this summer. But, they might get carried away with all the painting fun. What should you do with all the trash to treasure items? Glad you asked! Here are two ideas.

What to do with the Spray Paint Crafts

You could definitely stock up on the finished spray painted crafts and store them to use later as gifts. Maybe choose your favorite idea above and count up how many gift recipients you’ll have on your family list at Christmastime. Go ahead and create the items now, store them in a safe place, and when the holidays roll around, you’ll already be ahead on the gift-giving.

Or, if your teen is really motivated, they can start a mini business and sell their creations at a local craft fair or online Etsy shop. Have your teen listen in on this podcast interview with a teenage entrepreneur who got started at her local craft shows. She said talking to her customers at these events helped her hone in on what they wanted in a product. She’s now a successful Etsy seller after taking the Selling on Etsy Masterclass for Teens. Plus, she’s starting a subscription box service. Talk about inspirational!

image of a laptop open

More Crafty Resources to Check Out

If your teen wants to start a business, check out these resources:

So, break out the spray paint and get crafting! What will YOU paint today?

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